German State Health Officials storm school, Illegally Test terrified children for Coronavirus (Videos)

Several children tried to plan an escape from the state health official and contemplated jumping out the windows.

In the German city of Aurich, state health officials carried out invasive and painful coronavirus tests on terrified 4th grade children in school without parental consent. The children who are students at the Waldorf School are now under house arrest for two weeks until test results are final.

According to the videos below exclusively translated by RAIR Foundation USA, the 9 and 10 year-old children were terrified and some even crying hysterically. Health Department officials from the disease control unit dressed in full protective Hazmat gear stormed into the classroom and forced the traumatized children to undergo throat swab tests. Some children had at least four rounds of testing.

One parent reported that her child described people dressed in “astronaut suits”, entering the room and “sticking something down his throat very far three times”. Her son has been holding the lower “part of his neck and it still hurts him badly.”

Several children tried to plan an escape from the state health officials and contemplated jumping out the window. They said to each other, “Come on, let’s get out of here. Let’s just go out the window. Come on, let’s just take off really quick.”

Afterwards, when the disease control unit left the school, the school secretary called the parents and informed them they needed pick up their children. When parents arrived they were told their children had to be quarantined for two weeks and would not be allowed to leave the house. The secretary even banned a panicked parent who arrived at the school to get her child because she was not wearing her mask.

Parents picking up their perfectly healthy children were offered no details by the school. Parents were told they “had to ask the school administration, or ask the health department” about the forced testing that took place.

This incident illustrates the arbitrary regulations imposed by the German state. This case has caught the attention of several lawyers. One mother has already reported that “they have hired a lawyer to examine this matter, and will also take legal action against it.”

Per the German constitution, examinations on children must have parental consent, but the health department can now nullify this basic right to physical autonomy under Germany’s unconstitutional Infection Protection Act.

Furthermore, this act empowers the state to enter the homes of German families to conduct isolation inspections. If authorities do not deem the isolation measures sufficient, they are able to confiscate their children and place them in quarantine facilities.

Watch the first exclusively translated video, where a German news reporter discusses these troubling events:

In second following RAIR translated video, a mother of one of the children who was forcibly tested in the Waldorf school is interviewed:

Video #1 Transcript:

Our second topic is about a really bad phone call I received from a mother with a child
attending the Waldorf School. Something happened there today, and she was furious.

I completely understand why. She called me to say that at the Waldorf School, a child
enrolled there has a sibling who has been suspected of having Corona since the 28th of August.

The child is suspected of having Corona.

So today the health department marched into the Waldorf School and told students they would all be tested for Corona.

The parents weren’t informed. Apparently, the teachers weren’t informed either.

I think that’s pretty tough considering these are 9- and 10-year olds in the 4th grade.

Some of them started to cry and others wanted to jump out the window.

They said to each other, “Come on, let’s get out of here.” The children were told that
their parents were informed, and that it was explained to them, which is obviously not the case.

The children were misled, and now it isn’t clear what the repercussions will be.

In any case, every child was tested by the health department.

I must say, this is a very clear example that Corona has disabled our rule of law.

Normally, parents are asked to give their permission for examinations. Even for a visit
by a dentist to the school.

To be able just to have a look in a child’s mouth the parents have to sign a permission slip.

That’s nothing compared to what happened here. They just entered the school and have now
sent some children home under quarantine.

Those children were told that they need to stay in their rooms and can no longer have
any contact with their siblings or visit their grandparents.

The mother who called me said that following that, children began to cry.

One child said that her grandmother took care of her, etc. etc.

Now if everything this mother told me was true, then it is an incredible scandal.

A savage attack on rights with a total lack of respect for anything or anyone when it
comes to suspected Corona cases. Everything is being destroyed.

This entire 4th grade class has now forced into quarantine.

These children now have to wait in their rooms until Friday when the test results are ready.

That’s something I wanted to quickly share with you.

There are other interesting topics that we are working on and will be presenting in the next
few days.

This was just a quick update. As I said, street construction and Corona, two disagreeable
topics today. Wednesday.

It’s as bad as the weather here at the moment. That’s just how it is sometimes.

Have a nice evening, take care and see you soon. Ciao, ciao!

Video #2 Transcript:

Our main topic is the continuation of yesterday’s topic.

As you know, we reported on the Corona tests at the Waldorf School.

