France: Gay Teen Girl 'Mila' Threatened With Murder, Rape and Torture For Criticizing Islam (Video Interview)

Despite the Insults, threats of public lynching, burning her alive, throwing acid on her, rape, and death threats, the Delegate General of the French council of the Muslim faith thinks Mia had it coming.

“Whoever curses a Prophet, kill him. Whoever curses my companions, beat him.” — Muhammad

On January 18, 2020, a young French girl’s life took a terrifying turn after she stood up to anti-gay attacks from a Muslim man, and criticized Islam on her instagram account.

Mila, a tenth grader from Lyon, France addressed her sexuality on a live instagram broadcast and was called a “dirty lesbian” and a “dirty racist whore” by a Muslim commenter. This commenter went on to insult and swear at her by Allah

In response, Mila posted an Instagram video saying the Qur’an was ‘full of hate’ and calling Islam a ‘shit religion’. 

She went on: ‘I am not racist, not at all. You cannot be racist towards a religion. I said what I thought, you will not make me regret it.” 

‘There are still people who will get excited, I clearly don’t give a damn, I say what I want, what I think.’

After Mila’s response, she was forced into hiding and is living under police protection. The teenager had to be moved to a new school to ‘guarantee her safety after receiving death threats and threats to rape her’ As stated by Jihad Watch;

…her freedom has been destroyed under the virtual Sharia that prevails in France, supported by its President: “in October, French President Emmanuel Macron warned against ‘stigmatising’ Muslims or linking Islam with the fight against terrorism.” But young Mila remains unrepentant, as she should. She did nothing wrong.

In a subsequent television appearance on the program “Daily” on TMC, she stood by her comments, saying: ‘I absolutely do not regret what I said, it was really what I thought.’

The 16-year-old, wrote a song on January 24, 2020, to help her process the terrifying experience she was going through. Mia shared the lyrics during the interview above;

“I’m frightened by million of eyes that observe me through the news and media. That’s not what I wanted, no, not in this context. 

I dreamed of shining on stage, I didn’t want this war; this story reminds me that a dream remains a dream. 

Even though they intimidate me, they can’t defeat me. Tell them they can try to win, they will not be able to take what I have in my head. 

The passion of my whole life ended in dust will nevertheless remain rooted in me. For a few absurd words they have destroyed my life and my dreams. So this broken voice sings one last time. 

Because of blasphemy I will never live like before. To be honest, I don’t even know if I’ll live much longer. Much longer.

To be honest, I don’t even know if I’ll live much longer. Much longer.

National Rally leader and 2022 Presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen responded to the terrifying events by tweeting: “This young girl is braver than the whole political class in power over the past 30 years.”

Despite the Insults, threats of public lynching, burning her alive, throwing acid on her, rape, and death threats, the Delegate General of the French council of the Muslim faith thinks Mia had it coming. “I say this girl, she knows what she said; she needs to take responsibility, and well, now, listen, she has to own the consequences of what she said.”

Although France’s prosecutor has launched an investigation into ‘death threats, threats to commit a crime and harassment’ against Mila, the prosecutor has also opened an inquiry into whether she ‘provoked religious hatred’ in her instagram video.  

France has developed a societal norm of silencing and prosecuting any dissenting opinions against Islam and illegal immigration. We have already seen Brigitte BardotMarine Le Pen, and most recently Eric Zemmour face criminal scrutiny in Macron’s France.

These terrifying death threats come just over five years after a group of French cartoonists from the Charlie Hebdo magazine were slaughtered by jihadis after poking fun at the Prophet Mohammed.

The editorial from Charlie Hebdo stated: “Mila was insulted by the dumbest first, then threatened by the most fanatical, and finally abandoned by the most cowardly.”

As Laurent Sourisseau (aka “Riss”), the head of Satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo, previously pointed out that since the 2015 jihad terror attack on free speech, things have not improved in the West, “If we republished the cartoons today, we would be alone again, the attack did not make people more courageous, on the contrary.”

All over the Islamic world, and now the Western world, secular thinkers, clergy, teachers, politicians, artists, poets, writers, journalists (Lars Hedegaard), bloggers (Bangladesh), and cartoonists are threatened and/or targeted for death because they dare to be critical of Islam.

Leftist activists, politicians and organizations, assist this jihad on free speech by calling all who openly criticize Islam of being guilty of “hate speech”. This is a secular equivalent of “blasphemy” and is working its way into Western law!

As one Charlie Hebdo journalist stated, “The more of us who choose to stay silent, the more dangerous it becomes for the few who continue speaking out.” The fact is that where critical thinking & free speech end, the West ends as well.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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  • Marine le pen’s comment is the only voice of sanity in this entire article. What have we become if we cannot stand up for a brave voice like Mila’s…. We are cowards who are betraying the liberal democracy that has been gifted to us by generations who were prepared to die for it.


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