French General Pays Tribute to the Unvaccinated: 'They Embody the Best of Humanity, They Are Superheroes'

In a powerful letter making waves across Europe, French General Christian Blanchon praised citizens who refused the experimental Covid “vaccines” injections. Despite years of pressure campaignsdiscriminatory policies, social exclusion, loss of incomethreats, and being blamed for other’s deaths, the General thanked the “unvaccinated” for their strength, courage, and leadership:

Even if I were fully vaccinated, I would admire the unvaccinated for standing up to the greatest pressure I have ever seen, including from spouses, parents, children, friends, colleagues, and doctors.

People who have been capable of such personality, courage, and such critical ability undoubtedly embody the best of humanity.

They are found everywhere, in all ages, levels of education, countries, and opinions.

They are of a particular kind; these are the soldiers that any army of light wishes to have in its ranks.

They are the parents that every child wishes to have and the children that every parent dreams of having.

They are beings above the average of their societies; they are the essence of the peoples who have built all cultures and conquered horizons.

They are there, by your side, they seem normal, but they are superheroes.

They did what others could not do; they were the tree that withstood the hurricane of insults, discrimination, and social exclusion.

And they did it because they thought they were alone and believed they were alone.

Excluded from their families’ Christmas tables, they have never seen anything so cruel. They lost their jobs, let their careers sink, and had no more money… but they didn’t care. They suffered immeasurable discrimination, denunciations, betrayals, and humiliation… but they continued.

Never before in humanity has there been such a casting; we now know who the resisters are on planet Earth.

Women, men, old, young, rich, poor, of all races and all religions, the unvaccinated, the chosen ones of the invisible ark, the only ones who managed to resist when everything fell apart. Collapsed.

You’ve passed an unimaginable test that many of the toughest marines, commandos, green berets, astronauts, and geniuses couldn’t pass.

You are made of the stuff of the greatest that ever lived, those heroes born among ordinary men who shine in the dark.”

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.



    • Ok, so how would you go about it, Superman? Even down here, in little Tasmania, we had a Greenie, bloody ugly, but had a kid, wanted to transgender him. Tried to push a genderless birth certificate through State parliament. I wasn’t having it, and appealed to my small town. Result? Bloody Apathy. I eventually got the ear of the State premier, and it was stopped. No great credit to me, a Politician did it, but, I’m grateful. Every bit of opposition to these vile creatures helps, and BTB, I’ve never had a clot shot!

      • Good on you for literally rescuing a persons identity!! And many others had you not played your part!!! You are Gods warrior … a hero!!

      • Frank Frank, do you have a target of your vitriol? Or do you just project toxic opinions? Eat soap to avoid more excrement escaping.

        Fall of EU, did you miss the point? General Blanchon just honored the people who bravely stood up and defied the “perpetrators of this genocide”. The brave, intelligent, principled people he praised are elevated and connected and lionized by his recognition.

        You’re just loud.

        • You sure replied with GRACE it was lovely to read and I agree wholeheartedly. I feel elevated just to be recognised for stsnding firm in my choice. Folk need to start looking inward to find the answers to their questions.

    • We always thought WWIII would be a nuclear war, but they used something far more devastating, they used language. With this far more effective weapon they convinced billions of people across the globe that there was a deadly virus that could kill them. They then used that same Babel to coax the masses into injecting themselves with a kill shot labeled as a vaccine. As children we were told many times that, “sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me”, but a mere collection of words has unleashed the most deadly holocaust in world history.
      This French General’s words are akin to the first American pilots to bomb mainland Japan after Pearl Harbor, or the first soldiers on the beaches of Normandy. I say his words are the Global Declaration of Independence.

      • Indeed, words hurt and even kill or lead to killing especially words that are official lies told by people with the power of the state, money and media behind them. In the fulness of time after many millions have passed away it will become obvious what really happened and there will be regime change both locally and globally and not the type anticipated by the globalists and their servants.
        As the unvaccinated we must preserve the evidence of this attempted global holocaust in our archives so that when proof is needed it can be presented. For the guilty there must be a reckoning and punishment and for the fools and deniers there must be education.

