Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Goes To War With Globalist George Soros

George Soros has decided to destroy the American justice system by installing radical prosecutors – the Governor of Florida is fighting back.

On Thursday night’s broadcast, Fox News host Tucker Carlson praised Florida Governor Ron Desantis’ purge of George “Soros-backed” Florida state attorney Andrew Warren. Carlson was addressing DeSantis’ Thursday morning announcement that the left-wing state attorney would be suspended, effective immediately, for failing to enforce the state’s laws. DeSantis is the first governor to use his state constitutional authority to remove a left-wing political activist prosecutor. 

“Your representatives are elected by you to write into law the rules that you support,” Carlson stated in his opening monologue. “You get to create the parameters of your own society. That’s called democracy. But when a prosecutor decides which laws are valid and which laws are not, that is the most basic subversion of democracy, and Andrew Warren has done that for six years.”

It is not surprising that a George Soros operative is trying to destroy the US justice system. The dangerous left-wing Globalist has made billions overthrowing governments and collapsing economies. As Tucker explained,

George Soros has decided to destroy the American justice system and he’s doing it with prosecutors.  

By this point, fully one-in-five Americans, that’s more than 70 million people, now live in a jurisdiction overseen by a Soros-backed prosecutor. Soros DAs run cities like New York, Chicago, St. Louis, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Los Angeles — our biggest cities. They also run places like Travis County, Texas; Hinds County, Mississippi; Loudoun County, Virginia; Chatham County, Georgia. All of them have Soros-backed prosecutors. 

Soros’s influence comes in the form of campaign financing. The money comes from sources, open society foundations and affiliated political action committees and shell companies. A recent analysis by the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund found that in total, more than 75 Soros-backed prosecutors currently hold office in the United States. To get those people in those jobs, Soros has spent more than $40 billion. Often, he’s the largest donor in the race. In the race in Philadelphia, for example, 90% of now-DA Larry Krasner’s financing came from George Soros. What happened next? Drive through Center City, Philadelphia, sometime and you’ll see.

Soros prosecutors refuse to enforce the law against protected groups. That is their signature quality. That’s the heart of their ideology. The result of this has been a lot of posturing, but even more murder victims. A lot of people have died. Last year, Philadelphia recorded its highest homicide total in history. Overall, nationally, according to the FBI, homicides in the United States jumped 30% in 2020. That is the largest single-year increase in murders in American history. All because one billionaire decided that laws American citizens voted for and support were racist. Does that sound like democracy to you? Of course, it’s not democracy.  

Democracy is a system in which the will of the majority is recognized and often acted upon. The people rule. What we just described is oligarchy. At best, it’s grotesque and has killed a lot of people. You’re probably aware of this on some level and it’s frustrating to hear, but until a few hours ago, no one had really done anything about it, but then today, Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida — a man who, unlike George Soros, has actually been elected by American voters — decided to sack a Soros-backed prosecutor in his state who’s been relentlessly politicizing the justice system in Tampa. That man’s name is Andrew Warren. For six years, Warren has refused to enforce laws that George Soros doesn’t like. Today that ended.  

In his announcement DeSantis detailed some of the egregious instances of Warren’s disregard for the rule of law; from refusing to enforce any prohibitions on sex change operations for minors, regardless of action from the legislature, to asserting that he would not enforce any laws relating to protecting the right to life in Florida.

Carlson added that “Warren decided he would not enforce HB 1. That’s the law that increased penalties for rioters. Warren refused to prosecute 67 BLM [Black Lives Matter] rioters in the summer of 2020. He said there had been no breach of the peace in Tampa when there most certainly had been, but he decided to ignore it because he agreed with their politics. More recently, Warren declined to prosecute a gang member accused of shooting into a house with children inside after shooting somebody else.” Furthermore, Carlson highlighted Warren’s targeting of a Christian Pastor who was arrested for holding Church services during Covid.

DeSantis explained that Warren could not “put himself above [the legislature’s action] and say that he will not enforce the laws. We don’t elect people in one part of the state to have veto power over what the entire state decides on these important issues,” DeSantis explained.

