First Degree Murder: Remdesivir is Being Used to 'Kill Us'

“WHO has issued a conditional recommendation against the use of remdesivir in hospitalized patients, regardless of disease severity, as there is currently no evidence that remdesivir improves survival and other outcomes in these patients.” World Health Organization

Remdesivir is a highly toxic drug that medical officials advocate in the fight against Covid. But what is it, and why do the same officials ferociously defend it when there are known side effects that are deadly? The FDA approved it under the name Veklury for IVs in non-hospitalized outpatient treatment on January 27, 2022. They also terminated approval of two monoclonal antibody drugs, saying they “didn’t work” for the Omicron variant. Those two drugs had known life-extending properties for Covid patients. Let’s have a look at the controversy and why there may be more to this than meets the eye.

Failed Drug

Remdesivir was developed in 2009 by Gilead Sciences to treat hepatitis C and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), but it didn’t work against those diseases. So they “repurposed” it for Ebola and Marburg viruses in 2014. It wasn’t effective in stopping the replication of those viruses either. Now it has once again been “repurposed” for Covid. But the narrative of the NIH is that it does stop the replication of the SARS-Cov-2 virus. It is not recommended for treating Covid patients, but that hasn’t stopped the ‘powers that be.’

RAIR Foundation USA spoke to an infectious diseases physician for this article involved in early clinical trials for Remdesivir at the beginning of the pandemic. She told us that Remdesivir was not effective for patients severely afflicted with Covid. They actually stopped the trials when they saw that patients’ kidney and/or liver functions were elevating. In medical terminology, this is called: increased alanine transaminase or aspartate transaminase – these are the enzymes secreted by the liver or kidneys that can shut down during an IV of Remdesivir.

So why in the world would the FDA approve a drug that must be monitored for kidney/liver failure? The FDA now approves the drug to treat “non-hospitalized patients.” The drug is administered through an IV, and patients must be closely monitored. But non-hospitalized?

Doctors have sounded the alarm for months, but their voices have fallen on deaf ears.

In this strange situation, we have the FDA revoking approval of the known life-extending drugs containing monoclonal antibodies, Regeneron being one of the two that were revoked. They say the drugs do nothing for the Omicron variant, which they claim is 99% of current cases. Omicron is the least dangerous of the variants. Take an aspirin and a cup of hot lemon tea and skip it. The only monoclonal antibody drug they left for use is Sotrovimab. Our doctor told us that there are two therapeutics she has used that work: Dexamethasone (a steroid that reduces inflammation) and monoclonal antibodies like Sotrovimab. But why revoke the antibody drugs and leave the known bad drug?

Dr. Death – the Fauci connection

Remember the problem of overuse of antibiotics? Use them too long, and the bacteria find a way to mutate around them. The same principle applies to antiviral medicines, which is one reason variants continue to emerge. Remdesivir is also a failed drug – even during Ebola studies, it was found to do little for patients afflicted with the virus and was actually highly toxic.  

Monoclonal antibodies, which mimic the body’s creation of antibodies against disease, were more effective then, as they are now.” Remdesivir had a 53% death rate which is considerably higher than that of Covid, as opposed to the lowest death rate of the monoclonal antibody drug Regeneron. With Covid, Remdesivir statistics from 2,058 deaths on CMS data (Medicare) revealed a death rate of 26%, and 46% of those died within 14 days of treatment. The mortality rate from Covid is around 1%, depending on the country.

Dr. Anthony Fauci advocated for Remdesivir therapy in April of 2020. In his own citation of the Gilead study, 53 people from the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan, reported 60% adverse events  – from renal failure to liver problems to multiple organ failure. The NIH even now warns about renal failure and liver toxicity from Remdesivir. The World Health Organization (WHO) – does not recommend it for use in Covid patients. Fauci does.

WHO has issued a conditional recommendation against the use of remdesivir in hospitalized patients, regardless of disease severity, as there is currently no evidence that remdesivir improves survival and other outcomes in these patients.” World Health Organization

So we have a so-called “expert” doctor who advocates for a treatment that is known to kill and is not effective against the Covid virus. We have a Federal Agency that is also advocating it be used for Covid patients knowing full well that it can kill. That same agency pulled the life-saving monoclonal antibody treatments known to save lives. In the face of all the information against Remdesivir, it appears the Federal government and its experts are not “listening to the science” at all.

Dr. Bryan Ardis told podcast host Dr. Peter Breggin on January 25 that Fauci and his cronies are trying to kill us, and Covid is just the excuse. What do you think?

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Faye Higbee


  • I agree with the authors premise. The groups of people that seem to be affected the most by the virus are the ones that they really need to get rid of. These people have developed opinions and thoughts that are very difficult to change. they are best dead. The people in their 30s and 40s and below will be much more malleable and easier to retrain. if you think it through it all makes sense because I need to do this all over the world if you’re going to reset.

