Former President of Vatican Bank: Covid is Device for 'Great Reset' (Video)

The goal fifty years ago, just as in the Great Reset now, is to drastically reduce the global population, dismantle the free market, and erase all borders.

The World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” is a reiteration of the 1960-70s’ “New World Economic Order,” according to a prominent Italian economist.

Tedeschi served for a time as president of the secretive Institute for the Works of Religion (IOR), commonly known as Vatican Bank before he was ousted in 2012. According to the economist, he was hired by former Pope Benedict XVI to “get rid of the accounts that were not supposed to be there and were sometimes used for money laundering purposes.”

Pope Benedict XVI, whose conservative views made him a target of left-wing media, inexplicably resigned in 2013. He was the first pope to resign since Pope Gregory XII in 1415. Pope Benedict XVI was replaced by the communist-friendly Pope Francis, who reigns to this day.

Ettore Gotti Tedeschi made the remarks in a recent interview translated for RAIR Foundation USA. Tedeschi explains that today’s “Great Reset” is nothing more than the latest iteration of a radical “neo-Malthusian” worldview.

The Kissinger Report

Ettore Gotti Tedeschi states that dangerous globalist Henry Kissinger was pivotal in the conceptual New World Economic Order “at the end of the sixties and the beginning of the seventies.”

The goal fifty years ago, just as in the Great Reset now, is to drastically reduce the global population, dismantle the free market (i.e., “capitalism”), and erase all borders.

Henry Kissinger introduced Atlantic Council Award Winner Hillary Clinton in 2013

Kissinger, now in his late nineties, is often mislabeled as a “Republican” as he served under American Presidents Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon. It was during his time working in the Nixon Administration that he was commissioned to study so-called “overpopulation.” The result was the 1974 “Kissinger Report,” which was declassified on July 3rd, 1989, as instructed under President Ronald Reagan’s Executive Order 12356.

Almost fifty years ago, the Kissinger Report praised the U.S. government for funding population control efforts in poor countries under the guise of “family planning”:

Over the past few years, U.S. government-funded population programs have played a major role in arousing interest in family planning in many countries, and in launching and accelerating the growth of national family planning programs.”

How many decades must go by before Americans put a stop to their tax dollars being used for radical left initiatives?

But Ettore Gotti Tedeschi explains that Kissinger’s initiative to properly depopulate the planet “produced several mistakes,” and therefore, “a second reset is needed today,” which is “taking advantage of” the “Covid Pandemic.”

The World Economic Forum’s Great Reset

Founder and current Executive Chairman for the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab believes “changes we have already seen in response to COVID-19″ will help to usher in ‘The Great Reset,” which he outlines in his June 2020 article titled “Now is the time for a ‘great reset'”:

To achieve a better outcome, the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions. From the United States to China, every country must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a ‘Great Reset’ of capitalism,” Schwab writes.

Schwab blames “mounting deaths” from the pandemic for what he says will create long-term economic consequences, unemployment, and public debt when the reality is the worldwide lockdowns implemented as a way to “flatten the curve” are what caused millions to lose their jobs.

Klaus Schwab
Klaus Schwab

Hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world shut their doors in early 2020 and will never again reopen. Countless American workers have also recently left the workforce due to being presented with an ultimatum: take the experimental Covid-19 injections, or find employment elsewhere.

The burdens being placed on employers and employees alike will cause the economic collapse, not “mounting deaths” due to a virus with a 99%+ survival rate.

Schwab, along with  Bill GatesEric Schmidt, and other prominent individuals in the tech industry and political sector, meets yearly in Davos to discuss what changes must be implemented to see the Great Reset come to fruition.

This goes hand-in-hand with the Rockefeller Foundation’s Lock Step Scenario where again, one will see some very familiar names, all with the same plan for the future using the pandemic to usher in “[A] world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback.”

2016: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Schwab’s book The Fourth Industrial Revolution describes the World Economic Forum’s twisted vision of our future as fundamentally different from the past. This includes gene editing, self-driving vehicles, intelligent robots, and the merging of tech with humans (transhumanism), “challenging ideas about what it means to be human,” he writes.

Schwab explained in 2016 how The Fourth Industrial Revolution would turn cities into smart cities, digitalize all industries, under one government, with integrated ecosystems driven by “big data.”

Watch Klaus Schwab Discuss the “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”:

The worldview Tedeschi references are based on the false Malthusian concept that the world’s resources are finite and challenged by a growing population.

