German Riots: Palestinian Flag Waving Muslims Declare War on Jews, Attack Police (Videos)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s left-wing government’s open borders migration policies continue to have catastrophic effects on the country’s safety and demography.

Throughout German cities, thousands of pro-Palestinian migrants demonstrated against Israel and Jews while celebrating Hamas’ rocket attacks on innocent Israelis.  Left-wing anarchists and anti-Israel activists joined forces to form threatening demonstrations, which descended into massive antisemitic riots.

In Hamburg, the demonstrators threw stones, bottles, and fireworks at the police and media. The Islamic migrants, along with leftists, beat police officers. The largely Muslim & leftist Radicals carried flags from several Muslim countries including, Turkey, Palestine, Syria, and Iran. Many Muslims wore Palestinian war scarfs (keffiyehs), which many people believe to be the modern equivalent of the Nazi Swastika.

The anti-Jewish crowds shouted ‘Allahu Akhbar’ (‘Allah is the Greatest’) and openly called for Jews to be murdered. Chants of “Israel murders children,” “Israel murders women,” and “Free Palestine” were also heard at the demonstration. Israeli flags were set on fire as radicals cheered.

The police tried to dissolve the protests after several hours due to coronavirus social distancing and mask violations. The radicals ignored the police and grew more violent.

An Islamic migrant struggling with his German yells at police officers and shouts “Death to Israel” while crowds waving Palestinian flags clap and cheer.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s left-wing government’s open borders migration policies continue to have catastrophic effects on the country’s safety and demography.

Video Transcript

This a repeat announcement directed at people on the Sonnenallee.

Please behave cooperatively and show officers proof of your accommodation.

I would say very aggressive. People here are speaking Arabic, so I understand relatively little, but the atmosphere is very aggressive. People were told to leave the area. 

—Lying press. He’s just blabbering a lot. 

—Some are shouting “lying press”. 

—What a bunch of garbage. He’s just talking s***. 

—We need to leave. Luckily police are nearby.

As you can see, now stones are being thrown, as well as firecrackers and smoke bombs.

The situation is escalating and the police are breaking up the march. Fireworks were also shot at us just now.

The police are having difficulty dispersing the demonstrators, so they randomly grab people out of the demonstration for not following the Corona hygiene rules, which aren’t being followed at all.

These arrests caused a massive attack with bottles being thrown at the police.

It was completely absurd. Bottles flying in every direction.

Railings from a nearby construction site were thrown, which hit other demonstrators.

In Berlin, 3,500 people took part in the largest of three demonstrations, showing their support for the Palestinians. It began peacefully, but during the course of the demonstration tensions increased.

Police registration of numerous violations of Corona hygiene ordinance.

Demonstrators did not practice social distancing and many weren’t wearing masks, and for that reason the police had to disperse the demonstration. 

—This demonstration is being dispersed.

Following that, the clashes began. Bottles and stones were thrown at the police.

Fireworks were thrown.

The police responded with pepper spray.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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  • Death to Israel, death to Jews, we will kill Jews. Is this not a hate crime in Germany or does Germany’s hate crime law only pertain to white Germans?


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