France Fights Back: Protesters March Against Forced Vaccinations, Health Passes (Videos)

Hundreds of thousands of French citizens take to the streets to fight against Macron’s unscientific totalitarian measures.

Mass Demonstrations have continued across France following President Emmanual Macron’s announcement of his latest tyrannical measures in the name of combating coronavirus.

The embattled French leader, who had previously said he would never mandate coronavirus “vaccines,” announced on July 12, 2021, new law mandating health care workers to be vaccinated. In addition, the left-wing leader warned that “depending on the evolution of the situation,” he would consider compulsory vaccinations for all of the French.

Macron also extended health passes, which prove you have been vaccinated or received a recent negative Covid test, for citizens taking part in “places of leisure and culture,” along with restaurant and transportation services.

Here is a full list of cities and towns across France holding protests today. See the following videos of some of the protests:

Besançon, France:

Outside Besançon University Hospital, health care workers rallied against the highly contentious new law. As of September 15, all professionals and volunteers in contact with vulnerable groups will have to be vaccinated. As of this date, they must have received two doses (or only one in the case where the person has already been infected with Coronavirus).

Health care workers who do not comply with the vaccination demands will suffer heavy penalties; suspension of salary, loss of contract, and fines. “From September 15, if you are a caregiver and you are not vaccinated, you will no longer be able to work, and you will no longer be paid”, also warned the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran on French news station LCI.

Watch the following news report by France 3 Bourgogne  on the demonstration:

Montpellier, France:

Paris, France: Place de la Bastille:

Paris, France:

Bordeaux, France: 

Lyon, France:

Nice, France:

Video Transcript

This morning there were about fifty people in front of the Minjoz hospital explaining the risks they face when resisting the vaccination.

In three days you will be summoned by our employer, told not to defend yourself, but to be “updated” (with the vaccine). You will then exhaust your annual vacation allowance.

Nice vacation. Or remain suspended without salary until you are updated [with the vaccine].

The only thing I can see is that the [hospital] President, when he spoke, the only thing he said was that if you’re not vaccinated you will be punished and that is inadmissible.

It goes against everyone’s freedom.

Applauded a few months ago, today the hospital staff point the finger at each other.

Two months ago when we were contagious, we weren’t contagious in the hospital. We were obliged to come to work under penalty of sanctions and today we are told, well, we need to be vaccinated because we are contaminants and in danger. This is all cockeyed.

To that, I would add that with the vaccine passport, even the vaccinated can be contagious and they can also be contaminants, and yet with the law that will come, well, we’ll have the obligation to come to work.

The patients arriving at the hospital are divided on the subject.

They are right to demonstrate because we can’t force people to be vaccinated if they don’t want to, it must be everyone’s choice. 

—It is really a problem of public health at the moment, so yes, I think that they should be required to be vaccinated, but not with threats of losing their employment.

From September 15, mandatory vaccination will be enforced.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.

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