Foreign Interference Scandal: The Entire Trudeau Foundation Board Resigns Abruptly

The sudden and dramatic resignation of the entire board of Justin Trudeau’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation on April 10, 2023, has sent shockwaves throughout Canada. The charitable organization, created to commemorate the legacy of the former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, has been engulfed in a foreign interference scandal.

The board’s resignation came amidst allegations of the politicization of a donation with ties to China, which has raised serious concerns about the foundation’s commitment to transparency and accountability. This major controversy has shaken the foundation to its core and put the country at risk.

According to CBC, Canada’s left-wing state broadcaster and known propaganda outlet, the foundation’s management and volunteer board of directors, staff, and community came under pressure due to a businessman with links to the Chinese government donating $200,000 in 2016. The charity announced last month that it would return the donation after it compromised a government report on the integrity of the 2021 federal election, over which the Conservatives had criticized the government.

Canadian YouTuber Clyde Do Something offers a more candid take on the event:

Trudeau has appointed a former governor general, David Johnston, as a Special Rapporteur to investigate foreign interference in Canadian elections and institutions, including the alleged meddling by the Chinese government. The Conservatives have raised concerns about Johnston’s impartiality, given his former role as a member of the Trudeau Foundation, which is responsible for appointing the board of directors. Trudeau has previously claimed that he has no direct or indirect connection to the Trudeau Foundation, a statement contradicted by the foundation’s links to Johnston.

The Trudeau Foundation’s resignation is another indication of Trudeau’s entanglement with foreign powers and his lack of accountability. These recent resignations should lead to a full investigation into the extent of foreign interference in Canadian politics and institutions.

The fallout from this shocking turn of events is far from over, and its impact on Canada’s political and social landscape remains to be seen. However, many believe it has already severely damaged the nation’s reputation on the global stage.

“China has compromised every Prime Minister in the past 40 years”

As RAIR Foundation USA recently reported, Michel Juneau-Katsuya, the former chief of the Asia-Pacific desk at the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), revealed that every Canadian prime minister in the past 40 years has been compromised by agents working for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). J

Juneau-Katsuya made these claims in response to allegations in a soon-to-be-released book, “The Mosaic Effect: How the Chinese Communist Party Started a Hybrid War in America’s Backyard,” which states that a U.S. probe into CCP activities in Canada in the 1990s found China’s infiltration of the Canadian government posed a major security risk to the United States.

He claims that he and other intelligence officials warned Canadian policymakers of this threat, but their concerns were ignored. The alleged infiltration by Beijing in Canadian politics has been ongoing for the last 40 years, up to the current administration led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, according to Juneau-Katsuya. The Canadian government denied allegations of interference, and the National Security and Intelligence Review Agency (NSIRA) will review how national security agencies in Canada handled the foreign interference threat.

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  • Trudeau is the most hated and incompetent Prime minister Canada has ever had, the guy is a criminal and has pledged allegiance to the WEF to destroy Canada and all that we stand for. His whole Liberal Party is complicit in this plan and are compromised with Freeland leading the way.

  • Once you expell corruptocrats, the next batch are installed. Then, (like America) you get more taxation without representation. It is a revolving door of petty tyrants, pedosatanists, and perverts. It is everywhere. The best speaker I have seen in Canada is Mr. Pierre Marcel Poilievre, leader of the Conservtive Party. This guy make sense.


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