Of course we’re not interested in discrediting or denigrating any employees of health authorities.

We’re not trying to create anger toward them, and of course we aren’t trying to spread panic.

We want to make that clear. However, what we want to report the fact that at least one child was tested without the consent of the parents. There’s a completely clear legal procedure for something like this and how it should be carried out.

Namely, in order to carry out such a Corona test, one must ask the parents for a declaration of consent.

This doesn’t necessarily mean from the school, but from the health department which performed the test.

Obviously, it appears that everyone was surprised by the entire action and was also rather overwhelmed by it.

If we then extrapolate the legal implications, as I said, there’s an obligation to obtain a declaration of consent of parents.

In this case, there was no consent. De facto non-existent.

So extrapolating the legal implications further, the word “assault” could be used, because if seen critically, the children had these test sticks stuck down their throats and afterward had sore throats. It hurt them.

Not to mention the mental anguish, which isn’t applicable legally.

However, any bodily physical pain enters into the area of assault quite easily.

We wanted to report on this case, and therefore spoke with the mother on the phone this afternoon.

We interviewed her in order to simply ask some questions.

They are the same questions we asked her yesterday, but this way everyone can hear for themselves.

Here is the interview, which is only a couple of minutes long. Please listen to the very end.

Here is the interview with the mother of the child that was tested without consent.

We aren’t revealing her name, although we have it, along with contact information

and telephone number. We’ll keep that secret, because the family Is now under quarantine due to suspected infections, etc.

Of course we don’t want the family to end up in a s***storm or attacked by anyone.

The fact is, as the mother told me on the phone, they have hired a lawyer to examine this matter, and will also take legal action against it. Now for the interview:

Did you know that a Corona Test would be performed on your child?


—No. We knew nothing about it.


Were you given any notice?


—No, I wasn’t given any notice what so ever.


You told us previously about frightened and upset classmates.

Apparently, these tests didn’t go over as well as it was assumed.


What I know — well, what my son told me is that a girl

was crying bitterly in class. She didn’t want to take the test.

She had already been like that before the test because she was very afraid of it.

The children were quite intimidated, of course, by the way this entire action was conducted.

They came in full Hazmat gear. In personal infection protection outfits.

They met the disease control unit.

They must have been taken by storm, because it was announced by the teacher to the class at 10:10am, and by half past ten the children were already done with the testing.

It went incredibly fast. It really did.


Were you given the opportunity to be present for the testing As mother and the child’s legal custodian?


Absolutely not, because the only call I received from the school was at 11:03 a.m., informing me that I had to pick up my son. I was a little concerned. I asked if something had happened.

I was told: “No, it’s nothing bad, the health department was here, the fourth-grade class has to go into quarantine.

They have all just been tested and now they have to go home.” And then of course my jaw dropped and I asked: “Tested for what? How tested?”

So then they started with the Paragraph 29 Infection Protection law shtick, and explained that the health department came in the morning and all the children of the fourth-grade class along with some of the teachers needed to be tested.

So that was a real eye-opener. I asked them why I hadn’t been informed about it beforehand, to which they said they couldn’t reach me, which is not true. I had my cell phone with me the whole time and we were also at home. Our landline wasn’t busy, either.

There was no call from the school or the health department, that I registered, until 11:03am.

By then everything was over and I was told to pick up my son.


So that means not only were you not legally informed, but you received no information whatsoever?


None at all. None at all. I was so shocked. Then I got into the car to pick up my son.

At the school there was no opportunity for a discussion, neither with the teacher nor with the school administration.

I wasn’t permitted to talk to them. The health department had also disappeared, ten minutes before I arrived there.

Everyone made themselves scarce. The teacher was very panicky.

She even expelled me from school, because I had entered the school without a mask.

She was very panicky, and warned all the children to put on their masks immediately and that they had to leave school.

I told her I wanted to pick up my son, and that I was shocked. I asked what had just happened here.

She answered by saying that I had to ask the school administration, or ask the health department.

Then I was asked to leave the school immediately.

It was very shocking for us, I must honestly say.


Do you know if a judge ordered these measures? —

No, I don’t know.

Such official action must always be proportionate.


Weren’t you offered to voluntarily quarantine your child beforehand?


No. Actually, nothing was done before.

