Former British Prime Minister Makes Shocking Statement About 'New World Order' (Video)

Former British Prime Minister Liz Truss said during a speech in Tokyo that the “free world is in danger and warns “authoritarian regimes” are trying to create a ‘new world order.”

She explains, “we’re living in very turbulent economic times, right through from the shock of the financial crisis, through to the Covid crisis that we’re still recovering from.”

According to Truss, fewer people live under democracy compared to 30 years ago. “Meanwhile, authoritarian regimes are building up their armaments as well as their building up their arguments.”

‘They are trying to create a new global world order’

They are not just trying to convince their own populations but also trying to win over global opinion, according to Truss. “And they are trying to create a new global world order.”

In October last year, she resigned as party leader of the Conservative Party. She was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom for only a month and a half, making her the shortest-serving Prime Minister ever.

Truss and her successor Rishi Sunak are a part of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum. However, the globalists seemed dissatisfied with her course of action and quickly eliminated her.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • This is why “They” kicked her out after only 1 1/2

    She doesn’t like “They”!

    Neither do “Me”! 😁

  • Klaus Schwab is very, very angry, the brainwash did fail.
    But there is always the brainwashed idiots: Trudeau, Macron, Marin, Ardern, and all other WEF brainwashed members that succeeded to become Official Global Idiots!

  • I guess she and James O’Keefe, had the same problem with the NWO people.
    They know who “they” are and it begins with J. If they were not the devil, we would be allowed to say exactly what evil plans they have in the works the vile and wicked truth about them as well as name them.

  • And this, not some silly “she was making decisions unpopular with the people” claim, is why she was ousted after less than 2 months into her job as PM.

    She was going to take the same position as The Iron Lady, ending (for the UK at least) the leftist takeover of all governments into One Nation Earth (get it? we will all be O.N.E., catchy, no?). And they were having none of that.
    Too bad she wasn’t actually of the same caliber and tenacity…so she bowed out.

  • But she still played along with the Ukraine script which is fast progressing the population replacement agenda, so she doesn’t seem to know it’s the UN alliance.

  • Why is she not calling out Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum as a central force behind the establishment of a NWO. Even should it eventually be established no free man or woman should voluntarily submit to their enslavement. Never surrender.

  • Well, you have so-called ‘conservatives’ pimping for Putin nowadays–Tucker, for example–who’ve apparently been convinced by Russian propaganda, so she has a point.


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