France: Beheaded Teacher Interrogated by Police for ‘Thought Crimes’ Days Before Slaughter (Video)

France: Beheaded Teacher Interrogated by Police for ‘Thought Crimes’ Days Before Slaughter (Video)

  • Posted by Amy Mek
  • On October 25, 2020
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French Police interrogated Samuel Paty, the beheaded fourth grade teacher days before his death. Police were following up on a “thought crime” complaint lodged by Brahim Chnina, the Muslim father of a student at Paty’s school.

Police ignored the radicalizations signs exhibited by Chnina and his daughter as they circulated a social media post and videos inciting Muslims to murder Professor Paty. They also ignored the extremist Imam Abdelhakim Sefrioui, who was know to police and aiding Chnina. Instead of recognizing the threats being lodged against professor Paty, law enforcement was busy warning him about France’s “rules of secularism and neutrality.”

Watch the following video translated by RAIR Foundation USA on Samuel Paty’s police interrogation:

To learn more detail about the video that motivated the Muslim ‘Refugee” to behead Samual Paty, read the following story by RAIR foundation USA here: Excerpts are reproduced below:

The recent Islamic terrorist beheading of a teacher in France was inspired by a threatening video posted on social media and a conversation with the video’s creators. France and its open borders leaders failed to take seriously the threats made against the professor by Sharia-adherent Muslims. French law enforcement also ignored the reported warnings about the refugee suspect and his adherence to Sharia.

On October 16, 2020, Muslim refugee Abdoullakh Abouyezidevitch Anzonov shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he beheaded a 47-year-old history teacher in Paris, France. Shortly after the murder, police shot the terrorist dead. Law enforcement officials have taken fifteen suspects into custody in connection with the beheading of teacher Samuel Paty, who leaves behind a wife and 5 year-old child. Among the arrested is Abdelhakim Sefrioui, a radical imam known to intelligence services, and Brahim Chnina the father of a student at Paty’s school.

In early October, Professor Paty taught his annual course on freedom of expression which featured some of Charlie Hebdo cartoons of the Islamic prophet Mohammed. These same cartoons were the motivation behind the January 2015 Islamic terrorist attack killing 12 individuals at the the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo.

In the days following Professor Paty’s classroom debate, Brahim Chnina, the father of a student at Paty’s school posted a video and post on social media falsely claiming that Professor Paty ordered all Muslim students to leave the classroom prior to the free speech lesson. He falsely asserted that his daughter Zaina was suspended from the school when she refused to exit the classroom.

The principal of the school clarified that the cause of Zaina’s suspension from school was erroneous. Her suspension was not the result of anything that transpired in Professor Paty’s class, but rather the result of her recurring tardiness to school.

Brahim Chnina then went to the local police station with his daughter and filed a complaint against Samuel Paty for “dissemination of pornographic images” of Muhammad. He wanted the teacher to face charges for his blasphemous crimes against Muhammad. Chnina also wanted to make investigators believe that his daughter had participated in the course – which is false – and that her “psychological integrity” had been affected.

Brahim Chnina

Why didn’t the French police interrogate Brahim Chnina, who circulated a video inciting Muslims to murder Paty? Why didn’t police interrogate Abdelhakim Sefrioui, who aided Chnina and took party in the video? Did French police know that under Islamic law, those who insult Muhammad or Allah are to be executed?

Did police investigate the sharia-adherent father after he lodged his complaint and showed troubling signs of radicalization? They did, however, investigate Professor Paty and send an inspector to remind him of “the rules of secularism and neutrality.”

When police investigated Professor Paty, they learned that the teacher did not make Muslim students leave the classroom nor identify themselves. Instead, the teacher gave all students the opportunity to excuse themselves from the classroom debate if they felt uncomfortable. Once law enforcement officials interrogated Professor Paty about the allegations, the teacher filed a defamation complaint against Brahim Chnina.

The defamation complaint, however, did not deter Brahim Chnina from his pursuit of “justice” against Professor Paty. Along with extremist Imam Sefrioui, Brahim and his daughter Zaina recorded themselves on October 13th in front of the school slandering Professor Paty and concocting another tale of an event that never took place. In the video, Zaina claims she was a student in the classroom the day the professor Paty showed the cartoon to the students. She explained that the teacher made her feel humiliated, disrespected and discriminated against as a Muslim. Zaina complained that she no longer wanted to attend the Islamophobic school.

Watch the exclusively translated of Brahim Chnina, his daughter Zaina and Imam Sefrioui, Brahim here

Transcript: many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation:


He taught history, geography and freedom of expression.

A few days after a short presentation in front of his eighth-grade students, Samuel Paty was summoned to the police station in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine.

A parent had filed a complaint against him for distributing pornographic images.

The teacher defended himself: “My suggestion to the students was to decide if they wanted to see one of the cartoons from Charlie Hebdo or not, according their own sensibilities. I suggested to my students to look away for a few seconds, if they thought they would be shocked for any reason…

After filing the complaint, the student’s parent took to social networks to accuse the teacher of asking Muslims to leave the class. “The Muslims raised their hands and he told them to go out.”

During police questioning, the teacher strongly rejected any form of stigmatization:

“At no time did I tell the Muslims students to go out because the image would shock them, and I did not ask which students were Muslim. My goal in asking them to look away was to prevent them from feeling offended. I have not committed any offense in the course of my duties.

The teacher also provided a detail that has since been confirmed by the forensic investigator.

The daughter of the parent in the video was not actually present in class that day.

In addition, she was absent and wasn’t in class. She made up a story based on rumors from other students. This is a false statement with the aim of damaging my image as teacher, along with the school and institution I represent.

—On the very day of his questioning, Samuel Paty filed a formal complaint of public slander.

Four days later he was beheaded while walking home.


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