      • “I don’t ever think you should ever ask tens of millions of people to get a vaccine based on mouse data.“ Dr. Marty Makary MD, MPH.
        BTW, Data for babies and children? Just 8 mice.

    • Why so snotty? What have you done to stop this? What can we do? We don’t know how to do anything, nobody wants to disappear. I give him credit for just being brave enough to at least openly say something. Are you ready to give up your family and career? I did t think so.

      • Pat, Benjamin Franklin said those that give up their freedoms for temporary security deserve neither security nor freedom. He was thinking of people exactly like you. Apparently you haven’t actually heard the news. The vaccines are killing people and are clearly more dangerous than the coronavirus. Especially if you remove the cases of seasonal flu that were getting pushed to the front of the news cycle thinly disguised as covid.

        We don’t know how to do anything? Thankfully our fore-fathers weren’t so lacking in those areas. As far as losing your family and your career? Are you saying the millions of people dead or injured from the vaccine are still enjoying their families and careers?

        You are essentially just making excuses for going along with what you were told. Licensed healthcare worker with 35 years in medicine. Saw through this on the second week.

    • Your a joke what are u doing about it ? hes one person to u idiot stick. You should probaably stop getting your shit packed and your brains fucked out . Imagining one genaral in a diaper takeing on elites isnt common . You lack commn sense and clearly havent woke up to see how bad the corruption . Keep your shitty thoughts and stop blaming shit on people in the same situation as the rest of us . Your attitude makes you no better then the ones whom are to blame

    • What exactly is a general in the French Army going to do about Fauci or Gates. You sound like an utter fool on a monumental level.

    • Sorry Pal, being able to admit one’s own error and to encourage people who’ve been put through hell is admirable. Give credit where credit is due.

    • You are obviously vaxxed and pissed. You should be, but not at the unvaxed. We tried to tell you, but you ignored us, mocked us and now you are mad. Direct your anger towards those who deserve it, your doctors, your pharmaceutical company, your government and whoever mandated these death shots. Get out and vote, get active at your local schools, your local governments. Don’t expect everyone else to save you.

  • I fully appreciated the General’s sentiments when they were first published a couple months back. The Purebloods will be the backbone and foundation of free society moving forward.

    • I congratulate all unvaccinated! Thank you General for your kind words. We the unvaccinated are a minority. 30% of Americans refused to be coerced and manipulated to do harm to self. I was in the military for 20 years. While in the military, we were subjected to numerous experimental jabs not to mention in harms way numerous times. When I retired, I was a complete walking disaster- itches, skin inflamed, constant headaches, canker sores every 3 months, autoimmune burning inside my body. A full bird Colonel told me there’s nothing he can do for me but prescribe pain meds and Benadryl. I had my last sets of shots, jabs, when I deployed out to the desert 2004 Operation Iraqi Freedom. It was a long way to recovery, of no meds and no jabs. I refused to take even flu vaccine since then. NADA. I started taking in vitamins, minerals, supplements, organic as much as possible to detox my body from InfoWars and organic sites. My mind needs detox too, consistent reading, listening to Bible teachings, real news not fake news like CNN. Keep up the FIGHT! WE ARE 90 MILLION STRONG 🇺🇸

      • That is scary my friend..And the jabs they gave for Iraqi freedom were horrific! Absolutely horrific! They killed and maimed 1000s of US soldiers.. I feel badly for all the DUPES who entered the US military to be used as murderers for the demons in control. Kissinger called you cannon fodder to be used as pawns in foreign policy, that was probably the nicest way he could put their collective feelings! But what is truly scary is that you saying the unjabbed are 90 million strong in USA: and the DEAGEL site proclaiming the population of USA will be 99 million in 2025! very disturbing!~

  • My DNA will be VERY expensive moving forward, as you can imagine, the judicial/tax system has kept me at 30% net, MAX since ’74. 9/11 destroyed my career field as everything was broken down, boxxed up, and sold “overseas” for our “safety”, of course.
    B+ blood type, blue eyes, red/blonde hair, right sided Bell curve, engineers, medical, military/law enforcement pro backgrounds amongst my family, strong mitochodrial lineage from the Cherokee (granny Bertha was full blood).

