Furious Greek Woman Confronts EU Leader Over Illegal Migrants - 'You Will Change our Nationality' (Video)

At this point it becomes increasingly difficult to deny that the purpose of mass migration is to destroy local and national cultures through dilution

An outraged Greek islander confronted European Commissioner, Ylva Johansson during her controversial trip to the Greek island of Samos. During a recorded interaction with the Commissioner in the street, the impassioned woman slammed Johansson’s deliberate and “criminal” invasion of her country and island by migrants.

“You will change our nationality and our blood. We are Greece and we want to remain Greece” declared the Greek woman during her exchange with the Commissioner. “This is our country, NOT yours. You should be ashamed at what you are doing.”

“You stand here and tell us we have to be something other than Greece, we have to be obliged to receive strangers with no right to cross the border…this is a very bad thing you are doing, it’s a crime”, declared the women to Commissioner Johansson in their five minute exchange.

The woman along with tens of thousands of Greeks are furious at the Commissioners sales trip to their country. Johansson came to Greece to announce the EU is giving 270 million euros ($323,379,540.00 U.S) in funding new reception centers on Lesbos, Chios, Samos and other islands for “Irregular migrants” an EU code word for illegals.

The new migrant facilities being built in Greece are part of a left-wing Global plot to use migrants to dilute host cultures, so they can ensure more votes, and seize power. Instead of EU Commissioner urging countries to close their borders, she continues to reward migrants’ illegal behaviors, including but not limited to burning down these same migrant centres in order to speed up being exported into the general European population. 

“We don’t welcome you” explained the woman. “Samos Island used to be the most hospitable island in Greece. But thanks to you, you have destroyed our economy. You destroyed us, you destroyed families, foundations we worked all our lives to create.”

Commissioner Johansson did not address the woman’s comments but instead pivoted the conversation to the EU’s tracking methods of newly arrived migrants. Out-of -touch Johansson “assured” the woman the EU would not allow the migrants to “illegally” depart the Island for other parts of Greece or Europe. The woman slammed Johansson for using the Greek Islands to prevent “illegal departures” by building unwanted hotels and migrant centers in order for the illegals to stay in Greece.

Crowds could be heard erupting in the background during their exchange. They banged pots and waved signs protesting the illegal migrants being housed on their island.

As reported previously at RAIR Foundation USA, Commissioner Johansson’s trip to Greece has been met with protests by thousands of fed-up citizens. The Commissioner remains concerned about the rights and living conditions of the refugees and migrants, but completely ignores the economic burdens, as well as the safety concerns of the islanders. The Commissioner repeatedly cites humanitarian reasons for taking care of the illegals, but does not find a single word of support for the people of Greece. Nor does she ever mention the disproportionate weight that islanders have shouldered on behalf of all of Europe.

Watch the following exchange between the Greek woman and European Commissioner, Ylva Johansson:

Demographic Jihad

The Greek woman is correct to worry about the nationality of her country changing. There are shocking demographic impacts from migration that are affecting European countries’ national and cultural identities. 

Just recently, the European Union successfully pressured Christian Orthodox Greece to officially cater to followers of Islam and build a taxpayer funded mosque. Greece overturned their 180-year ban on mosques being built in the capitol city of Athens. They had not had an official mosque since 1832, when Greece won independence from the Ottoman Empire after nearly 400 years of Islamic Turkish rule.

As reported previously at RAIR, by 2050, “twenty percent of the European population will be Muslim due to Western Europe’s pursuit of multiculturalism and mass migration.” In Belgium, one third of the country’s population is of foreign origin, and in Brussels, Belgians are already the minority.

Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven is granting illegal migrants citizenship at the rate of almost 8,000 per month. In addition, the government is also issuing even more residency permits per month.

According to Gatestone, “within a generation, Sweden’s third largest city, Malmö, will have a population in which the majority of people are of foreign background”. In 2008 researcher Kyosti Tarvainen predicted, Muslim will be the majority in the next several decades. Gunnar Sandelin explains that 30% of the population is now foreign-born and “Sweden will become Europe’s most Muslim-populated country”,

People of foreign origin have increased by almost 1.5 million. People of Swedish origin decreased by almost 25,000. “Foreign-origin” people are those who are born abroad and both of whose parents are of foreign-origin.

Democrat Joe Biden is following Europe’s lead and flooding America with 700% more “refugees” from terrorist hot spots around the world through the Refugee Admissions Program. This controversial program was the brainchild of then Senator Joe Biden, and its agenda is not one of American interests.

Furthermore, America is facing more migrants crossing the border under Joe Biden today than it has in the last 20 years. Over 6,000 illegals are crossing the border into America every day.

At this point it becomes increasingly difficult to deny that the purpose of mass migration is to destroy local and national cultures through dilution. Europeans and North Americans legal systems, cultural norms and equal rights are are being obliterated by open border left-wing leaders.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • Exactly right this is what the Jihad rooted in the Hijra Quran 1:400 is all about. To drown the world in Islam. Here we have Greece the cradle of European civilization being drowned by Europe with Islam! This is like Clinton and Madeline Albright bombing Belgrade for 84 days to force Yugoslavia to submit to Islam!Lemmings!

  • Fyhrer Merkel and Ayatollah Löfven and the Soros gang already succeeded, EU is muslim territory already. Just look for example at the city and suburbs of Malmo, Kista, Rinkeby and other shit suburbs full of muslim citizens, not a single Christian. And hundreds of mosques in every country in EU.


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