“The constitution of Florida has vested the veto power in the Governor, not individual state attorneys, and so when you flagrantly violate your oath of office, when you make yourself above the law, you have violated your duty. You have neglected your duty, and you are displaying a lack of competence to be able to perform those duties, and so today, we are suspending State Attorney Andrew Warren,” DeSantis announced

The Governor vowed that his administration would not “allow this pathogen that’s been around the country of ignoring the law. We are not going to let that get a foothold here in the state of Florida.”  

Watch Governor DeSantis’ full speech:

The Governor announced that Judge Susan Lopez would replace Warren.

DeSantis was interviewed Thursday night by Tucker Carlson following the commentator’s hard-hitting monologue featured above. DeSantis discussed why he suspended the Soros-backed progressive prosecutor:

DeSantis History With Soros

This is not the first time Florida’s Governor has taken on Soros. In June 2022, DeSantis warned Miami residents that Spanish-language radio stations bought by a George Soros-backed group planned to spread “disinformation” over their airwaves.

DeSantis released several radio spots in Spanish to alert residents to the “purchase of Hispanic radio stations meant to disinform the community.”

“Governor Ron DeSantis is taking [on] Soros on his own turf with a Spanish language ad buy on the Soros network, serving as a PSA to Hispanic Floridians to warn of the pro-socialism, radical agenda behind The Latino Media Network,” read a statement the DeSantis campaign provided to Fox News Digital.

In the ad, Ron DeSantis calls out George Soros by name, warning Hispanic voters that the Left is trying to turn America into the same type of socialist nation many of them escaped from.

“Warning, voters! The Left is taking control of our local media,” the translated version of the ad says. “Billionaire George Soros, known for financing extreme leftist causes, is now financing the purchase of Hispanic radio stations right here in Miami.”

“They are coming with their ideological agenda,” the ad continues. “Soros and his minions know what this community represents in the fight against socialism in America. This community will not get confused. Under Governor Ron DeSantis’ leadership, Florida is standing against the corporate media and leftist disinformation.”

In October 2018, DeSantis, while running for Governor, warned that his opponent at the time, Soros-backed Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, would fundamentally destroy Florida’s economy if elected by appointing swaths of left-wing radicals to statewide agencies and boards.

“He could be sending, into our state government, you know, Soros-backed activists,” DeSantis said of his opponent.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.



    • These people and agencies have also corrupted our government and governments around the world. They must be stopped, and a good place to start would be to stop allowing these individuals and their entities with deceptive names like “the open society foundation” to funnel money to these graduates of klaus schwabs school for global leaders, which indoctrinates people into left wing global thinking.

  • So what is the end game with Soros? Can’t believe that he has survived this long without being arrested for crimes against humanity collaborating with the Nazis to send thousands of Hungarian Jews to their deaths. Where is the Mosad?

    • The end game is the end of the US and the Dollars dominance in the world. We long preferred the Euro, but that seems increasingly unlikely without a complete destruction of US society

  • OUR NATION must cease and desist with recognizing MULTI-Citizenship for private individual status; you are either a USA citizen, with ALLIGIENCE to our USA, and to that ALONE, or, you are NOT a USA Citizen.

    Those, almost universally, the ELITES, who hold DUAL-citizenship, or, otherwise, are parasites; where, when push comes to shove — say, in times of conflict, war, etc — they claim citizenship to whichever nation serves them, and, their hordes of cash and-or assets stashed around the world, most conveniently — parasites, really — with little, if any, allegiance to our NATION.

    Why should our taxpayer dollars — much of such dollars from the middle and lower economic classes — be spent saving the self-serving butts of some elites … when said butt is in a bind? They care little, if any, about our nation.

    Soros, and those MANY MANY other elites, and, others, who hold MULTI-Citizenship status, MUST have their USA citizenship status REVOKED.

    • Yes and he should be deported to whence he came! Banned from the US as he apparently is from other countries.

  • Some Jews “Survived the Holocaust” by collaborating with Nazis…some Jews “Survived the Holocaust” by abetting the murder of other Jews.

    • And Soros, a hard-wired sociopath, once described it as the “most exciting” period of life. He’s about as Jewish as Hitler. And just as evil.


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