  • The answer to your question is simple. The reason they are taking this approach is because they are globalists who want to cull the population. They don’t really want us to survive. They want to be the ones left to enjoy the resources of the world with few humans left to consume the resources. They don’t get to decide how many of God’s children fill the earth. I am curious as to what they will say when they explain themselves to God’s face, especially when the diseases they create to cull the population consume them in the end.

    • I’d love to be in the room when they are trying to justify these evil and satanic actions.
      Things are going to get real hot for them, best yet, it will be for eternity.

  • The nobel prize winning inventor of the PCR test said himself that Anthony Fauci isnt even a Dr
    Hes pure administration.
    So ,why is anyone even listening to the ugly little man


    “T-Mobile to terminate corporate employees who aren’t vaccinated by April”

    And here is why:
    Because they have been told so by von der Leyen-Göbbels in Germany:

    -Mobile US, Inc. is an American wireless network operator majority owned by by German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom

  • we need a truedemocracynow. com use 38 red state advantage to replace ‘representatives of the rich’ democracy with a true democracy using smartphone voting where there are no politicians, every citizen can submit and vote on legislation and all laws only apply to the locality for which they are passed.

  • It won’t kill anyone who is unwilling to play the covid game. If you continue to insist on playing the covid game, then your not a victim and deserve everything they throw at you. Why? Cause you made the conscious choice to play the game.

    • As mean as it sounds, I must say I agree 110%.
      People today obviously do not understand the meaning of Choice!
      You play with fire, expect to get burnt!
      Inject experimental poison into your body, expect to be harmed or worse die.
      Not rocket science.

  • I was given, without my consent, the Remdesivir poison while being treated in the hospital for pneumonia (covid). It was only after 4 of 5 IV injections that I found out what it was. I was isolated from family when this happened. I bet this has been going on for the whole fraud scamdemic, and continues to go on, at present. Fauci is an evil, narcissistic sociopath, and should have been removed from authority a long time ago, as in after he perpetrated the AIDS + AZT fraud in the 1980’s. Ivermectin for all!!

    • Exactly what happened to my wife. I was not able to see her until they had already given her 3 of the 4 transfusions (IC bag) of remdesivir. We didn’t know about it then and were told it was the protocol. Luckily she survived but now has diabetes and a damaged pancreas.

    • I was in the hospital 13 days 12/27/21 – 1/9/22 with severe covid and pneumonia and was also given Remdesivir. They told me what they were giving me but I thought it was in same class as Monoclonal treatment. I had no idea this was a dangerous drug. They started the treatment on a general floor and within a couple of days moved me to ICU for high volume oxygen. I was really out of it the first few days but I thought all along I was really lucky to have received the drug. I remember one of the respiratory therapist making the comment that they had no idea why they were still giving that drug, but that was the only comment I heard. I just figured it was someone who was against Ivermectin and monoclonal treatments and looking at this drug to be in same class. Nobody else said anything about it. I had pretty good care while in there although they would not allow anyone to come up and see me. My wife was beside herself because she was warned that I probably would not make it home and although she stays up with the medical field most of the time, she did not pick up on this one. It was about 2 months ago someone mentioned Remdesivir and it’s dangerous side effects and I did not believe them till I started doing some research that got my attention. I feel truly blessed from God to still be here writing this now.

      • I spent 16 days in the hospital. 09/06/21-09/22/21. 40 year old male. Went in on my 7th day after symptoms started. Started Remdesivir that night. I was so confused I thought they were giving me Regeneron. My headache was so bad, I asked for anything to get rid of it, so they started giving me morphine. Next few days were a blur. 4th day in, a group of doctors showed up and told me they were moving me to ICU and that a ventilator was not out of question. I was on high flow oxygen at that point. I was very confused as to what was going on. I could not have visitors. Unknown to me, my wife had been trying to call me for three days and I was so out of it from the morphine, I had no idea. She finally talked to a doctor, who told her I was going on a ventilator. She refused to let them do this to me. I started improving after the four days (and the last day)of Remdesivir. Liver levels were through the roof for weeks. Was on oxygen for a month and a half after discharged. Knowing what I know now, I am truly blessed to be here. I also have a distrust for how these hospitals are treating this illness. Glad you made it home.

  • Of course those people are murdering the human population. It’s called, “Population Control.” And the “big money” criminal/murderers of the world, such as “Klaus Slob,” and Bill Fences, er, Gates, are all in on it.

  • Definitely mass murdering psychos. But the prescribing doctors, hospital administrators, and pharmacists must be held accountable.

