Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Claims Putin Saved Hundreds of Thousands of Lives

“To prevent World War III and an attack on Russia with nuclear weapons, the Russian government decided to neutralize the threat and restore order in Ukraine” – former Ukrainian P.M. Azarov

A former Prime Minister of Ukraine, Nikolai Azarov, released a message on Facebook claiming that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was planning a nuclear attack on Russia. In response to their potential attack, Russia decided to stop the situation and restore order in Ukraine.

“NATO wanted to unleash a third world war by using nuclear weapons against Russia,” Azarov stated. “Since December 2021, Russia has been receiving information about NATO plans to deploy four military brigades (2 land, one navy, one air) on the territory of Ukraine.” One of those brigades could carry nuclear warheads.

World War III

NATO wanted to deploy troops in the summer of 2022. “In order to prevent the Third World War and the attack on Russia with the use of nuclear weapons, the Russian government decided to stop this situation and restore order in Ukraine,” writes Azarov, who served as prime minister in 2004, 2005, and 2010.

He states that the Ukrainian army also planned to launch a military operation in Donbass and wipe out the Russian-speaking population. The attack was coordinated with the United States and was set to launch on February 25, 2022.

Russia, which has a long tradition of purveying disinformation for foreign consumption, released several interviews with people from the Donbass region who claim the Ukrainian military has been attacking Donbass Russians for eight years. As a result, there have been thousands killed and many more wounded.

Watch the following Interviews with residents of Donbass:

Lives Saved

Russian President Vladimir Putin has saved hundreds of thousands of lives in Donetsk and Luhansk (known collectively as The Donbass region) by ordering a special military operation in Ukraine, states the former prime minister. Azarov also remarked that a week before Russia launched its military operation in Ukraine, the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) forces seized a Ukrainian Army map, which detailed a large-scale attack on the Donbass republics.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • To stop WW3 we need a revolution.
    Before the revolution can begin we must make sure the law is on our side.
    To do that we must rescind our vote we gave to the government.
    Therefore we take the mandate we gave to our government back.
    Therefore the Government has no legal mandate as to operate on.
    Therefore we the people can take them out legally.
    This is why I have written this document.
    A Universal declaration of no confidence in Government.
    It is an Open Document for everyone to copy and use read and share.
    We the people need to make a statement of intent because they won’t stop.
    Please share.

    • In Law, when any party to a contract becomes in breach of that contract, the contract is therefore REVOKABLE by any other party to the contract where that party is concerned.
      The US Constitution is a contract that created and strictly and unequivocally limited the power of the Federal Government; a contract that is ignored by the thugs who have treasonously seized the levers of power, except when it can be used to rescue their own sorry ass.
      FDR and other outlaws took the people out from under the protection of a Constitution with the War Powers Act of 1933.
      With their unConstitutional actions, the people of the Fedgov have been in breach of contract at least for all of my somewhat long life.
      We’ve had a rogue, outlaw Fedgov for decades and about two years ago it got exponentially worse.
      No bureaucrat nor any politician has any desire to “fix it.”
      Only We the People want to fix it.
      What shall we do?

      • First of all, realize the Constitution prohibits the president or any dignitaries to engage in a treaty or agreement without the consent of the congress. Climate change, Iran nuclear talks and the appropriations of tax dollars to foreign countries is illegal and our senate reps(sic) have failed the USA, along with securing our border while simultaneously raising our taxes by overwhelming our courts, schools, medical systems and law agencies by unfair taxation. We need to throw out every f ing one of these malignant asses and confiscate their I’ll begotten gains. Then we can begin the Great Cleanup, fuck the great reset. I’m ready. Write your reps, attend school board meetings, etc.