“First, a suggestion was made that is related to the great crisis we have been witnessing in recent decades. Too many births. And as a consequence, the need to decrease the birth rate of the population. What was the very first effect of this process? The birth rate dropped. But where? In the Western world. The shrinking of the population took place mainly in the so-called Western World, the United States, and Europe. Why is the population growth rate supposed to be reduced?

Because, according to a neo-Malthusian worldview, the more people are born, the more people consume, the more people waste what nature provides for us,” Tedeschi reflects.

Watch the video:

The World Economic Forum shares its vision for the future:

Same Elites; Same Goal; Different Decade

RAIR Foundation USA has delved into the discredited theories of Thomas Robert Malthus, highlighting the parallels of Malthusian theories with that of other eugenics movements in the 20th century, including that of Margaret Sanger, Adolf Hitler, and H.G. Wells, among others.

Under this socialist neo-Malthusian guise, the only way to preserve resources is to limit the number of people inhabiting the world tomorrow. This effort is often deceptively veiled in the implementation of abortion, birth control, and other methods of sterilization to reduce the world’s population.

The perpetual goals of globalist elites – depopulation, destruction of free markets, and the erasure of borders – must be resisted at all costs.


Its name is New World Economic Order.

It was conceived between the end of the sixties and the beginning of the seventies.

Its originator was Henry Kissinger at the very beginning.

It was a veritable reset. We are trying to correct the mistakes that we have been making for the last fifty years, since the very first reset, also known as New World Economic Order, which was designed in the seventies.

Founded upon a series of facts that ignore natural law.

Which we can define as “not always natural”, and “pretty utopian”.

After fifty years, since the first reset of the seventies produced several mistakes, a second reset is needed, today.

The current reset commonly called “The Great Reset,” is nothing but a correction of the mistakes which we have been making for the last fifty years.

So, therefore, thanks to — or rather taking advantage of — this unfortunate situation called the “Covid Pandemic”, there is the possibility to boost, or rather — I will use a strong expression — to impose or to caused to be imposed certain behaviors.

Nevertheless, today’s reset is the correction of the mistakes made by yesterday’s reset.

First, a suggestion was made, that is related to the great crisis we have been witnessing in recent decades.

Too many births.

And as a consequence, the need to decrease the birth rate of the population.

What was the very first effect of this process?

The birth rate dropped. But where? In the Western world.

The shrinking of the population took place mainly in the so-called Western World, the United States, and Europe. Why is the population growth rate supposed to be reduced?

Because, according to a neo-Malthusian worldview, the more people are born, the more people consume, the more people waste what nature provides for us.

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Haley Kennington

Haley Kennington is an investigative journalist, freelance writer, and reporter, as well as a contributor for dozens of conservative news sites, blogs, and independent media outlets. In addition, she served as Research & Archival Editor for DW's "What Is A Woman?" and as Research Director & Story Editor for Amazon's #1 documentary in 2020, "The Plot Against the President".

Twitter: (@ladykennington)


  • Everything you said was true, but you won’t be able to make any sense of it until you realize who our true enemy is. Lowly communists or socialists scheming in their basements don’t control paid off politicians or the main stream media. Corporations don’t magically combine with their competitors to have the same schemes. Competing media companies don’t magically have the same talking points on every issue. Who has the power to coordinate all of this? Forget about the traditional scapegoat the Jews. They can’t agree on anything much less control corporations, the media, and paid off politicians. Israel’s nationalist Prime Minister was just removed while the country has become ground zero for vaccine experimentation and the resulting deaths. There is a power that drugged China and fought 2 wars to keep on drugging them, conquered India through a trading company that paid off local politicians, fought 2 wars against the USA, supported the south in the Civil War, had its operatives arm and incite the Seminoles to slaughter Americans, had its operative attempt to assassinate candidate Trump, had its spy concoct the Russian dossier, had its operative initiate the FBI investigation of President Trump, and whose operative owned the Smartmatic voting machines. The mafia known as the British aristocracy and their vassals throughout the world made it know that they couldn’t stand another 4 years of Trump. Their Prince Philip wrote that he wished to be reborn as a deadly virus to kill off most of humanity. Their Prince Charles is leading the great reset in which you will own nothing and be happy. Their Prince Harry says the first amendment is bonkers. Their Prince Andrew pals around with pedophiles. Neo-feudalism was the enemy of our founders. Marx was just a British operative set up to destroy the dynasties of Eurasia.

