'Freedom Convoys' Continue Worldwide, Despite Left-Wing Leaders Best Efforts to Attack Them (Video)

“We demand that our children stop being suffocated by all these masks, by all these protocols, by all these tests that are going to suffocate them…”

Following the “Truckers Freedom Convoy” in Canada, demonstrators in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, and other nations have launched similar initiatives against their government’s authoritarian Covid mandates and restrictions.

A reporter from Brut media, Remy Buisine, spent 24 hours with the European “Freedom Convoys” headed to Paris than Brussels. Unfortunately, like the Canadian Convoy (see here and here), mainstream media has misrepresented and smeared the motives of those involved in the Convoy, suggesting they are extremists, among other slanderous terms.

Contrary to what the mainstream media would have us believe, the freedom demonstrators are not violent or dangerous. Our freedoms of tomorrow are at stake, many declared. One protester explained, “I’m going up to Paris for our liberty, for the children, for everything. Crowds chanted. “Liberty, Liberty, Liberty.”

When asked by a reporter, “What liberty are you reclaiming exactly with this convoy” a man explained,

Freedom. It’s the freedom of movement. It’s the freedom to live normally. It’s the freedom to go to a restaurant. We demand that our children stop being suffocated by all these masks, by all these protocols, by all these tests that are going to suffocate them as time goes by and that will make them neurotic people, adults who are not comfortable in their own skin.

The European Convoy paid their respects to Canadians who ignited their movement. Many of the protesters waved the Canadian flag to show their respect. One demonstrator explained, “just behind me, you see the Canadian flag. Quite simply because the Convoy for Freedom started first in Canada, it was the truck drivers who crossed the country to protest against the vaccination obligation.”

The“Freedom Convoy” demonstration in France brings together those opposed to the Covid vaccine pass required to access many public venues but also those angry at rising energy and food prices, issues that ignited the “yellow vest” protests that shook France in late 2018 and early 2019.

French Government Fights Freedom Convoy

France’s embattled left-wing leader, Emmanual Macron, mobilized thousands of police officers, armored personnel carriers, and water cannon trucks in Paris to prevent convoys of motorists from converging on the capital.

The leader had checkpoints set up at toll points on all major arteries into the city, while police set up riot-control barriers in the city ahead of planned rallies this past weekend.

This past Thursday, Paris police announced protesters are banned from entering the city between February 11–14, citing the risk of public disorder. Also, authorities can fine participants up to €4,500, suspend their driver’s licenses, and they could face two years in prison.

Despite the authorities’ efforts to shut down all protests, vehicles and demonstrators arrived at the Arc de Triomphe in the city. Macron had officers fire tear gas at demonstrators on the nearby Champs-Élysées avenue.

Belgium Government Fights Freedom Convoy

Belgian authorities have banned all demonstrations in the capital with “motorized vehicles” and said they had taken measures to prevent the Freedom Convoy from entering the Brussels region.

Police have posted on social media warnings that vehicle protests are banned and advising against traveling to the capital by car. Instead, like in Ottawa, Police are forcing convoys to go to parking lots on the city’s outskirts as the only place where they will allow the convoys to park.

On Friday, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo advised the demonstrators to abandon their plans to come to Brussels altogether, stating,

I say to those who come from abroad: look at the rules in Belgium. We never had rules that were too hard and we don’t have so many anymore. So complain at home

Despite left-wing leaders and their media’s best efforts to stop the freedom convoys and malign its participants, they have failed. Instead, the convoys have not only garnered international and high-profile support but continue to inspire and ignite protests across the world.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


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