  • Just the fact that he said what he did should give him leeway. Nobody can singlehandedly stop this attack but it emboldens those who stood up the people who would not wear a mask. I’ve had the police called on me and refused service. I don’t consider myself to be a hero, I’m just an old man who saw through this nonsense when it first started. Give him some room.

    • I’m 65 and I also saw it on day one. I kept my wife, sister and MIL from getting it as well as a few of their friends. But my sister in law, PHD SBSU, has given us all kinds of shit for not getting her Mom V’d. We also were canceled out on a couple Christmas parties at the last minute because we were not V’d.

      • I got looked down on as a “moron”, tried to talk sb out of jabbing his teen child, spoke of ivermectin and was told the health system was extremely advanced in France and go back to your country, seated at my table in my garden for lunch. That guy knows he is not welcome anymore. Probably regrets now that truth is trickling out. It was tough, no outings, insults, but I thank God for the help he gave me to resist.

    • Well said Billy. Like you, I saw through this shit pretty early through the help of those scientists and medical professionals who were calling it out. I in turn made as much noise about it to whoever would listen, but that doesn’t make me a hero, and not many listened. You can’t wake up those who refuse to do so.

      I am however truly grateful that people like this General, who have a lot to lose, and willing to speak up at last. May he be the first of many more to come.

  • “Pays tribute to…”
    “They are (super) heroes…”

    Sounds like they all died or are about to.

    Stay clean.
    Stay pure.
    Keep foreign mRNA out of your body.

    • That may be the most and best most people can do for the time being and there is no shame in it. In the meantime, take your vitamins C and D3. Record as much relevant MP-3, MP-4 and PDF evidence as possible for historical, educational and legal reasons. There will have to be prosecution and punishment for the perps when and if they fall from power.

      • Have a hard drive with every document, animal study, UK Column news broadcast, La Quinta Columna finding, coersive news article, Westminter lying statement….. and as much as i may privately feel some small vindication and comfort from this mans brave and true words, i cannot share them widely…. The sheer agony for those who are now realising what they have done; to themselves, their loved ones, neighbours and God forbid – their children is more than many will be able to bear! Many GP’s and nurses will take their own lives i’m sure. It is enough that we were somehow blessed to be able to see what others could not. The reward for our good fortune is the immense responsibility of fixing this mess. My thanks to the General, and to all those who have held the line and tried to save others in the face of immeasurable odds <3


    • Listen man, That general , and Reinhard ..both of them acted to their capacity. What that General did was deeply courageous of him! His words were very well thought out, you could tell he put massive time and effort into every sentence. I dont know if you killed yourself or not, I sure as shite was battling against this evil from the beginning of the first lockdown.. I refused to EVER wear a mask , except for like 5 minutes each week to see doctor for my methadone script, which at that time I HAD TO HAVE, so I wore my terrorist mask , that I bought in was what the bike couriers wear in smog infested streets, or special forces or cops , you know, covers your whole head, and has thick part over mouth and nose, all black, THAT was what I wore for the 5 minutes I saw the doc, but ONLY after they insisted, and I removed it IMMEDIATELY as I left the office.. Anyways , when it comes to the people this General was describing, I am basically 1000 times MORE RARE THEN THAT , I guarantee it .. 100% . I have been awake , FULLY COMPLETELY awake since summer 2000 after I finished reading Jim Marrs “Rule by Secrecy” which I heartily recommend to all who read this. It is the one of the BEST overall books to those who are beginning their journey towards full blown TRUTHER for lack of another word that describes us.. That will be the off-shoot of this nightmare for the purebloods: most will become part of the global awakening and learn the weight of such knowledge and the stress.. But as soon as something someone somewhere can make the SHOT heard around the world for real..and give us ALL OF US a rallying point.. then perhaps , we can come together en masse.. I have been working on so much for so long as far as solutions to the ugly evil world of cowards we live in.. becoming knowledgeable about SPIRITUAL matters , ie: what happens between incarnations is a prerequisite to surviving and to wanting to stay alive in this world of pure FILTH that we have been dragged down into .. I will end this comment with one last thought: the ACTUAL truth of who is really behind the evil in this world, which group of human beings is truly responsible is BLATANTLY out there for all to see , easily.. and even though they feel insulated and safe at this time.. I believe there are many millions who feel exactly as I do regarding what needs to happen with them.. I have FAITH that the godless ones, who believe in a MESSIAH.. will one day reap what they have been sowing in this reality for the past 3000 years!

