WARNING: U.S. Democratic Party Copies Germany, Deploys Antifa Stormtroopers Against Conservatives

The American franchise of Antifa is duplicating the violent tactics, goals, and ideology of Antifa in Germany

Antifa’s goal is to subvert western political systems with extreme violence and replace the free market with communism. Germany’s ruling government, left-wing parties, and the media financially and politically support Antifa shutting down any conservative opposition to their radical agendas. America’s Republican leaders must not allow the Democratic party to follow their German allies’ lead by supporting and using this subversive organization to further its far-left agenda. The United States must take action to designate Antifa as a terrorist organization.

Germany’s only conservative political opposition, The Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), has been violently targeted by Antifa for several years. They experienced thousands of criminal attacks against its institutions and members by Antifa. The attacks range from arson, harassment, intimidation, doxing, incidences at their homes, burglary, and assassination attempt to canceling major political AfD conventions. Last year, an Antifa website, “Indymedia,” even published “assassination instructions” for AfD members’ attacks.

Like in Germany, Democratic politicians and their media have been sympathetic to Antifa and defended and downplayed this “highly networked, well-funded” terrorist organization. America and Germany’s left-wing share the same ideological goals as Antifa: to replace capitalism with communism.

Following the George Floyd-inspired violent left-wing riots that reigned across cities and towns in America, conservative President Donald Trump announced that he would designate Antifa as a terrorist organization:

Conservative Senators Bill Cassidy (R-LA) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) introduced S. Res. 279 last July, which called for Antifa to be labeled a “domestic terrorist organization.” But unfortunately, the resolution never advanced in the Senate.

The American franchise of Antifa is duplicating the violent tactics, goals, and ideology of Antifa in Germany. This terrorist group has already infiltrated and dominated Europe’s political systems; America must not accept the same fate. It is time we contact our state lawmakers and demand they designate Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization.

Below, RAIR Foundation USA highlights many examples of the German government and left-wing parties’ financial and ideological support of Antifa. Furthermore, RAIR provides examples of the targeted violence and harassment inflicted on the AfD party.

Government Funds Antifa, Left-Wing Greens Party Demands More

On the German Bundestag floor in March 2020, Federal Minister Renate Künast of the radical left-wing Greens party calls for a law guaranteeing consistent funding for Antifa. Künast voiced her frustrations that Antifa and NGOs receive only “one-year employment contracts each year.” She is demanding more “dependable financial support” from the government on their behalf:

To be honest, I’m tired of the way we have been fighting for decades in order for committed NGOs and Antifa groups to be able to receive their money. Year after year they are only permitted to have work contracts.

In the summer of 2017, Greens Party and Antifa held an election event. Two Greens Party leaders, Cem Ozdemir and Katrin Goering-Eckardt, were in attendance; their faces are circled in the picture below. Also circled is a logo with the Antifa (“anti-fascist”) flag.

Cem Ozdemir and Katrin Goering-Eckardt

Germany’s Left-Wing Socialist Party Die Linke’s Support of Antifa

Antifa was recently represented in Germany’s Parliament by Martina Renner of the German socialist party Die Linke, a direct descendant of the former ruling East German Communist Party. Comrade Renner was applauded by her communist friends and embraced by Die Linke Leader Katja Kipping for proudly wearing an “Antifa” pin on her lapel during a parliamentary session.

Die Linke Leader Katja Kipping smeared members of the largest conservative political party in Germany, AfD, by saying at a rally: “…behind every AfD person in a suit, there’s a Nazi ready to Fire a Gun.”

Germany’s Left-Wing Media’s Support of Antifa: Vice

As reported at RAIR, left-wing Vice glorified Germany’s Antifa in an interview with one of their members, with which they offered anonymity. The Antifa member boasted about attacking who he deems to be “nazis.” He explained his motives are for “political reasons” and for “personal satisfaction,” It’s “a lot of fun to be the hunter”:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Support of Antifa

In the following video below, AfD foreign policy spokesman Petr Bystron demands Chancellor Merkel explain her financial support of Antifa. Bystron revealed that Merkel gave over 1 Million Euros to an Antifa supporter to use for left-wing propaganda:

How do you explain to your taxpaying citizens that German Chancellor Angela Merkel spent over 1.2 million Euros in 2019  on racist, anti-German NGOs which support violent, extremist Antifa?

Angela Merkel reportedly served as the agitation and propaganda officer for the communist youth organization Free German Youth at the Academy of Sciences in Berlin in 1980.

Antifa teams up with Left-Wing Party to stop AfD party conference in Berlin

German venues that would dare to allow AfD to host events are regularly harassed and threatened by Antifa. The situation got so bad for the AfD in Berlin that the entire party could not host an event in the city. AfD leader Georg Pazderski addressed the state parliament after his party’s conference was shut down by Antifa:

Antifa and Socialist Party Stop AfD Event With Death Threats To Venue Owner

In the following video from May 2019, Frank Magnitz, the local chairman of the AfD, explains how Antifa teamed up with the Social Democratic Party (SPD) of Germany to shut down their political event. The socialist party demanded the venue owners cancel the event, and Antifa members threatened the owner and his family members’ life to shut down the event.

In January, Frank Magnitz was attacked and severely beaten by “unknown assailants.” Masked Antifa terrorists viciously attacked Magnitz on the street, who took credit for the attempt on his life. The local leader was kicked in the head and sustained severe injuries. Magnitz was in intensive care for an extensive period of time. No arrests were made. AfD members are frequently attacked in Germany without effort to find the culprits.

Assassination attempt on AfD Leader Frank Magnitz

Assassination attempt on AfD Leader Frank Magnitz

In the following video, Mr. Magnitz, who, as you can see, still has scars on his head from the attack five months prior, talks about the current situation in Bremen. The local Antifa so viciously targets the AfD that it is unable to book and hold a venue for any of its events:

Arson Attacks Against AfD Members

In April 2019, cars belonging to the AfD were fire-bombed in Essen. An AfD local politician discusses the escalation of violence taking place against his party:

Yes it starts, I’ll just say, with little things, like tearing down election posters. The next level is, as you’ve already mentioned, events. Then there are the attacks on our info stands and our AfD offices or people who work for the AfD. And now arson. 

It is an attack, in my opinion, it is not only an attack against the AfD. It is an attack against democracy. It is definitely an attack on democracy, but in spite of it all we will not be intimidated. I have come to the conclusion that we’re the ones who are truly tolerant. We actually live tolerance, because we have a lot to do endure. We really endure a lot.

Antifa Shuts Down AfD Political Event

The following video shows an appearance by members of the AfD on the street in Dresden. Masked Antifa operatives surrounded AFD’s display and members to keep them from interacting with the public.

Antifa Attacks AfD vigil for Christians in Munich

The following video from May 2019 shows the stormtroopers of Antifa violently stopping an event held by AfD to commemorate the jihad attack that occurred on a Croatian church in Munich one month earlier.

Antifa Violently Shuts Down College lecture by AfD Co-Founder

AfD co-founder Bernd Lucke was rushed out of Hamburg University by police after his lecture got shut down by Antifa.

AfD Women’s Rights March in Berlin Attacked by Antifa

In February 2018, a women’s rights march was organized in Berlin by Leyla Bilge, an ex-Muslim and a member of the AfD. Antifa blocked the female marchers while the police did little to protect the AfD supporters.

Tommy Robinson attended the event and can be scene in the video:

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.

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