    • You fool, there’s tons of proof the US staged a coup, go watch Oliver Stone’s documentary . Ukraine’s current puppet government is super corrupt, they have been killing tons of innocent ppl in the east for many years with their neo nazi battallions. If you think thats “misinformation” you fell for western propaganda, go read older articles, it was reported everywhere before a couple weeks ago when it became politically convenient to lie

      • You are so correct but some people are just so blind and brainwashed when gas becomes $20 a gallon Maybe he’ll wake up 🤣
        Also there is a very deep history of the Khazarian Mafia This is a very long history

        We know why people always yell
        Russia Russia Russia Vladimir Putin kicked George Soros + the Central Bank
        [ Rothchilds ]
        out of Russia
        Now their $$ backed by Gold…
        Also found out that Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies have quite large offices in Kiev

    • That you understand a bit better.
      Behind Biden ist Leaders of the world-Rotchild’s and everyone who have big money-they take control-not a Biden.
      In Orthodox World,you will see meny Billioners,but they ask President what to do.In West World,first me-than God.In Orthodox World,God-Than me!In every orthodox man,you will found a freedom Fighter.Maybe you are Freedom Fighter too?But i ask all of You?.Is it Russia come on USA Borderline?No!What USA soldiers try to find on Russia Borderline!Freedom of WHAT?You and everyone like you Patriots-take care of your land-not put a finger everywere-becouse you do not know with who you playing.Russia is not Iraq,Afghanistan,Libia,Palestina,Pakistan,Serbia…USA is great in invading poor countries…but there is a Bear-Russia….they will not allow you-USA,for making your rouls there.It us not going.Put your nose in your Soup!Otherwise,they will destroy every of you “FAKE PATRIOTS”,who doesnt know nothing about WHY this war start!? BECOUSE OF USA stupid politic-we think-wer’e an one big one…but ,there is another big one-Russia..Read about History,learn something and than making a comment.See on a Google Map-Russia.

      • ++John Kerry , Mitt Romney + Nancy Pelosi’s son Besides Hunter BribeDen
        Also I guess not that shocking that that the others others that met with the neo nazi group back in back in Maybe 2014 or 2015 was John McCain Amy Klobachar and Lindsey Graham
        And they damn well knew that they were a neo nazi not see hardcore believers that had been put into the Western Ukrainian National Guard
        Still a lot of people have to be awoken to the truth…

    • Open your eyes and mind and stop listening to the bullshit that you are listening to on your tv. You might start to find out what is really happening. NATO and that illigitimate bastard have been pushing for a nuclear war as a major tool to depopulate the world so that the evil elitist scum can bring in the New World Order. You have no idea of what is really being planned but are being brain washed by the media who are paid and owned by these scum….all Deep State, sub human garbage.

    • You fool, there’s tons of proof the US staged a coup, go watch Oliver Stone’s documentary. Ukraine is an asshole, they have been killing tons of innocent ppl in the east for many years with their neo nazi battallions. If you think thats “misinformation” youre a dumbass, go read it was reported everywhere before a couple weeks ago when it became politically convenient to lie

  • Your paragraph that starts, “Russia, which has a long tradition of purveying disinformation…” openly implies that the 8-year longbWar in Donbas is a Russian disinformation ploy.
    I know you cannot be denying the reality of that war and the civilian casualties incurred from Ukrainian attacks. They have been well documented the entire time.
    Would you correct your implication in this paragraph?

    • next thing you will be saying is that the un reports about the donbass 8 year war are fake too. brainwashed deluded fool

  • Claiming Biden did anything constructive or life-saving is a joke. Azarov is practicing his stand-up routine.

  • It’s abundantly clear that Putin exercised extreme patience in delaying military action for so long. Let’s hope he didn’t wait TOO long.

  • I would like to see that map and have it independently authenticated. I would do so with an open mind given how things are. Until then this is just Russia post invasion justification.

    • Independently of any paper documentation. There’s some extremely obvious proof, on well documented field actions!
      – 16th February, Zelensky started heavy shelling of Donbass. OSCE reports confirm it beyond any doubt!
      – 19th of February, Zelensky refuse one more peace deal from the German Schulz.
      – 24th February, Russia makes it’s move.
      – Anticipating the 25th February, Ukraine mass offensive!

      With this said, It’s worth remember the obvious. In Eastern Ukraine was and still is concentrated. The “cream of the crop” of the Ukrainian armed forces! Their best troops!

