Former French Presidential Candidate Shocks the World: 'Macron and Most MPs Are Not Vaccinated'

“The vaccine almost killed me,” said politician Jean Lassalle, who had to undergo four heart operations after receiving the experimental injections.

In an interview with NTD broadcast on Sunday, former French presidential candidate Jean Lassalle accused President Emmanuel Macron and other members of the French government of lying about their Covid “vaccine” status.

In France, “non-vaccinated” citizens experienced some of the most draconian Covid measures. For example, the vaccine passport was mandatory in many shopping centers where many supermarkets are located. As a result, citizens couldn’t go shopping because they didn’t get enough of the experimental injections. Crowds can be seen protesting in front of French food markets in the following video: 

Four heart surgeries

Lassalle was unaware that Macron and most French MPs had not been vaccinated. He got the “vaccine from Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) because he felt obliged to do so as a member of parliament, and he deeply regrets it. “The vaccine almost killed me,” he said. The politician had to undergo four heart operations after receiving the experimental injections.

“I got the Johnson vaccine that almost killed me, that warped my heart. So I have had four surgeries since January 3rd of this year. And then there is in the Ambroise Paré clinic where the surgeon trained with one who succeeded in putting the auricles in place to make them function normally. Otherwise, I would certainly be dead,” said Lassalle.

When NTD reporter Ying Huang asked Lassalle why he took the Covid shot, he said he was doing his job and had no idea Macron and other government officials were not vaccinated:

“Because I was an MP and I didn’t want to give the feeling that I wasn’t doing my job. But I did not know that Emmanuel Macron was not vaccinated. I did not know that most of the government members were not, and I did not know as many of my fellow MPs were not either. I wanted to set an example.”

“You have proven the vaccines cause serious side effects,” said interviewer Ying Huang. “Severe side effects,” Lassalle said. “I almost died.”

Was Macron only pressuring French members of Parliament to get the shots who he considered political opponents? 

Hypocritical Macron

The World Economic Forum-controlled French President is a graduate of the Great Reset globalist Klaus Schwab’s school for “Young Global Leaders“. Earlier this year, he unloaded on unvaccinated, stating that he wants to “piss them off”; and “as much as possible”, limit their “access to social life activities”.

During an interview with Le Parisien, Macron explained that unvaccinated people would lose their freedoms if they did not comply:

We need to tell them [the unvaccinated], that from 15 January, you won’t be able to go to restaurants anymore, you won’t be able to have a drink, have a coffee, or go to the theatre.”

Macron goes as far as to say that the “anti-vax” has “undermined” France’s “solidarity” by not injecting themselves with experimental gene therapy. He further vilified the unvaccinated by claiming that they are “no longer” citizens because their “freedom threatens that of others”:

The immense moral fault of the anti-vax: they come to undermine what is the solidity of a nation. When my freedom threatens that of others, I become irresponsible. An irresponsible person is no longer a citizen”

It is no surprise that the World Economic Forum-controlled French President is a graduate of the Great Reset globalist, Klaus Schwab’s school for “Young Global Leaders. “ As reported previously at RAIR Foundation USA, many world leaders and corporate executives who attended Schwab’s school have exploited the pandemic to crash national economies and introduce a global digital currency.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist



  • How is that a shock. Most either got saline and knew it in advance, or got the Hollywood needle and knew it in advance.. These people are too self-important, they think to suffer the fate as the peons.

  • I have wondered from the get-go, how many pols and government health “officials” (Fauci, et. al.) have actually gotten the jab. They know the dangers, even though they’re pushing it on others.

  • That doesn’t surprise me in the least. I’m sure if you check out the U.S. Congress and Senate you’ll find that none of them are vaxed either. Only a fool would allow that garbage in their bodies. I’d rather take my chances with Meth!

  • I wonder if he knows the Janssen/JNJ shot is not a mRNA vaccine? The guy sounds suspicious to me, Sorry if that offends your narrative.

  • My own elderly sister, brother in Law, who lived in Ontario , Canada and an aunt in USA were forced to take the MRNA vaccines Modernas, Pfeizer in order to stay allowed and entitled to get into old age homes. They were all okay without the mandated vaccines. They all died not even a month after given the first shots from brain blood clot and heart problems.

