France's Islamic Headscarf War Heats up after Parliament Provocation (Must Watch)

Will France choose Sharia or Freedom?

On October 11, 2019 at the regional parliament in Bourgogne-Franche-Comte, Julien Odoul, a member of Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (RN) caused leftist outrage when he objected to allowing a sharia-compliant veiled woman accompanying students and her son in a session.

Julien Odoul posted the video of his statements on his Twitter account, also calling the woman’s actions a “communitarian provocation” after the October 3, 1019 Islamic Jihad terrorist attack that left four French policemen dead.  

The Islamic provocation caused arguments among the lawmakers causing the left-wing to shout at Odoul: “you are a fascist” and “We don’t give a f*** about the Republic!”

However, many in the room agreed with Odoul and chanted in support, “Secularism! Secularism!”

Islamic head covering have been legally banned since 2004 in French classrooms and government offices, but it has not yet been banned in public spaces. In 2013, France’s state council ruled that “mothers were free to wear whatever they wanted when accompanying children on school outings.”

Many like Odoul argue that French law already bans females from wearing headscarves inside state schools and mothers should be made to comply with the same laws as French state workers, such as teachers, who cannot wear religious symbols in the classroom, as reported in the Guardian.

Madame has all the freedom to wear this veil at home, on the street [We remind about the law?] but not here, not today,” Odoul said, citing France’s values of “secularism” and “Republican principles”

Members of the National Rally walked out of the chamber and denounced the woman’s actions as “an Islamist provocation”.

During a press conference, France’s President Emmanuel Macron was asked to comment on the actions of the Muslim woman. Macron’s made it clear, secularism must not interfere with the Islamification of Macron’s France

Meanwhile, Brigitte Bardot, Marine Le Pen, and most recently Eric Zemmour has faced prison time and steep fines for making critical statements on Islam in Macron’s France. Should we expect Macron to arrest Odoeul soon?


Transcripts for both videos below: many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation.

Transcript One:

Madame President, I’ll ask you please, in the name of our secular principles to ask Madame Chaperone who just entered this room to be so kind as to remove her Islamic veil, please. It’s a public building. [Female: So what? secularism doesn’t…] We have decided in a democratic way,

Madame has all the freedom to wear this veil at home, on the street [We remind about the law?] but not here, not today. [Male voice echoing: Not here, not today]

In the name of our Republican principles [Male voice: You are a fascist!], also in the name of all the women who fight in the world precisely to stop Islamic dictatorship, I’m asking you to kindly ask that person to remove [Male voice: stop f******* talking rubbish!]…

This is a Republican building here, this is the Republic, and this is secularism. Madame has all the freedom and the liberty to keep her veil on outside, on the street, at home, but NOT here!

Several voices:] It’s the law! Respect the law! It’s the law of the Republic! It’s Republican! These are Republican principles!

[Several voices chanting:] —Se-cu-la-rism! —Secularism!

Secularism and the Enlightenment, Madame President! The Enlightenment!

The France of the Enlightenment dictated that. The France of the Enlightenment wants to enforce the law.

[Male voice: ] The France of the Enlightenment is that! [Another male voice:] Don’t wait for the Enlightenment. —The France of the Enlightenment is that!

[Male voice:] —We don’t give a f*** about the Republic! [Female voice:] What’s the law? Are you done? —No

Madame President! —You talk.

No, no, no. Madame President, I remind you of the rules.

A reminder of the rules. Article #6 of our rules, Madame President. Article #6. —Article #6! Article #6 of the rules! Article #6!

Could you listen to me? —No, no. —Could you listen to me calmly, perhaps? —I just made a remark, a reminder about the rules. Madame President can forbid access to a person or to a group of people whose behavior is preventing the progress of the session.

Transcript Video Two:

What I said is that there is secularism, and that sometimes there may be a “secular-excess-ism” when some people make a sort of weapon of war out of secularism against Islam, thinking that the answer to the problems that we have today is, well, is to combat Islam by forbidding new things: the hijab at the university, or by combating it on other symbolic subjects.

Secularism as defined in 1905 is an ensemble, it’s a whole, it’s a principle of freedom. And this principle has to be defended, and at the same time this principle has to be applied in an uncompromising way. 

If we give the impression that we’re fighting on symbolic territory against a religion, we will fracture everything, be playing the game of some, the game of division and civil war.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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