Freedom Rally: Canadians Protest Mandatory Small-Business Closures and other Tyrannical Measure (Videos)

The pro-freedom crowd wants to end mandatory mask wearing, enforced lockdowns and compulsory Chinese coronavirus vaccinations.

Hundreds of business owners and freedom loving Canadians gathered on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario to denounce the left-wing government’s enforced Chinese coronavirus measures. The pro-freedom crowd wants to end mandatory mask wearing, enforced lockdowns and any attempted compulsory coronavirus vaccinations programs.

The patriots banged pots, pans, and carried signs and banners stating, “No More Masks”, “We will not be Muzzled”, “Tyranny Spreading Faster that Covid”, “Faith Is Essential” to “Covid is less harmful than the Flu”.:

The rally was organized by Ontario Civil Liberties Association, No More Lockdowns and Hugs Not Masks. Several hundred small businesses who have been devastated by the lockdowns pledged their support for the demonstration, which took place in the freezing rain on Parliament Hill on December 12.

RAIR Foundation USA captured some of the powerful speeches given by politicians, business owners and patriots at the pro-freedom event.

The first speaker was Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) Randy Hillier. The leader stressed the need for mass civil disobedience claiming, that the coronavirus restrictions and lockdowns are not only unlawful but are causing more harm than good.

Toronto police have issued a summons to the Hillier, for a rally which he helped organized a few weeks ago. The MPP, has been charged under the Reopening Ontario Act. If found guilty he will be fined up to $100,000 and could spend a year in jail.

Watch MPP Hillier’s passionate speech:

Small business owner, Zachary Boissinot whose gym has been devastated by the states forced closures addressed the crowd. Boissinot owns, A Foot Above Fitness, and doesn’t believe any small businesses should have to close down. The state has already fined the struggling gym owner $1,800 for violating Ottawa’s mask bylaw.

Watch Zachary Boissinot’s speech:

Iconic American Radio Host, John B. Wells who hosts the show Caravan at Midnight, called in to speak to the crowd from his broadcast site in Texas with words of encouragement and solidarity against what increasingly looks like the use of coronavirus by left wing political agendas.

Listen to John B. Wells address the crowd:

A man with a phony Soviet persona gave a humorous speech twice during the rally to show how Canada is rapidly becoming a Soviet like state using coronavirus as an excuse for massive government usurpation of power. He also mocked the mandatory mask requirements reminding Canadians that the last time Toronto won a Stanley Cup, the goalie refused to wear a mask.

Watch the following speech:

Canadian left-wing politicians and their complicit pet-media continue to denounce the weekly demonstrations taking place across the country, claiming with zero evidence that they are right-wing events. But this demonstration and others like it across Ontario show that there is a groundswell of people who no longer believe the narrative and no longer accept the total seizure of power by governments. These are not conspiracy nuts or even conservatives in many ways. But people who demand that their most basic freedoms are theirs to keep and not anyone else’s to take away.

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