Fmr Bernie Advisor: There will be 'Civil Unrest' Unless Biden Halts Line 3 Pipeline (Video)

Tara Houska trained at the Rockwood Leadership Institute, which is closely tied to the communist group Liberation Road

Communists are descending upon Minnesota to stop the replacement of a portion of the “50-year-old, deteriorating” Line 3 Pipeline by Canadian-based company Enbridge. One of the spokespeople for the so-called “direct action” is Tara Houska, a former Bernie Sanders advisor and 2020 alum of the radical training school known as the Rockwood Leadership Institute.

During a friendly interview with taxpayer-funded “news” outlet PBS, Tara Houska menacingly stated that Joe Biden needs to shuts down the project like he did with the Keystone XL Pipeline the day he took office if he wants to “avoid civil unrest:”

The PBS “journalist” Stephanie Sy did not interview any of the hundreds of Native Americans employed by Enbridge, or challenge statements Houska made about the supposed environmental dangers of replacing old, deteriorating pipeline.

Stephanie Sy: And what are you all calling for? Are you expecting that President Biden is going to cancel this project, the way he did with the Keystone XL pipeline back in December?

Tara Huoska: If there is a want to avoid civil unrest, if there is a want to uphold tribal sovereignty, and to be a climate champion, there is no way that this project should be allowed to move forward…”

The Star Tribune reported earlier this month that the Enbridge project “has gone through six years of regulatory review and has been approved by numerous agencies, including the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.”

Huoska diminished the prospect of thousands of jobs, sharply stating in part that the jobs “require us to destroy natural world around us, whether it’s cutting down the forests, extracting minerals from the earth, or building fossil fuel infrastructure projects that we are left to deal with the risks of.” The jobs are “very temporary and shortsighted,” she said. “And we’re the ones that have to deal with all the risks, when these guys go home [Enbridge employees] and start counting their checks.”

RAIR Foundation USA has reported on the tendency of left-wing media outlets to interview radical left activists as if they represented average Americans. Tara Houska trained at the Rockwood Leadership Institute, which is closely tied to the communist group Liberation Road according to Trevor Loudon, a filmmaker, author and expert on radical left groups.

Watch the report:

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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