Former Leader of Canada’s Libertarian Party: The Gov’t is Printing Money to Pay People to Stay at Home (Watch)

Former Leader of Canada’s Libertarian Party: The Gov’t is Printing Money to Pay People to Stay at Home (Watch)

  • Posted by RAIR Foundation
  • On May 24, 2020
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In a RAIR Foundation USA exclusive interview, former leader of the Federal Libertarian Party of Canada Jean-Serge Brisson explained that it is preposterous that the Canadian government is printing out money to pay citizens to stay at home. His comments came during a demonstration on May 23, 2020, to protest against Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and The Liberal Party of Canada’s coronavirus lockdown measures.

Outside of Canada’s Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Jean-Serge Brisson pointed out that the response to the Chinese coronavirus is unprecedented, and reflects the mentality that the government will provide for citizens. “But the government is borrowing our money to pay ourselves in order to stay at home…” Brisson said. “And the individual is going to have to take responsibility of their actions and just go out there and live their lives,” he continued.

Jean-Serge Brisson explained that citizens take chances every day when they leave their houses. If one gets into a car, one is taking a risk. If one chooses to be around others, one could catch the flu. These risks, like the risk of catching the coronavirus, are slim, but in a free society, one takes these chances in order to be free. “We all take a risk everyday,” he said. Freedom is worth the risks of just living without government intervention.

“All our rights are there,” Brisson said. “If you don’t take your rights, and you let the government decide for you what rights you are going to enjoy day to day, then you’ve lost them.”


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