France's Totalitarian Turn: Senator Prosecuted for Condemning Migrant Attacks On Native Children

The prosecution of a French senator for alleged racial defamation is an alarming example of the government’s use of the legal system to silence free speech and protect its open borders agenda.

The prosecution of conservative French Senator Stéphane Ravier for alleged racial defamation by a left-wing court is alarming evidence of the weaponization of the legal system to suppress political dissent and free speech. Ravier posted a tweet in July 2021 that he commented on a news item about a young seller of a telephone shop who was killed by a Senegalese migrant, stating that “immigration kills the youth of France.” The tweet, which Ravier never removed, was a political commentary on the consequences of France’s immigration policies, and he denies any racist intent.

However, the left-wing activist group, International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism (Likra), reported the tweet to the prosecution, claiming that it constituted racial defamation due to belonging to a race. The prosecutor has requested a fine of 1,000 euros against Ravier, arguing that the tweet targeted a particular community, namely, the immigrant community, and indicated a geographical origin. The prosecutor’s stance raises questions about the freedom of expression of political leaders in France and whether they can express their views on sensitive topics such as immigration without fear of legal action.

Ravier has defended himself against all allegations of racism, arguing that his tweet was a political commentary, not an attack on any particular race, nationality, or religion. He has also pointed out that he has not made any amalgamation or designation, nor did he intend to say that all Senegalese or foreigners are criminals. Ravier’s case is not just about him as an individual; it’s about the principle of free speech and the right to express one’s political views without being subject to legal action.

The prosecutor’s argument that Ravier’s tweet constitutes racial defamation due to belonging to a race seems far-fetched and raises concerns about the politicization of the legal system. It is essential to distinguish between political commentary and racist speech; in this case, Ravier’s tweet was undoubtedly the former. His tweet was not aimed at attacking any particular race but rather at highlighting the consequences of France’s immigration policies.

Furthermore, the request for a fine of 1,000 euros against Ravier sends a worrying message that any negative criticism of immigration in France should be censored. This could lead to a flood of proceedings against anyone who expresses their views on immigration, which could stifle political dissent and free speech in the country.

The French government’s crackdown on political dissent is exemplified by the prosecution of conservative Senator Stéphane Ravier for alleged racial defamation. But it’s not just Ravier who’s being targeted. The left-wing Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, has invoked the “Dieudonné” case law to justify banning “ultra right” (conservative) demonstrations that challenge France’s open borders agenda or question national cohesion. According to Darmanin, “reprehensible” remarks include slogans advocating remigration, linking immigration and Islam, and equating people of non-European origin with delinquents. He warns against using isolated incidents involving immigrants to stoke hatred and division.

This erosion of free speech and democratic values has far-reaching consequences, not only for conservative politicians like Ravier, but for anyone who dares to push back against the government’s policies. By weaponizing the legal system and suppressing political rallies, the government is effectively silencing dissenting voices and undermining the very principles of free speech and democracy that are essential to a healthy society. It’s a dangerous path that threatens to tear apart the fabric of French society and leave its citizens vulnerable to even greater abuses of power in the future.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


    • Why not? Religions are now races. Colors are races like white, blue, green, yellow, brown… etc… Genders are races. Sexual preference is considered a race. Anything is a race if it offends someone.

  • Weponization of the legal system is part of marxist-satanist tactics. The idea being to stifle criticsm while demoralizing the enemy, which is the people that despise marxist-satanists. Same old playbook.
    [Aside] Happy Mother’s Day.

  • From the time Mandela became president in South Africa in 1994 till now, with the promises of a utopia free of racism, some 600 000 have been murdered. Less than 0.1% of the murderers are white and over 99% murdered are not white. This is not a racist comment but supported by official statistics of a black government. Contributing to this shocking situation is a combination of a Marxist ideology and philosophy that the end justifies the means.

  • Liberalism and Progressivism are never tolerant of ideology which contradicts their means to an end. They wish to enslave humanity, same as satanists. We should simply refer to liberals, leftists, and progressive types as marxists, leninists, stalinists, maoists, political satanists, and communists. There are no happy communists. There is no socialist utopia. Socialism is communism without the Ak-47 and boot on the face. Misery and dystopia for all. [Aside] Happy Mother’s Day!


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