  • “We now know who the resisters are…” Interesting words. Very in-neresting…

    In my case, there was nothing to “resist.” I stopped using “allopathic medicine” years ago. Herbs, teas, organic foods, supplements and exercise are enough. For reference, I recommend the videos and other teachings (I would imagine he’s published a book) of Dr. Robert Morse, the naturopath.

    I don’t miss “going to the doctor.” I don’t need any more useless tests or ridiculously brief conversations with overpaid people in funny white labcoats.

    Going to a place where you strip naked and put on a silly little gown, sit on a table atop a piece of white paper, and wait to be exposed to radiation is like something out of a science fiction movie, when you really think about it.

    I recommend the videos of Eustace Mullins (whose ideas were “borrowed” by G. Edward Griffin) Book:


    Also, view or read about maybe the most honest doc of all time, Dr. Robert Mendelsohn:


  • I am not tested nor vaccinated, the last 15 years because all vaccines are harm, everyone got enough time to read about history of vaccine because you gamble with your body with each injection!

  • Kudos! Ignore the detractors general. They resort to ad hominem because that’s all they have….plus they’re vaxxed and afraid….

  • What exactly is a general in the French Army going to do about Fauci or Gates. You sound like an utter fool on a monumental level.

  • I knew from the start, intuition and self preservation instincts,yet i see people dropping like flys,friends,friends of friends,relations,all dieing from unusual circumstances, brain tumours,heart attacks. Its a world cull,to many people on the planet,not enough resources to stabilise the growing global population. All those finger pointing idiots, they are dropping dead, whos the stupid one now.

  • I live in the US so probably had less pressure than many nations such as Australia. There was no way I was going to take that va☠️. Here in the US we have the right to bear arms so my stance is probably not as brave as some people in other nations. The effect and fear an armed populous has on national governments is astounding. What amazes me is that taking the va☠️ was voluntary and everyone that took did so to avoid inconveniences.

    • Yes, my 15 years old healthy grandson suffers from a sclerodermia of the worst type, as result of vaccin . I didn’t get the jabs, I had Covid, I almost lost an eye, but I resisted. My daughter, a medical doctor, was afraid and made his son get the jab, even if I was giving her all the information about it.

  • No matter who it is. Your family, your friends, the government, if they force you to do something you don’t want to do. They are no different to a rapist! No matter what tactics they use like words mandatory, etc. nothing in this life should be mandatory! Who do they think they are to tell someone else what to do with their body? Absolutely disgusting! Putrid!

  • Thank you Mr General. You are brave too. Brave to expose yourself to the corrupt government in France and elsewhere. In Australia, I hoped that our army or some army somewhere else would make a move to protect the people who pay them without complaint. Perhaps your move will instigate other generals to say something also positive and start to eliminate politicians who are corrupt and those who work against their people. In Melbourne, we had a protester driving a car through Melbourne streets with a picture of their premier with a GUILLOTINE under his picture, while another driver had a hanging noose under picture of several ministers. Guess what happened? The politicians attempted to arrest him but could not. Guess what else happened: All politicians in Australia have now mellowed. It is no longer mandatory to wear masks and to be vaccinated, although they still urge us to do so by bringing out more and more lies.