      Ask yourself, why? Does it seem they mobilized their best. NATO armed and trained, combat ready troops for a country side stroll?! I guess it’s self explanatory! 😉

  • Putin is a white hat. He did what he had to do. The media is a propaganda machine. Obama made it legal for them to use propaganda against their own people. Wake up ppl. They lied about Trump, lied about covid and basically everything. Why would anyone believe MSM about anything? We never killed all the Nazis and Putin is playing a huge part in finally finishing them off. Not to mention the biolabs he has destroyed where they were planning on releasing another more dangerous bioweapon. Thank you Putin and Russian military. Soon the world will know the truth. They will hang their heads in shame at the heros they ridiculed and monsters they supported. We love in the age of deception. Doing your own research and always questioning the narrative is a must if you want to make it to the other side of this after the cabal is destroyed and peace can finally reign on earth as our one true God intended.

    • Well said! I believe, or better yet I hope! There will be a time in Europe, when the Europeans will awake for the obvious. US is in fact the real problem of Europe! AND Russia is an inevitable part of the same Europe that has been alienating them for decades. It’s neither productive, balanced or acceptable that a trans-Atlantic power dictate the European destiny. While simultaneously trying to turn a great part of that same Europe into a pariah in the world.
      With that said, US is failing badly! Since the world is more than Europe and US! It’s rather obvious that by now, pretty much the rest of the planet share a very different vision. Instead they’re embracing Russia!! Which can be said is in fact a slap in the collective West face!

  • Unless the Trump supporters around the world are all thrown into prison and their ill-gotten gains confiscated and redistributed to worthy people, this planet is in dire straits of being lost in nuclear and virus decimation. Start by banning the Republican Party and all worldwide conservative parties and movements.

    • You poor thing. I hope your head doesn’t literally explode when your brain is forced to confront the truth. Please don’t become part of the CDC’s Zombie Apocalyse.

    • Actually it was the Obama admin that performed this illegal coup, and biden that purposefully forced Russia to goto war, but keep displaying your extreme ignorance to reality. Trump was hated by the media precisely because he didnt go along with the normal masters plans like most puppet politicians. Most of the lies about him have been completely debunked, yet we still have TDS fools running around like yourself. Exactly what did he do that was so bad?

      • Well maybe Mo Ramtor didn’t like President Trump taking 18,000 child traffickers and paedophiles off the streets. More than all other Presidents put together achieved. Including Reagan!! ?
        Maybe he didn’t like President Trump putting up external wall security to stop illegals and terrorists crossing into the US ?
        Maybe he didn’t like President trump increasing the forces and weapons budgets by so much?
        As a Democrat I can see why Mo Ramtor doesn’t like President Trump and the more Mo Ramtor hates him the MORE I KNOW PRESIDENT TRUMP WAS THE GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER.

        • Trump is a Traitor as well, both parties need to melt away…….Black Sun information has been scrubbed from the internet, wonder why……Other Black Sun members that we know are the Bushes, Kennedys, Pope, Dicky Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, just to name a familiar few.

      • Trump is an agent of the Black Sun, the group in control of the planet for the last 16,000 years….. another evil/satanist group fighting the Rothchilds for control of this planet……both evil as hell.

    • Happy days in your basement. Your teeny billy-no-mates life must be sweet with nobody disagreeing with your mental break-down. I think you’ll find we are more likely to see, in the very near future, the decimation of the Democrat Party as the treasonous offenders therein are all trooped off to GITMO. Why do you think President Trump enlarged it so much but to hold the Democrats there for the rest of their lives.

  • So many idiots in the comment section, who still believe msm lies. Ghost of Kiev = game video.
    12 people in snake island died = 80+ captured alive.
    Fake phone calls etc.
    So many Western disinformation. While at the same time ignoring facts which doesnt suit their narrative.

    Russia = the light side, fighting the dark side. Just like 80 years ago.