I was only informed of the facts afterwards.

During a conversation with the health department employee, he mentioned the fact that everyone needs to get tested when there is a suspicion, according to the infection protection law.

I answered that by saying I believed what happened to be grossly negligent.

I should have been offered the choice to put my child in quarantine for 14 days.

We could have done that without any problem, but that did not happen.


Did your child have any Corona symptoms? Yesterday or today?

Coughing, fever, or breathing problems?


No. Not at all. He’s in perfect health. That’s what I told the health department employee.

A perfectly healthy boy. Of course he was very traumatized after being tested yesterday. That’s what happened.

Shocked, traumatized, and we had a sleepless night.

There was a lot of crying done here in our family. He’s completely confused.

He asks why he isn’t allowed to leave the house. He says: “I didn’t do anything wrong”.

Those are the consequences we have to bear right now.


How did the examination proceed? Did your son share that with you?


Yes. He told me, a test swab was taken from a milky liquid, and stuck down his throat three times. Quite far down.

He kept touching the lower part of his neck and it still hurt him badly yesterday.

I asked him: “Why three times?”

He said, “Well, I pulled away a little bit and moved my tongue.” And it hurt, of course.

That was my first question. I’m really grateful and happy that this was not a nasal smear.

I have seen very bad videos of that.




These were throat swabs, but taken three times from him.


Was it similar with the other children? Did your son tell you anything?


He could only tell me about one boy who also said to him before if all happened:

“Let’s just go out the window. Come on, let’s just take off really quick,” he said.

However, the two of them didn’t dare. For obvious reasons, of course.

Apparently, this boy had to have it done four times.

The two boys talked about it. He was squirming around the whole time and he was making a little noise and coughing. So he had to do it four times.


Were there already cases of suspected Corona infections in the class?

Or any children with symptoms that you know about?


I only know what the health department employee told me.

He said there is a sibling of one of the fourth-graders

in this class that has tested positive for Corona.

However, that child has been in quarantine with his family since August 28th.

Apparently, his brother tested positive for Corona.

This is what the health department informed me yesterday per telephone. Additionally, I was told that two days before the end of their quarantine they needed to quickly test the fourth grade class of this sibling.

Do you think it is absolutely necessary or appropriate to test the children in school due to the circumstances?

No. Absolutely not. In my opinion, it was very traumatizing for some of them.

You could tell. As a mother, I could see it even in the faculty.

The school secretary was very upset, distraught and also a little overwhelmed.

She had to inform everyone. Apparently by phone, and the phone didn’t stop ringing.

It seems that she forgot to inform us, if I might say it like that.

The teacher also seemed very stressed. Very overwhelmed. They were all very shocked.

The children also sat there looking very sad and shocked.

Media Host:

At the beginning, you said that the health authorities had come to the school in full gear. What do you mean by that?

White protective suits? —


Yes, that’s the way our son described it to us.

He described them like astronaut suits.

Okay. —

But I don’t know. I didn’t see them.

To your previous question, I want to mention that the health department employee told me that apparently some of the children in the fourth grade had Corona symptoms, which I can’t comprehend.

However, I don’t want to make assumptions. That’s what he told me.

He said there are Corona symptoms present in some of the fellow students of the class.

I told him that our son had never met with this family.

But he couldn’t have known that before he tested them because no information at all was available.


So, dear friends, those were very moving words.

I was a bit astonished myself when I recorded this interview, and re-asked the questions. Well, there seems to be a degree of chaos involved here.

And of course now all sorts of people are trying to play the whole thing down.

To negate it, and then of course they also try to put Aurich TV in a dubious light. You are welcome to do that.

We can accept that, but the facts speak for themselves.

As I said, everyone can claim what they want, but the fact remains a child was tested.

Another fact is, there was no consent from the parents.

I think it’s really bad how these children were frightened.

Imagine how scared they where when suddenly men show up in spacesuits in their classroom and they’re all told everyone is going to take the Corona test. I don’t know.

We’re talking about nine- and ten-year-old children.

This certainly has turned out to be very, very, very bad.

I don’t want to say any more than that at this point. Make up your own mind.

Leave a comment and share this video. With that I’ll say:

we’ll see each other again in the next few days.

There are plenty of topics in this city, and see you soon.

Take care and above all stay healthy. Ciao. Bye.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist



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