    • They are mass murderers PEDOPHILES AND they worship SATAN! Your police Chiefs are much much worse then the gestapo ever was! YOU in Australia need to come together physically meet up and try as hard and as fast as you can to raise an army , like they did in IRELAND against the British! Michael Collins style resistance is what I have been advising everyone to get into since this WHOLE SHIT SHOW STARTED! MArk my words, if we sit around stuck to these screens and do not stand up and get busy in the real world, we are ALL going to be swept aside easily!

  • Thanks for sharing this , been thinking of suicide the last couple weeks but this general is right i dont want to be the one to prove him wrong . Shall march on thank you for the kind words Sir !

    • Never think about suicide, all of us non vaccinated are the group to allow the comparison of adverses effects of vaccinated group. That is why the authorities are behind us, they want us to disappear forcing us to get the jabs.

  • Thank you all who feel like we do, nobody has the right to forse a free people to put anything in there body, Especially when its Experimental free people have the right to say no we are not Guinea pigs. This whole madder has cost my family our jobs.

  • Thank U Sir! I am truly not a hero but I do stand up for what I believe! God comes first in my life and my childrens, spouses, and grandchildren. Big Pharm was behind this, along with Dr. Fauci and many others. I was not taking the chance of standing before. God with body parts in me. When I think of Jesus and the horrible agony he goes through when millions of his babies are murdered I cry. God Bless U for being the Hero.

    • God should always always come first

      He is our creator
      He is the one and
      only that has true
      control of everything


      without God

      we can do Nothing

      God will provide
      God will help us

      no worries

      God will allow many
      things to happen
      and unfortunately
      we will have to
      accept it



      God Bless

  • As long as this is more than a belated realization of what should have been obvious to him (and everyone else, with or without official power) earlier. As long as this is a signal for real changes in the structure of the world in the favor of those here well-honored, then this can be included in the prospects of a future where the punishment of prior failures do not exceed the capacity of the world to exist at all. That is the tipping point you are now facing, and it is built on the reality that you have only belatedly acknowledged. Now action must match insight. I, for instance, have been realizing and analyzing the structure of the corrupt entities and their transactional methodologies for over 13 years in a way that has exceeded the realizations of those who came before me with only a few peers in the world that I have been able to find. Who knows how many are buried in the aforementioned corruption structures that thrive on their being hidden and even extorted for their talent. The visible spectrum of such an extortion racket are already seen in the pervasive and extensive “Manhatten Project” existing in an open-air gulag for the last several hundred years where the only major resistance was brutally murdered by the rest of the world who succumbed so readily. Now we live in the aftermath of all of that, and no wonder (according to my calculations) that all this has yet occurred. Let us compare notes using a sufficiently advanced, properly designed and trained AI: you will see that my modeling of the world, if realized and acted upon by any “proper authorities” would have enabled the neutralization of tragedies such as Operation Covaids, as well as many others. It has also been shown to be in alignment with the common sense (whether now common or not) of all people who, if they were put to the logical screws required to prove this, would have been in mass alignment with the protocols necessary for the aforementioned neutralization. Now that you can acknowledge some of the reality, it’s time to go the distance with the rest of it. Everyone who needs to know who I am should by now have a clue.

    • you should find me , who is one of your peers, even though your obviously trying too hard to show off your vocabulary skills at an obvious second language to what you probably were born into.. as I stated earlier, I have been FULLY awakened and wise to reality of the corrupt since summer 2000..but I spent ALL of the 1990s working towards that ultimate realization which could not have gone any other way.. reach out to me sir, lets share notes, as I have worked on solutions to the existential angst of our species and to the cowardice of our institutional leadership ..lack luster dead souled pointless lives never fully lived as the growing normalization of HORROR and spiritual bankruptcies grows by the DAY month and calendar year ..