  • Few weeks ago, on a French tread named “Profession Gendarme”, I wrote that it was odd that young athletes in peak form were dying worldwide from the wax whereas politicians in poor health never seemed to kick the bucket. Now I know why.

  • we didn’t know it for a fact (until now) but after reading up on the side effects many of us were willing to bet that most all of the pols faked it.

    • I knew and many with me from day one that it was something very wrong with the eleged covid 19 pandemi ( lie ) and the later vaccines. In fact when the leaders tells me ( forces me ) that I have to take something for a plain and common flu there is something very very suspicious. I will never ever trust those scumbags and they must be hold accountable for their evil mandates.

  • “Doyle
    October 13, 2022 at 10:17 am
    For one most of “big pharma” does not make COVID vaccines…FACT. You’re flailing in too many directions, start making sense.”

    Doyle, grow some brain:

  • Hopefully, the American corrupt politicians and corporate heads really got the killer vax they so richly deserve for forcing innocent citizens to get the experiment. Gates, Fauci, etc., et al.

  • Let’s bring back that electric chair for all criminal government officials and others such as George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, barack and michael (michelle the tranny) obama, clintons, hunter, rockerfellers, rothchilds, masons, all of them, lets get that electric chair charged up and ready to go.

  • Of course these bastard politicians didn’t get the jab. Have you heard of any having any reactions to it? Or their family members? Give me a break.

    • Sean Casten, Congressman from Illinois, had a young daughter who took the vax, bragged about it to encourage others to do so. She died in her sleep.

  • Smarter than most, eh.. obviously well informed by Big Pharma that.. mRNA injections contain, in various calculated amounts, (to ensure not everybody drops dead on injection, as some do), lab verified: graphene, Dr A Noack, Dr. P. Campra, Prof M. Chossudovsky. AIDS. Dr V Zalenko. Dr. A. Burkhardt. Hep. J of Hepatology. Cancer. Dr. J. Ruby.

    One example. Austrian graphene Research Scientist/Med. Dr. Andreas Noack was MURDERED after he released his evidence of graphene in the 4 mRNA injections, and describing it as ”razor blades in the blood that will kill all who get it”.

  • The worst sound a home invader ever hears is the racking of a pump shotgun. The worst sound a degenerate French politician hears is the ka-thunk of a guillotine.

  • This news will have enormous repercussions.
    In the ALT media we have known this covid vaccine to be dangerous. It is not a true vaccine it is an experimental vaccine not properly tested.
    Authorities have used this mRNA to control the public and cause injury and death among the population.

    Arrest all of the usual suspects .
    It might take time for there are many.
    Namely every minister of every Western nation who locked us down for no reason.
    Pure Fascism not ignorance.

    These people have an agenda and it is nothing to do with the health of the population.

  • Shocking? Maybe for the French. For us Italians it is normal for politicians to do the exact opposite of what they preach.

  • É impressionante essa história de vacinas que nunca existir para esse tal COVID que é falso também. Como que o mundo inteiro se sujeita a tomar um injeção de um medicamento que não houve tempo de ser comprovada sua eficiência a Net lucros para os laboratórios.lrram ou não os “voluntarios6”? No começo a onda de pavor que tomou conta da humanidade me era inexicavel e conclui que pelo menos metade eram de débeis mentais. Fui modesto,! Até hoje não cheguei a co.prar álcool gel sequer. So5 comprei as focinheiras porque era o fígado usá-las em qualquer estabelecimento. Colocava no momento de entrar em algum lugar e saia com ela nas mãos. O teressabte que dentro de suas casas ninguém usava. Mas vi atletas fazendo cooper usando essa estupidez. Deveria usá-las nos olhos.

  • Is there some way we can check that every politician in the 1st world countries have had their vaxxes cause I’ve been hearing from the beginning that none of them were made to take it…. What a joke

    • I have seen many different Drs. testing the blood of vaccinated people and their blood is changed. It has red blood cells clumped or stacked on top of each other plus weird objects in it. Look at their blood under a microscope would be a way to tell.

  • It is definately a depopulation agenda, Clearly . Obviously. Wake up world and demand the shots stop as the future of mankind is at stake. The shots were made to kill on purpose that is very very clear to anyone with half a brain left. Biopies do not lie, the injections cross the blood brain barrier and are now causing frontal lobe damage, lobotomies. Personality changes are occurring obviously. The injected are litteral zombies now, stay clear of them transmitting horrible toxins.


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