    • Mike, everything you’ve said is true, and the author of this article certainly nailed it. Still, I was hoping you’d suggest who you believed was responsible for what we are witnessing. You didn’t so, respectfully, I will.

      As a traditional Catholic (SSPX) it’s actually a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned. It is Satan. I’m in my mid-80’s, a cradle Catholic, and one who witnessed the Second Vatican Council and the modern popes, bishops and priests lead countless hapless souls to perdition. The evil started slowly but it’s all in before those today who will simply open their eyes.

      The modern bishops not only abandoned their sheep, they abandoned God and allowed the media, the entertainment industry, and the educational system to capture the minds of all who were weak enough or foolish enough to allow it—and there are countless who fall into that category.

      Unfortunately, even the well meaning want to blame Obama or Biden or the Congress or whoever for all the evil that’s taking place, but they are wrong. Yes, the people are the ones who foolishly listen to the media et all and vote for leaders who have wrought all this destruction, but when the Catholic popes and bishops gave Satan a pass (as they did by siding with the media), the reposts are what we should expect.

  • Gee. Tell me something I haven’t known for years…. Or better, tell me how to stop it without violence.

    • The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. We have been looking the other way as our institutions have been hijacked. If it is not too late, the answer is simple – we say NO. We do not comply. There are way more of us than these lunatic globalists.

  • Old NIck, as in Nicklaus or Klaus Schwab is the enemy of all mankind and should be hunted down and removed. Yes the Brits are indeed the enemy of freedom and would love to have Feudalism back, perhaps they too should have a Marie Antoinette and King Louie moment.

  • Isn’t that something. First we’re told that white people are no-a’count racists. Now the Davos folk are lamenting that it’s the people in the West whose birth rate has declined. Oh, but, according to this fellow Adrian Monck, if birth rate is decreased in the West, while desirable, it also means a SHRINKING ECONOMY. So which is it???? Is there anybody at home upstairs?

    • No. You’re right. There’s NOone of any Humane or moral substance ‘up there’. except I think Musk is waking up.
      I think he’s right in looking forward, to interplanetary existence & pioneering, given that in some time our dear dying sun will eventually envelop us.
      I actually suggest we’ve been here before but long forgotten due to changes & shifts in the cosmos & solar system. (Change is inevitable.)
      That aside, there’s probably no huge rush. It’s suggested we have billions of years, however, there MAY come a time, even soon, when we wish there’d been a back-up, eg: in the instance of giant asteroids, intense solar flares, etc.
      It SEEMS there’s already a base/s on the dark side of the moon. I saw convincing video recently of ‘ufo’ activity above the horizon of the moons surface. 1 stationary & the other moving away out of sight, either landing or disappearing behind the horizon, away from the stationary ‘craft’ / space station.
      All this being said:
      Musk, I believe, has the right attitude.
      My gut/intuition/observations tell me he’s a humanist, & a genuine, though alpha, caring individual, seeking to improve life generally for ALL Humans, & I dare to suggest he’s growing in compassion also.
      & so I’m about to say-
      “Ask Musk”.
      Although he enjoys playing games, he’s also VERY sensitive & serious. He HAS to lighten up occasionally, so as to bear his DEEP, strong archetype, character, feelings, personality, psyche.
      ASK Musk..
      as I truly think only we Citizens / The People can change this, & who better to ask/lead than the GOOD man with the most $s?
      Hes one of the few daring to speak out against the agenda.
      He’s been warning us of the dangers of AI in the wrong hands,
      & he genuinely cares about / likes people (except for evil SOBs, & even then I’d say he bears some sort of compassion/pity.)
      I mean..
      what does he have to lose should all this go wrong? The same as most of us. His family, friends, & his life.
      I do believe he wants most of us to be happy, as opposed to the Eugenecists.

  • The Malthusian goal is already reached in Europe, in all Western European countries, in Eastern Europe and in developed Asian countries like Japan, Korea and China. Former British colonies like Australia and Canada the birthrate is as well declining, but the Malthusian goal is not reached in Africa, in many islamic countries and underdeveloped Asian countries. How they want to handle this?

  • Couldn’t help but notice the triple6 stuff on their logo. The WEF is showing us exactly how and what they intend to do. All governments of the world are participants and all humans will be subject to their intentions.


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