Free Speech Victory: Swedish Journalists Acquitted of Sharia ‘Hate Speech’ Charges (Exclusive Interview)

Free Speech Victory: Swedish Journalists Acquitted of Sharia ‘Hate Speech’ Charges (Exclusive Interview)

  • Posted by Renee Nal
  • On November 27, 2020
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RAIR Foundation USA has been closely following bogus “hate speech” charges against Swedish journalists Ingrid Carlqvist and Maria Celander. In a welcome turn of events, the pair has been acquitted. However, the victory is bittersweet, as it serves as a reminder that freedom of speech is under brutal attack in the West.

In an exclusive RAIR interview, Ingrid Carlqvist explains the nature of the OpEd from a guest author that led to the charges. As previously reported, the author, who has a history of illness, expressed concern that Muslims who largely run pharmacies in Sweden would not dole out medication evenly in times of crisis or shortage.

Carlqvist explains that this is a valid concern based on the nature of those who practice Islam, who have a duty to put Muslims ahead of “kafirs”, or unbelievers. Additionally, if such a scenario would take place, Swedish citizens would be blindsided, Carlqvist explains, as they are largely ignorant to the nature of Islam.

Carlqvist said that “more than…eight months” after the article was published, she “was called to the police for an interrogation” without having any information about the nature of the charges. Maria Celander was also interrogated and they were called to court on November 2nd. Fortunately, they had “good lawyers,” which is “very, very important,” Carlqvist said.

The inspirational pair are not completely out of the woods, as there is potential for an appeal by the prosecutor in the case. In any event, the Swedish journalists are standing up for thier right to freedom of speech.

Ingrid Carlqvist held up a medal she received that is given to those who are indicted for speaking out: “I have spoken and therefore, I have saved my soul,” the medal says and in Latin: “dixi et salvavi animam meam”. After being asked how this experience will impact her life, Carlqvist replied: “We will go on as we have done for two years now.”

Watch the interview here:

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free speech victory: Swedish journalists acquitted of sharia ‘hate speech’ charges – Vlad Tepes
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Hellequin, Gentleman Bastard
This is GOOD to hear. I like Ingrid, she's extremely glued on with what is happening, and that obviously places a big Target on your back. Where would we be if more Journalists would be like her? Not in the Mess we're in right now, that's for sure.
Gör som Ingrid! –
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