Germany: AfD Politician Severely Beaten by 'Foreigners' in Another Politically Motivated Attack

AfD party members not only have to worry about their government targeting them but government-funded foreigners and domestic terrorists targeting them and their family members.

A local politician for the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party was viciously attacked by two men last Friday as he rode the bus home in Hamburg. The conservative politician for Germany’s only anti-illegal immigration party described his attackers, who are known to police, as “definitely southerners” or foreigners.

The attack occurred in the Billstedt district of the city as Marc-Manuel Kunstmann, the son of a famous German actress, was traveling home on a bus, reported BILD. The AfD explains that he was recognized by two men and savagely beaten on public transport.

Marc-Manuel Kunstmann (45) with his mother, the actress (78)

He described how he had headphones in his ears when he was “suddenly hit by a blow.” Kunstmann said his face was bleeding and asked the bus driver to call the police. But, instead, the driver opened the door and asked him to get out – possibly, according to Kunstmann himself, because he lost his mask from the first hit, and masks are still mandatory in Hamburg’s local transport.

The two foreigners followed him, and the violent attack continued on the street. He fell to the ground, and the foreigners repeatedly kicked him. Finally, Kunstmann reports: “I curled up on the floor, fetal position. In this position, I tried to dial the emergency number.” But two police patrol cars that happened to be passing by observed what was happening and rushed to his aid

 Kunstmann suffered a cut lip, facial and bodily bruises, and several cracked teeth.

The police confirmed: “The state security is investigating and checking whether there could be a political motive. The two suspects initially arrested by the emergency services are 28 and 35 years old.” Previously they had been arrested for various bodily harm offenses, drunk driving, and urinating in public.

While the investigation into the attack continues, Kunstmann has filed a complaint against the bus driver for “failure to provide assistance.”

A few weeks ago, two military-aged Egyptian illegals were arrested in Italy for robbing the son of anti-illegal-migrant Lega leader and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini. The migrants, described by a judge as “dangerous repeat offenders,” stole Federico’s phone and cash after threatening him with a broken bottle in Milan on December 23.

Political Motive

Kunstmann believes that he was attacked for his political affiliation stating, “You must have recognized me as an AfD’er.” His party state chairman Dirk Nockemann has condemned the attack adding, “AfD members are not fair game.”

The targeting of another AfD politician comes with no surprise. For several years, Germany’s left-wing government and political parties have taken extreme and violent measures to eliminate their only conservative political opposition, the AfD.

The German government and left-wing media smear the AfD as extremists yet are in bed with terrorist groups like Antifa. Germany’s ruling government, left-wing parties, and the press financially and politically support Antifa, which frequently shut down conservative opposition to their radical globalist agendas.

The AfD has experienced thousands of criminal attacks against its institutions and members by government-funded Antifa. The attacks range from arson, harassment, intimidation, doxing, major acts of vandalism, incidences at their homes, burglary, and assassination attempts to canceling major political AfD conventions. An Antifa website, “Indymedia,” even published “assassination instructions” for attacks on AfD members.

AfD party members not only have to worry about their government targeting them but government-funded foreigners and domestic terrorists coming after them and their family members.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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