  • The genetic engineering of the Harvard Wyss Foundation of Klaus Schwab and Hansjörg Wyss of the Escher Wyss Family of that Klaus Schwab is a member work together with DARPA and the CIA and Elon Musk.
    They are now able to genetically target specific tribes / people by their genetic makeup.
    They use this knowledge to work together with Big Pharma as a weapon against humanity and this is only the beginning if they are not stopped.

  • All I know is that I was dying of Covid last April when an ambulance took me to a hospital 30 miles north of my town. They gave me an I.V. of Remdesiver every day for 5 days & I felt different on the 5th day & came home. I am totally back to normal since some time last summer. Remdesiver saved my life!!

    • With the understanding that no matter what ‘treatment’ we are given when admitted to the hospital for a severe disease, some of us will survive healthy, some with long term disorders, & some will die. None of us can know whether another treatment would have improved or harmed our outcome. We can only use what research, wisdom, and reason we can muster, to make what choices we think best for ourselves and those around us, and hope those around us do the same. I wish we all had the strength of mind and heart to make the most of the lives we have been given, but we don’t. We can only try to do our best.

    • I would keep a close eye on your liver and kidneys. AST, ALT, GGT, albumin blood work for liver.. Kidneys blood work for BUN, creatine, and GFR of 60 or higher. If your GFR is below 15 that is kidney failure.

  • Americans are weak and worthless for allowing this to happen. No people in human history would do nothing in the face of murder and genocide. Weak and worthless. America has fallen without even a fight against Remdesevir, let alone our Constitution.

    • Some are, I would agree. But some are strong, patriotic, bold and armed. Some are sick of being pushed into a corner and are now coming out swinging. I still believe in the America I grew up in and was blessed to be born in. It’s time to take it back.

  • Back in the 1970’s I had a job as a receiving clerk in a variety-drugstore in Tacoma, Washington. I’ve never forgotten the time when two factory sales reps were having a conversation in the stockroom. I heard the one guy tell the other something like “since this product isn’t selling too well in the drug department they plan to change the label and sell it in the cosmetic dept..

  • Where are the sources for the information? The studies etc? We know it’s true but this article will be ignored as opinion because there’s no scientific sources.

  • I was given Remdesivir therapy in the ICU when I had Severe Covid. It didnt hurt me actully it saved me from being put on a vent

    • I’m so sorry about that and your poor beautiful wife 😢 its a bit late for her Gary but I’m guessing you never came across Dr Brian Ardis a wonderful Good Doctor/patriot/whistle-blower his father ‘died/murdered’ and was administered Remdesivir which apparently had been taken off the market it was killing the lab animals Fauci brought it back again (clearly the effect he was aiming for!😡) They’ve been doing that for all kinds of drugs just changing name! Look him up and watch his videos, he’s one of the good guys Gary. I’m so sorry 😞

  • My wife was given three rounds of Rendisavere and she got worse and passed away. Why isn’t there law suits going on. They need to pay for what they did. If you know of law suits please let me know.

    • They tried to get me to take Remdesiver and put me on a ventilator in Oct of 2021 when I had a bad case of Covid. I refused and they would not give me any any other antibiotics until i was out of ICU, then they said I had a secondary infection and I tested negative for covid, It was the same pneumonia I had when I went in the first day. They were also giving me Blood thinners for 18 days but when they sent me home they cut me off of them, I was bad in the Hospital with three weeks for a blood clot in my lung. I was on Oxygen for 2 months and out of work for 3 months. I had lost a sister-in-law almost a year before from Remdesiver and a ventitlator and also a friend of mine husband who was in the hospital at the same time I was died from the same thing. Sorry for your loss.

  • I am a survivor of IV remdisivir. This is exactly how I was treated when I was admitted to the hospital. Low fever, O2 at 92 and shortness of breath. 52 days in ICU with kidney, lung and liver failure. 6 months of extensive rehab. Only my prior good health and God saved me. 65 years old.

  • I am a Hospitalists. I have treated Covid pneumonia fir 2 years. The average Covid pneumonia patient by the time if admisdion has 35-75% of their lungs filled with Covid. I have seen 90%.

    We used Remdesivir on most patients. The two patients we did nit use it in did not do well. Both deteriorated. One died and the other was on ECMO for 4 weeks and was discharge fully disabled 2 months later. AGE 38.

    Remdesivir is not a wonder drug. It works slowly and we see benefit on day 3-4. We had no kidney issues and most doctors monitor kidney function daily. 1-2 could had mild liver issues which resolved with discontinuation.

