France: Another 'Mentally Ill' Muslim Terrorist Stabs and Shoots Police (Video)

“I refuse to accept that attacks against the police become part of daily life. We must at last fight against this barbarity and never, absolutely never, get used to it,” – Marine Le Pen

An Islamic terrorist wielding a knife broke into a police station in La Chapelle-sur-Erdre, a suburb of the French city of Nantes, and stabbed policewoman Katell Lereec multiple times in her legs. The jihadi was able to take the injured policewoman’s gun during the attack. After escaping the scene, the 39-year-old “radicalized” “Frenchman” was hunted down by police and shot dead in an exchange of gunfire.

During the exchange of gunfire, the Muslim terrorist wounded one police officer in his hand and another in his arm. According to authorities, it is clear that he “wanted to attack gendarmes (police officers).”

The female officer was seriously injured in her legs. The woman was in a state of absolute emergency after the attack but is expected to survive her wounds, according to France’s Minister of Interior, Gerald Darmanin, who came to the scene.

The late terrorist was born in France but bore the very African name of Ndiaga Dieye. He was arrested in 2013 for armed robbery and the kidnapping of an elderly couple. Dieye was sentenced in 2015 to 8 years in prison. Freed in March 2021, he was being monitored by France’s Departmental Radicalization Assessment group.

During his stretch in prison, he was known to have become an Islamic zealot. And, like so many such Muslims who commit terrorist acts, it was quickly reported by the media that he had was suffering from mental illness.

As reported previously at RAIR Foundation USA, in virtually every instance of jihad attacks in France, politicians & media hide the identity of the attackers. In rare instances when the identity of an attacked is leaked, the suspect is presented as possibly suffering from mental health issues.

The latest attacks come after several targeted assaults on police in France. Authorities have been demanding better protection and harsher punishments for assaults against them.

Tackling domestic security and Islamic immigration will be the focus of next year’s presidential election. Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Rappy and the strongest challenger to Emmanuel Macron’s embattled re-election bid, says the president is weak on security and the police need more protection.

“I refuse to accept that attacks against the police become part of daily life. We must at last fight against this barbarity and never, absolutely never, get used to it,” Le Pen wrote on Twitter after Friday’s attack.

Islamic attacks in France

Several attacks over the last year have reignited concerns about the spread of Islam inside France and Muslim immigration.

Unfortunately, Islamic attacks across France are the norm in a country struggling with mass illegal migration. France is the main Islamic country in Europe, with 8.8% of its population now being Muslim. According to Gatestone, Islam is the second-largest religion in France but comes in first if one counts the number of active practitioners. 

In April 2021, a French policewoman was stabbed to death in the neck at a train station southwest of Paris by 36-year-old Djamel Gorchene, a Muslim migrant from Tunisia. Security forces shot the Muslim who shouted “Allah Akbar” while slaughtering the woman.

In September, a Pakistani man wounded two people with a meat cleaver outside the former offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which had printed cartoons of Mohammed.

On October 16, 2020, a young Chechen refugee-beheaded French schoolteacher Samuel Paty was beheaded after showing students a cartoon by Hebdo during a class discussion about the Islamic attack.

And on October 29, 2020, three people were killed when a recently arrived Tunisian went on a stabbing spree in a church in Nice. One elderly victim was “virtually beheaded,” officials said.

In the most severe recent attack against French police, three officers and one police employee in Paris were stabbed to death in October 2019 by a Muslim IT specialist colleague who was then shot dead.

These Islamic attacks came after the massacres carried out by Muslims from 2015 that began with the massacre of staff in the offices of the French Satirical magazine on January 7th that year.

In November 2015, 130 people were killed, and 350 were wounded when Muslim suicide bombers and shooters attacked the Stade de France stadium, bars, and restaurants in central Paris and the Bataclan concert hall.

The next year a man rammed a truck into a Bastille Day crowd in Nice in 2016, killing 86 people.

Just a few weeks before, in June 2016, two police officers were stabbed to death at their home outside Paris by a man claiming allegiance to the Islamic State group.

The police officer got stabbed multiple times in the lower limb, but she is alive, while the motive behind the attack hasn’t been determined yet.

What we know, what we learned is that the events took place at 10 am.

A person broke into a police station in La-Chapelle-sur-Erdre, 44th department, Loire-Atlantique.

And he stabbed this policewoman multiples times, who was wounded in the lower limb.

Apparently he took her service weapon from her but did not use it.

Then this person ran away.

His damaged car has been found in a municipality which is located three kilometers away from Nantes, from La-Chapelle-sur-Erdre.

So he is probably on foot and he is being pursued.

Le GIGN [National Gendarmerie’s unit of intervention] is in place.

We don’t know the motive behind the attack, why this man did that.

We don’t know whether he said something during the attack.

What we know is that there is a big deployment of Gendarmerie forces to find him.

180 departmental gendarmes deployed, plus 60 mobile gendarmes, two helicopters, three police dog units.

And the antenna du GIGN de Nantes, which is a peculiar unit specialized in finding dangerous culprits.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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