German MEP: 'More People Died from Covid Vax in 2021 than in the Last 20 years from all Vaccines Combined' (Video)

“Dear [EU] commission, pull the emergency brake on these vaccines and stop this experimentation on humans. I beg you!” – MEP Joachim Kuhs

On September 16, 2021, Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Joachim Kuhs slammed the European Union’s dangerous response to the coronavirus. The Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) MEP from Germany begged them to stop their experiments on humans.

There are a devastating number of corona vaccination deaths, stated MEP Kuhs. “Did you know that more people died this year from the side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine than side effects from all other vaccination combined in the last 20 years,” questioned the MEP.

Kuhs questioned why we hear so little about the side effects of the vaccine? What is the government hiding from the public, he asked? Why were vaccine manufacturers granted total immunity from all legal liability?

The swine flu vaccine was quickly withdrawn from the market when the dangers became apparent, stated Kuhs. But, with the number of deaths and health issues caused by the experimental Covid “vaccines,” why aren’t they pulled out of circulation, questioned the MEP.

Watch the powerful speech by MEP Joachim Kuhs:

The AfD continues to demand:

  • Coronavirus vaccine remains voluntary.
  • Manufacturers are held liable for side effects.
  • The corona restrictions end immediately.

Video Transcript

Thank you very much, Mr. President, Ms. Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen.

Mrs. Montserrat deserves the credit for this important topic being on the agenda today.

Thank you very much for that. A lot has been said about the topic of development, purchase and distribution of Covid vaccines, but questions about the sometimes devastating consequences of vaccination have been left out. I would like to speak about this.

Did you know that more people have died this year from the side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine than side effects from all other vaccination combined in the last 20 years?

What about the countless vaccine injuries, some of them being severe?

Why do we hear so little about this? Is something being concealed here?

When the vaccination against swine flu had negative consequences a few years ago, the vaccine was quickly withdrawn from circulation. 

Even today, thousands of people, especially young people, are suffering from the consequences of the vaccination.

I know a young person who was vaccinated at that time and who now suffers from narcolepsy

He has finished his education and would like to work. However, he is not allowed to have a driver’s license because of the constant danger of suddenly falling asleep, and he cannot find a job. Unfortunately, his illness is not recognized as a vaccine injury.

The manufacturer of the vaccine was exempted from liability for vaccine consequences.

Obviously the same thing is happening again today. Despite the massively increasing vaccine damage, of which, as I said, we hear nothing, hardly hear anything, vaccination continues like there’s no tomorrow. We just keep vaccinating.

Why aren’t these vaccines being pulled out of circulation, like the swine flu vaccine once was?

And who is actually liable for this increasingly obvious vaccine damage?

Dear [EU] commission, pull the emergency brake on these vaccines and stop this experimentation on humans. I beg you!

I beg you, please clarify the liability issue and the many vaccine-injured will thank you.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • Needs to be investigated thoroughly . Even maximum medical practitioners are considering corona as a god sent opportunity to earn . Many have not only just died but also made their families bankrupt and breadless . Everyone , including the labs / country (china) that created the virus must be made accountable and responsible .On way to create biological weapons such viruses are leaked from the labs . Shamelessly ,world leaders and bodies are mourning silently beating round the bush . UNO SC is made toothless and helpless by making unanimity ,not majority , as a principle for it’s resolutions .

    • Would you stop. There is no “virus”, nothing “leaked from a lab”, NONE OF IT IS REAL.

      Their game ends when we stop playing.

      • Are you serious? My next door neighbor had Covid and a pretty nasty case at that. I also know of someone in Israel who had it, and now, lost their senses of smell and taste. I also talk to people in Israel. Believe me! It is VERY REAL!

        • Hi Peter the covid side of the sickness can be harmful to some people but the real issue is the upper respiratory sickness that is not viral or bacterial it’s a allergen that causes the lung issues and it’s not treated early , the doctor’s are using antihistamines, steroids,and disprins to repair quickly it needs this treatment to stop possible death.

        • So you took a tissue sample from your neighbor, purified a sample of a “virus”, and did a genetic sequencing on it all by yourself?

          Because if you DIDN’T, then what your neighbor had as a case of being TOLD HE HAD COVID. Your neighbor had a case of BACTERIAL PNEUMONIA. But because you’re ignorant of everything to do with disease, you assume the people on tv (sponsored by Pfizer) are telling you the truth. Um, hey genius…THEY AREN’T.

  • Trump! You are talking shit! Without the vaccines there would NOT be “millions of more deaths” !

    You are involved in this genocide!

    From Fox News:
    “Without the vaccines, he said, the world would have “millions of more deaths.”

    Trump did speak out against vaccine mandates, however, echoing conservatives’ concerns about the government forcing people to get injections.

    “You have to have your freedoms … but I recommend that people take it,” he said.” “

  • It always comes down to this… “When people who are honestly mistaken learn the truth, they will either cease being mistaken, or cease being honest!” (Anonymous)

    Throughout your entire life you continually DECIDE to either stop being mistaken –or stop being honest– when learning the truth. Which one of the two true answers applies to YOU in terms of the Covid-19 truth? Find out in “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room” by Rolf Hefti at www dot CovidTruthBeKnown dot com

  • To the Fall of E.U.

    This Covid virus has been planned for a long time. The vaccines were planned. Why did Fauci predict it in Trump’s Presidency? Because he knew it would be released. The durg companies received billions from USA by a concerned President who wanted to help the citizens. We had no idea, and neither did Pres. Trump, that the vaccines would be so disastrous to people’s health! They didn’t announce the vaccines were available until Trump had lost the election so Biden could appear the hero. The drug companies and the Democrats colluding! All Trump did was enable the vaccine to be developed, but it had already been developed. It should have taken at least two years to develop. All planned.

  • The VXX is made by Dr. Mengele and his name is Klaus Schwab
    The Wyss Foundation at Harvard made the Technology that is Neural Lace which is the Graphen Oxide Nanoparticles that is inside these injections.
    Neural Lace forms a mesh around your body in particular around your brain to record brainwave functions and to manipulate them.
    The next step of this technology is then Neural Link which will be a chip implant as promised to you by Klaus Schwab by 2025.
    This will then connect the Human Race to the Starlink Network and after that the human race will be enslaved forever with no individual mind of their own.
    All this technology is brought to you curtesy of Elon Musk DARPA Klaus Schwab the Havrard Wyss Foundation the Rothchild and the Rockefeller Mafia and don’ forget Henry Kissinger
    We the people have a choice
    I offer all information I have to expose them
    We all need to work together on this one .
    Because if we don’t it will be curtains.
    Fritz Freud

    • Thank you Fritz Freud. I’m afraid something has happened to the brainwaves of the vaxxed. (particularly pfizer) already. They are like enraged zombies. Not sure if the jab has brought out their natural tendencies or it’s a chemical reaction.

  • Could someone explain to me why people are vaccinated against the alpha strain of covid when it no longer exists? I havent heard of any new vaccines. We apparently are using the original batches.


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