Furry Fetish: Children Now Identifying as Animals, Talk of 'Litter Boxes' Instead of Bathrooms (Exclusive)

As we march fearfully into a woke future, if a man can also be a woman, why can’t a human also be an animal? 

What began as a sexual fetish subculture in the U.S. in the 19070s and 80s is now moving mainstream. After all, if you can choose your gender, or choose none at all, despite being born male or female, why wouldn’t you be able to choose to live as something other than human? 

According to newspaper reports in Australia and a German video from AUF 1 Productions, the furry fetish is picking up steam in the mainstream and among kids. Children are now identifying as animals. An eight-year-old girl at a Melbourne private school is being allowed to self-identify as a cat. At another school in Brisbane, one student cut a hole in her uniform for her tail. There’s talk of litter boxes being provided for those who no longer wish to use a bathroom. 

“Students and teachers are being pressured to go along with this absurdity,” says Kirralie Smith, the founder of Binary. This organization fights harmful gender ideology in Australia in an exclusive interview for RAIR Foundation USA. “It’s a complete denial of reality and the rise of students dictating the agenda. Parents are outraged, but because cancel culture has been so successful at labeling people bigots, they are getting away with it. It’s absurd. These children are not going to grow into mature adults when permitted to behave in such ridiculous ways.” 

According to AUF 1, “It’s not enough for the agitators to make children and adolescents doubt their own biological sex; now this ideology has them questioning whether or not they are human. Encouraging them to see themselves as animals.”

But what exactly is a furry? Well, that’s not entirely clear. Some furries see themselves simply as animal lovers, others use the fantasy as a form of escapism, and some define themselves as “otherkin.” “Otherkin” believe that they were born in the wrong bodies and they are actually animals. The website covers some of the characteristics. A recent survey of close to 5,000 furry aficionados concludes the following: 80.3 percent of furries have created a character for themselves; 76.9 percent like the characters seen in fantasy games, movies, and books; 62.1 percent use the furry community as a place to meet new friends. 

While this might sound absurd, it also sounds mostly harmless. But is it all about sex? Well, “sex is often a point of controversy and disagreement for furries,” says “Generally speaking, though, the furry community has a little bit more to do with sex than most furries like to admit, but much less than outsiders often believe.”  

And this is the heart of the matter. “This agenda is all about making children into mature minors,” concludes Smith. “The end goal is to lower the age of consent when it comes to sexual identities and sexual orientation. Every parent should be aware of this. The sexualization of children and the removal of parental rights are the biggest concern.” 

For Smith, tolerance of this kind of behavior due to fear of cancel culture is all part of the socialist-Marxist agenda. “Children are easy targets. They’re naturally vulnerable. They go through identity crises; it’s all part of trying to discover who you are,” says Smith. “But this is about disconnecting children from their families. Abortion, divorce, LGBT are all about breaking down family units because this will give government greater access into our lives. If the government can create a generation dependent on government, they can have more influence on society.”

While the furry fetish might initially seem harmless in children, it’s all part of the radical ideology seen presently in the trans community. “That ideology is putting children on pathways that are irreversible. Harm is being done. We are going to have so many sterile adults,” says Smith. And there’s money to be made here, too. “There’s a huge amount of money to be made in the fight against your own biology. Think of the puberty blockers, the surgeries, and the hormones to make people dependent on pharma for life.” 

Binary also advocates for women because as men encroach more and more into the female domain, “it’s oppression of women. Men who identify as women have more rights than women. Full stop. 

As we march fearfully into a woke future, if a man can also be a woman, why can’t a human also be an animal? 

Miranda Sellick

Miranda Sellick has been a journalist for more than 25 years. She has worked for newspapers in the U.K. and Canada and is the author of two books. She was aware that the covid play was not what it appeared to be very soon after it was unleashed on the world.


  • How long will we allow this mental illness to continue? These people being twisted by this absurd ideology will end up being non-productive adults.

    Of course, if these criminal regimes are allowed to continue genocide via the kill-shots, I guess it won’t really matter, eh? In that case, this insanity will simply add to the short term disruption of societies.

  • “According to his website, Itkis believes that “men should not be required to support biological children without prior agreement.” He also believes that people should have a “right to NOT become a parent in case of pregnancy” and would attempt to “redefine [the] abortion debate as a right to unplanned sex.” ”


    • Worse! They come from the illuminati s ass. The Illuminati is bent on reversing and confounding gods creation! It’s satanic! They are using Klaus Schwabb and Henry Kissinger , these demons, to disseminate and propagate their satanic agendas. Klaus Schwabb wef has the young world leaders club to propagate its demonic agenda. Governor newsom, tradeau of Canada, merkel of Germany, macron of France, Tony Blair are but a few of its graduates! Beware!

    • Don’t forget Obama’s. Of course, that one goes both ways it is told, but Bath house Barry does run the Democratic Marxist Whack-job called the Democrats.

  • Can’t wait for the Thanksgiving parade. I heard there will be a “Furry” float of kindergardners in rabbit and squirrel suits, right in front of the LGBTQXYZ123++ Cornhole float, and right behind the Drag Queen twirk float.

  • Mental health issue. We need to stop treating mental health issues as though they are the new normal. It is rapidly turning the entire world into an insane asylum with no walls, guards, or treatment.

  • When I was a kid I identified as being Superman but I was never woke enough to jump off the roof trying to fly…

  • Madness … sheer madness! Here’s the problem and solution in a nutshell: The children are being allowed to “run the orphanage”. I say orphanage because where in Our Lord’s name are the parents?
    The solution: Do as our parents (or at least mine) did when “anything awry” became apparent. They’d grab you by the arm, shake you by the shoulders, and in a very stern (somewhat frightening voice) say something to the effect of:
    “Enough of this craziness … take that damn animal costume off … what the hell is the matter with you? Now, go clean your room and straighten up the playroom. When your done, finish your homework and come in to the dining room and we will all play monopoly. And your mother and I will decide who you can and CAN’T hang out and play with … because little one, you seem to be having trouble in deciding.

  • If you think about it, young kids growing up with the “family pet” often see the pets getting treated with lots of extra attention, love and special goodies – what kid wouldn’t want to have that for themselves? Woke-ism is just creating more problems with all the wrong solutions… God help us.

  • “CSD” in Wuppertal, motto: Wuppertal is colorful.

    The “visitors” introduce themselves:

    “Hi, I’m Nina, I’m 19 years old and I’m
    from Wuppertal here and I’m a lesbian.”

    “I’m Feder (feather), I’m actually 17
    years old, but I’m also a fox on the side
    and in that I’m four months old at the
    moment and my pronouns are they/she.”

    “I’m Josephine Marie, here from Wuppertal,
    35 years old, I’m a woman with a trans back-
    ground and I live my life as colorful as possible.”

    “I am Milow, I go with all pro-
    nouns and I am 13 years old.”

    “I’m Felix, the alpha of a pack, and
    I’m a daddy for a year and a half.”

    “I have five names, I use Gabriel, Luca, Buck,
    Mats and V.” (Her/His Friend: “I’m Sidney.”)


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