Germans Protest Their Government Dragging Them Into 'War Against Russia' (Video)

On January 25th, 2023, Germans marched on the central square of Marienplatz, Munich, against its involvement in the war between Ukraine and Russia. Demonstrators explained they were “standing up against warmongering and the path to World War III.”

The protesters voiced their opposition to Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock from the left-wing Greens Party, who declared, “we are fighting a war against Russia, and not against each other.”

She spoke the day before the German government announced it was arming Ukraine with advanced Leopard tanks, putting aside earlier reservations about whether such a move could prompt Moscow to escalate the war. Demonstrators called the decision an “inhumane policy of death.”

Not only did German citizens not get input into these controversial decisions, but historically, when Germany went to war with Russia, it did not go very well for them.

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  • Mr. Jones is firmly convinced that this time
    he has identified an absolutely reliable clair-
    voyant. I assume that “Kalgeri” means Kalergi.

    What is remarkable about the story is that it
    first came to public attention, probably rather
    unintentionally, through the Jewish Rathenau.

  • It is, after all, unmistakable that African-Americans, who cultivate their alleged “oppression” as “part of their identity,” have clearly adopted this – beg your pardon – parasitic tactic from the Jews, who led the way, transforming this systematic self-victimization into an instrument of oppression against their alleged oppressors in order to exploit it most profitably.

    For in Africa itself (with the exception of South Africa), where the population has not had the privilege of benefiting from a society built by whites, the cry for retribution for racism is comparatively quiet. And the Jews themselves make no secret of the fact that it is mainly thanks to their “civic commitment” that they have persuaded the Negroes that the Whites are oppressing them.

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  • War comes to you when creeps like Putin are around whether you want it or not. The worst thing to try is appeasement or giving a green light to the creeps attacking your neighbors.

  • “when Germany went to war with Russia, it did not go very well for them.”
    Since former GRU Officer and Soviet defector Vladimir Bogdanovich Rezun wrote “Icebreaker” more than 30 years ago under the pseudonym Viktor Suvarov, which outlined the massive Soviet buildup to invade Europe, there have been at least 4 others who have written books on the topic. All have had access to Soviet archives. Suvarov wrote follow-up books correcting small details in “Icebreaker”. The reality is that Operation Barbarossa was a suicide attack on the largest military build-up in history. The Germans themselves acknowledged that they had grossly underestimated the size of the buildup. The fact that the German army was even able to survive to fight at Stalingrad was, in itself, impressive. Get over the false narrative about WWII. Germany saved Europe from Stalin.


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