Freedom Rally: Canadians Fight Coronavirus Tyranny in Frigid Weather (Exclusive Video)

The Freedom Rally took place in Ottawa ahead of the Trucker’s Protest against vaccine mandates.

A Freedom Rally took place on Saturday in Ottawa, Canada ahead of the massive trucker’s rally this upcoming weekend. RAIR Foundation USA braved frigid temperatures to gauge the atmosphere and capture exclusive photos and video of the speakers.

Canadian physician Sam Dubé, who has interviewed with RAIR previously, was on the scene and estimated that there was about 2000 people. Naturally, the legacy media avoided the event. After the speakers finished, a march around downtown took place.

RAIR coorespondant Vlad Tepes observed:

Was a great vibe. People from quite far away came to this event around Ontario and Quebec. I have to say, really nice people. Gave me some renewed hope for Canada…

One of the speakers, Barry Engelhardt, M.D., pointed out the impact of the coronavirus tyranny on children. Children, who are in a “crucial developmental phase of their lives,” yet “we have made them engage in self-harming behaviors, like social isolation, mask wearing, even vaccinations for our benefit, not theirs.”

Dr. Engelhardt continued:

We have never before in the history of human medicine used children as human shields to protect adults. It is wholly unconscionable and it must stop.

The physician and expert in medical ethics also pointed out that all Canadians were afraid – whether it is of the coronavirus or the measures ostensibly to stop the coronavirus. Either way, people must try to have empathy for one another. This sentiment was echoed by another speaker, “Jennifer”.

See some exclusive images from the protest (open image in new tab for larger view):

Tepes noted that the people he spoke with at the rally “said they were returning for the Trucker’s protest”. The truckers are headed to Ottawa from British Columbia to protest federal vaccine mandates.

The vaccine mandate for truckers went into effect on January 15. The trucker’s protest has inspired Canadians sick of coronavirus tyranny to donate $2.5 million. The truckers are expected to arrive in Ottawa this weekend.

January 23 Trucker’s Protest in Canada

“There will be a lot of people. I hope to be able to brave the weather for longer on that one,” Tepes said.

Watch raw video of the Freedom Rally (some foul language):

Read more of RAIR’s coverage on Coronavirus Tyranny in Canada:

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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