    Many patients with Covid pneumonia get massive fluid accumulation in the lungs. This can be from too much fluids by mouth or sometimes from the IV. It’s possible that this has been blamed on Remdesivir in the past, but it has nothing to do with Remdesivir. We see this when the patient has had fluids from the emergency room due to dehydration. When the IV fluids go into the body, the Covid pneumonia soaks it up like a sponge. It is unbelievable!! When this happens, the oxygen levels will drop and the patients require more oxygen. The levels drop literally within 2-4 hours of coming to the ER/hospital because of the fluids. The drip is before they have not even received Remdesivir.

    We have seen patients who feel they need to flush their bodies out and they drink lots of fluids in the hospital. The problem is this goes into the lungs and causes the lungs to fill with fluid and oxygen levels drop. It is possible that this has been blamed on from remdesivir but it is not my experience.

    It is pure fluids. Because we see the same problem when the patient is not taking Remdesivir. It is just the nature of the Covid pneumonia. And it is like no other pneumonia that we have seen. It literally sucks the fluids up so much it’s unbelievable.

    So it is my opinion that remdesivir is getting a bad rap beyond what it should be. It is not a wonder drug by any means.

    • I disagree. Remdesivir should be outlawed. I’ll summarize, treated with remdesivir, kept getting worse until I demanded to get out of the hospital two weeks later. I then agreed to go to another hospital and was immediately admitted to ICU. Kidneys shutdown, blood loss (I needed 5 units over the next 3 weeks), blood clots, and NO strength. I was 64 years old.

      Two different doctors when we were alone told it was the remdesivir that had caused all the complications.

      The hospital I had previously been in was only checking my blood clots……and I was not in ICU. I kept asking for the plan to get me healthy and they never had a plan. The second hospital was just the opposite. I was given status and action plans daily.

      It has been a long road back and I’m still not 100%. But the Lord is getting me back.

  • I am a hospitalists. I have treated COVID-19 for 2 years.

    We used Remdesivir on almost all patients and got great results. We had no cases of kidney failure. At most 1 or 2 were stopped early due to the possibility of elevated LFT.

    I wish Monoclonal antibodies were approved or use in hospitalized patients. If a patient really needed the Monoclonals myself and ER docs would work all night on a patient in the ER in order to get them discharged from the ER in 4-6 hours enough so they could walk into the monoclonal antibody infusion clinic and get the monoclonals the next day.

    But remdesivir did not cause problems and we felt that it worked but it was not a wonder drug. The two patients we did not use it on did not do well. One died and other was on ECMO for 8 weeks but after 3-4 months was discharged but he was disabled.

  • I guarantee you, my father was killed by Remdesivir. Within two days of administering this deadly drug, he was gone. We were trusting idiots who trusted the death camp hospital. Doctors and nurses and pharmaceutical companies are now the mass murderers. They are responsible for the deaths caused by this dangerous drug. I’m haunted every day because I trusted people who are supposed to be in the business of saving lives. All of these victim’s blood is on their hands and they will eventually have to answer to a higher power. As for now, the devil is having a heyday at the hospitals.

    • I’m so sorry to hear this. I too lost a loved one, my husband Dennis. For 2 days I was not even allowed in the hospital, no way were they going to let me see him. Finally after much arguing, I brought him home where he died later that night. I found out much later that they had given him the “Fauci Protocol”. God bless you and yours.

  • When do the lawsuits start for remdisvir this kidney killing drug? Standard of care?? I say a special place in hell for fauci and anyone associated with killing my father! I’ve listened to more stories of the evil this government has done, genocide and murder.

    • Ginny — There is a group of lawyers, etc. who are collecting information from those who have been harmed, or worse, murdered, by the Covid medicine protocols. If you have a story of a loved one, or yourself being hurt, you can voice it on this website. There are numerous videos of those patients who were hurt by covid protocols, Remdesivir being a major one. Anyone on this site who claims it actually works for most folks, is most likely lying. Here is the information –

    • Only the U.S. Government? The Illuminati has always been worldwide, and the events of the last two years serve to prove it to anyone with a brain left after exposure to CNN, etc..

  • I am amazed that the public is even more gullible and downright stupid than I ever imagined. Typical humans are literally cows and sheep that follow the leaders instinctively. They would dive off cliffs if lead by the nose.

  • There are no, and never have been any “Covid patients” because the disease is a fraud and does not exist. Only Illuminist shills promote this fake disease’s supposed existence.

  • Revelation 22: 14 , 15. Verse 15, for without are dogs, and sorcerers and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolators, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.

  • It is now a year later, January 13th 2023. The lawsuits against remdesivir have just begun, 3 in California, 1 in Nevada. The California firm wants to go after Gilead. I think they need to add fauci to the list. I knew about remdesivir years ago. Been telling EVERYONE to not let their family member take it. But they snuck it in people’s IV. This drug is deadly. All used for an agenda to start the America takeover.


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