  • Thanks a buncһ for shаring this with all of us you actually
    undeгstand what you’re speaking about! Bookmarked.
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  • Don’t you find it interesting how the left’s answer to everything is to kill or suppress the Right, while the Right’s answer to the nasty comments from the left is just “WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! There is always another side to every situation but the Left doesn’t even realize they are no longer hearing the other side so I guess they don’t feel a need any longer to think for themselves.

  • some of the comments here is just a eye opener of mass media propoganda of the deap state satanic occults that rules the west .Some of this young commentators are still potty driven and there favorate pasttime is watching cartoons on TV WHILE THEY STILL STRUGGLE TO COME TO TERMS WITH THEIR OWN GENDER .Thank you sir For your input and putting out the TRUTH in the land of the meletchas in the west where EVIL HAS NOT LIMITS AND LIES HAS NO END ..Where chaos and drugs are the new NORMAL .AND IGNORANT ARROGANCE is the NORM

  • What we need, very clearly, is a war against the MAIN STREAM MEDIA which is under ROCKEFELLA’s control and is in lockstep with the Deep State aims. Just look at the blatant universal press propaganda on RUSSIA BAD/ UKRAINE GOOD.
    The MSM treat the public as thick idiots when the whole time we can see exactly what OBAMA achieved for the Deep State when he overturned the Government of Ukraine in 2014 and caused no end of damage in Ukraine ever since.
    We all know that the FBI is totally 100% corrupt and has been for years. It was they that did OBAMA’s bidding in setting up 11 BIOWEAPONS Labs in UKRAINE and which the MSM failed totally to inform the public about when Putin finally gave up warning the US/NATO and went in and bombed the hell out of the evil and satanic laboratories. And I say WELL DONE to him for that.
    We have a great deal in the west to thank President Putin for. And if President Trump had been in power, as he should have been but for the utter corruption of the Democrat/CCP corruption in 2020, then all of this would never have been required as prosecutions in GITMO would have happened by now.
    The DEMOCRATS need to be prosecuted and hanged:- Comey, the Clintons, the Ohrs, the Pelosis, Schumer, Schiff, Kerry, Obama, Page, Sztrok, Engel, Cummings, Brennan, Waters, BIDEN FAMILY, Nadler, Marie Yovanovitch, Philip T. Reeker, HUNTER BIDEN, Mike Pence, Kurt Volker, Tim Morrison, Buttigieg, Schwab, Fauci, Gates, Justin Amash, Graham, McConnell and many more.

    • I hear what you’re saying and agree. I know the bio labs are there, as a GOF sites to experiment on the African tribes. A lot of this is somehow tied into the globalization of economy and the depopulation effort by gates, etc. That along with strangling our economy by The green new bullshit’ while slashing our border protection, as evidenced by Bidens order yesterday evening. The only repeat of WWII I see to these corrupt politicians is the way Italy handle Mussolini and his mistress towards the end of it. That’s what I call the great fuckin reset!

  • We can rest assured that the truth will be distorted and twisted by the MSM. Think about it, Fauci set up 22 biological gain of function labs in Ukraine, the Bidens, Pelosi, Kerry and Romney all had/have kids on the Ukraine Energy Board, Ukraine is the center for child sex traffic commerce for the Chinese, Aussies, Japanese as well as the West, Biden extorted them as VP, and the CIA operates all over Ukraine. Not to mention that Zelensky is an actor, paid by Soros to cry, laugh, act tough on command while thugs of neo Nazis and Antifas run amok in his country. It may damn well be that Putin is in the right. What bothers me is the MSM and alternative media like Hannitty and Levine have not researched it. Plant and Beck have and are starting to reveal this information.

    • Jedes kranke Imperium wurde in Russland gestoppt so auch dieses. Das ist Fakt und in zahlreichen Geschichtsbüchern nachvollziehbar. Das Zeitalter der Anglogermanen neigt sich zum Ende, die Ich bezogene Rasse der Atlanter wird sich der Rasse der Arier und Asiaten beugen. Das wir Bewusstsein wird sich durchsetzten. Die verlogene Schlange frisst sich selbst auf. Und Zeit wurde es.

  • WW3 is already on stage.. as a biological poison is nicknamed vaccine for murdering thousands to depopulate this earth.


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