  • I am an unjabbed but I do not feel like a hero. I feel sad as hell. I spent two and half years researching and posting proper information (I am a nazi when it comes to information cause false, fake and not comprehensive does kill people and has been killing people every day for very long time) to then see all of my loved ones and ex work colleagues (lost my job after over ten years of it) getting trapped by preferring to keep a job and an income, instead of preferring to keep health and rights.
    All in all, the damage is done. Not very productive in nagging about it. Now it is time to think about solutions. And I do believe, jabbed should gang up and ask their governments and health care systems for solutions. On how to kill that lab made hydra, how to smooth that cheap as hell graphene surface, and disable those self replicating nanotubes and tera grips, all jabbed have in their bodies. Nobody is exempted. Sudden death as per real specialists back in 2020 have predicted, is going to happen till 2025, the least.
    I am sure that all non jabbed are ready to give you all the support you need. I know I will. And you need to go after not organisations, companies, governments or departments of, but names and surnames. One by one bang bang bang … cause whoever puts life of people, and one is already one too many, in purposely in danger and with a profit on the side too, is an effin traitor. And treason is the worst crime any citizen can commit.
    The NWO terrorists have infiltrated every possible niche of influence of almost every country of interest, and whoever has tried to go against them, has been put seven feet under. For the time being it is up to the citizens to talk and apply counterattack. There are many costless ways anybody can use.
    To start with keep your children away from that killer crap. Second stop shopping at their shops, stop working for their industries, pay with cash whenever possible, turn your bit of savings into gold, go from smart phone to dumb phone (England started back in 2018 and the swap over is still ongoing. Look up the sales of nokia dumbphones of the last two years 🙂 personally got myself a banana nokia :0), above all, as our parents used to say back in the 90s, stay away from the needle. Above all change your source of information.
    This to cut long story short. I could sit here for six years talking about this situation, but as I mentioned before, now it is time to get solutions. Your health is the most important asset and needs to be fixed asap.
    Keep it simple. Keep it honest.
    So long patriots 🙂

  • The author of these awesome words is a Spanish biologist, author and director of Nature documentaries, Fernando López-Mirones. I kindly ask you to make the proper corrections in the article to give him all the credits. On the other hand, I am pleased to know these powerful words are becoming viral.

    Thank you very much.

  • I certainly never expected to hear that. Friends and family said we we wrong but it never felt right. I always said that I would make an informed decision when the information was released and clearly available for all to see. Now that is starting to happen I have made my choice and it is ‘no thank you’. Sadly friends and family are still not looking at the real ‘science’.

  • We had little protests with signs by a major street in a very small town. Lots of hateful gestures and faces but after a few months less and less. We would all note an obscene gesture and then look around at each other grinning and having a ball in spite of bitter weather. We had fun, the finger flippers couldn’t.

    As it’s gone on it’s become so obvious that this is disaster, manmade, planned. Huge portions of society have lost the ability to think for themselves. It struck me just this morning when musing over the why question.

    Is it possible it’s just this simple. We have our few possessions and enjoy life, “they” have immense wealth and it’s inadequate. It’s only in the expression of hate that they seem to derive satisfaction. God help us please!

  • Yes !! The Unvaxed became the light for those who fell victims of the worst Corrupted Leaders of the Governments. Doctors who vowed to God to help save people from Human inflicted sickness, and corruptedly appointed a FACT CHECKER just as corrupted as they are and paid him an undisclosed salary just like their hundreds of millions from Vaccine Promotion.
    But people were not allowed to know the truth, therefore, the Fact Checker blocked every true Revelation from the ordinary individuals who went out in their own way to check the Fact of the Vaccine’s destruction process against humanity, and the purpose of depopulating the world, of which is now being revealed by the number of deaths happening in New Zealand aline and the Cook Islands.
    The fact is evidently displayed now without any explanations from ymthe leaders and the medical world. Especially the most Corrupted officials of the …WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION.
    I don’t need an explanation from them. The evidence has been clearly displayed in many of the Cemeteries around New Zealand. Especially around the City of Sails … Auckland. I applaud the French Hero to express his thoughts on the courage of the Unvaccinated who werwvable to stand against corruption, inspite of the adversity they has gone through, but survived the .. CRUELTY AND THE MANDATES FORCED AGAINST THEM
    ( including myself) but where are they now ?? Gone to Boothill, and will never return. And miss Adern and her Gang of imposters are laughing with hundreds of millions, while many blindfolded and brainwashed together with the innocent children who who no voice for their rights suffered the same punishment.


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