France: Medical Workers Must Be Escorted By Body Guards to Protect them from Attacks

Physical and verbal assaults against the caregivers of this hospital located, have multiplied over the past several weeks, and since France’s lockdown

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At the Lariboisière hospital in Paris, bodyguards must accompany female hospital workers to fend off attacks in the neighborhood.

The Lariboisière hospital (in the 10th arrondissement of Paris) hired security agents to escort doctors, nurses and other hospital staff when they travel to the nearby stations and metro stations.

Due to its large Turkish minority, the 10th arrondissement is often called “La Petite Turquie” (Little Turkey).

Physical and verbal assaults against the caregivers of this hospital located, have multiplied over the past several weeks, and since France’s lockdown, reports BFMTV
BFM Paris

Nurses and doctors, on the front line in the fight against the Chinese coronavirus in France, are not the only ones under attack. This week, the College of Pharmacists, reported a sharp increase in attacks since the arrival of the coronavirus. French police have reported violent attacks by migrants who refuse to comply with quarantine measures. Immigrant neighborhoods have started to revolt and loot supermarkets.

Transcript: thank you to Miss Piggy for the translation:

News Station: At 6:20 p.m., a group of medical care employees leave the L’Ariboisiere hospital.

Two security guards escort them to the Gare du Nord train station. After walking 300 meters and just a few minutes…

Thugs: Hey, I’m gonna mess you up one by one. —

News Station: The verbal abuse starts.

Female Hospital worker #1: I haven’t experienced it, but a few of my colleagues have.

News Station: What exactly? 

Female Hospital worker #1 One time, a pedestrian, or a man passing by, asked a female colleague of mine for money and when she said no, she started running around screaming after he tried to take her bag.

News Station: The hospital administration has now created a system for the security of their employees.

The medical workers are escorted from the hospital to the Gare du Nord train station or to the Barbes metro station. It is a measure that helps the caregivers feel more secure.

Hospital Worker #2: There used to be lots of people over there and now the streets are deserted, and it’s true, before we would easily be harassed by people asking for money and so forth.

It wasn’t safe before.

Female Hospital Worker #3: The escort is reassuring, and it is nice to have someone looking out for you. 

Female Hospital Worker #4: Yes, it is very reassuring to have them escorting us to the Gare Du Nord train station. 

News Station: The security guards have been recruited specifically for this task and their mission is to fight any way they can in situations that arise during the lockdown due to COVID-19.

Security Escort: They aren’t going to work in order to be abused by these kinds of people after work. For us, it is a pleasure to be able to contribute to helping those who are caring for the very sick.

News Station: The rotations occurs every 20 minutes between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. and it will last for the duration of the lockdown.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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  • Will France not be in civil war within the next 20 years? By then the demographics will have changed substantially enough that the numbers of Muslim men of fighting age will make civil war viable for the Islamists. Two of President Erdogan’s ministers have said in recent years that there will be religious wars in Europe, and while they may in part be saying this for domestic purposes, they understand Islam far better than Western progressive liberals.


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