Germany: Honor Killing With Axe In The Streets of Limburg!? Exclusive Translated Eyewitness Account (Video)

Police threaten citizens who would share video of attack while media covers up attacker’s Tunisian migration background.

A 34-year-old man of Tunisian descent first ran over his 31-year-old wife in Limburg city center in Germany with his Audi, then beat and slaughtered her to death in broad daylight with an axe and butcher knife. While the highly-circulated German newspaper Bild initially reported that the perpetrator had a “migration background,” they quietly scrubbed that phrase from their report.

Instead of working vigilantly to get to the bottom of the horrific crime, police are threatening “criminal proceedings” to German citizens if they share the video of the attack. Out of respect for the victim, RAIR Foundation USA will not be sharing the video, but feel strongly that police should focus on criminal cases instead of using resources to monitor what people share on social media.

According to PI-NEWS, the man is the son of Tunisian immigrants to Germany. The couple has two children who were in kindergarten at the time of the crime and are now being cared for by child services.

The man is currently in custody and is being interrogated by police. Police have refused to answer media’s questions about the man’s background or motive.

“German with a migration background” scrubbed from BILD News Report

BILD initially reported on a “German with a migration background” (see video one at 49 second mark) but then censored itself (archived version here). The mainstream media is currently reporting on a “German citizen” as a “suspected suspect”. (Hat Tip: BlondJedi)

The eyewitness Mike Goebel was on his way to work when he witnessed the crime:

“I saw the way a car shot past. I thought, this guy drives like a maniac wanting to burn some rubber. And then I saw how he pushed the woman through the gate. He ran over the woman, and then he dragged her through the gate. And then he screamed, ‘You will not cheat on me anymore!'”

Video One:

Video Two:

Two videos have been circulating on social media of the attacks taken by witnesses. As PI-NEWS reports:

“The gruesome images that a local resident took show a dark-haired culprit in a black tracksuit as he strikes his wife who is lying on the ground. The 25-second clip is filmed from a neighboring house. On display is the black Audi, whose tailgate is open is smoking after the impact from running over his wife. In the second video, two forensics workers work alongside the woman’s dead body. On the floor next to the woman are the murder weapons, a short-handled ax and the butcher’s knife. The filmmaker zooms in on the corpse, the sweater is pulled over her head, police officers marked the murder weapons with blue paint.

Limburg’s police and prosecutor’s office have issued strict warnings that anyone who circulates the videos of Limburg’s latest horrific attack will be arrested. It is shocking that Limburg Police would make threatening law-abiding German citizens sharing public information a priority.

The tactic of information suppression is now common and consistent with the clamp-down on information seen in the wake of the Brenton Tarrant mosque attack in Christchurch, New Zealand on March 15 2019.

This is Limburg’s second horrible attack in October. Two weeks ago, a Syrian man name Mohammed went on a vehicular jihad rampage in Limburg, smashing a stolen car into a number of other vehicles while screaming “Allah” and causing seventeen injuries. The BBC reported that while the perpetrator in the attack “was [initially] being treated by investigators as having a ‘terrorist background,’ “the Interior Minister Horst Seehofer “said…he could not yet say how the incident was being classified.”

Additionally, the Local reported that the “investigators had said in a statement that their probe into the motive for the unnamed suspect’s act was ‘ongoing’ and they were ‘pursuing all leads’.” Also, “…passers-by said the driver said ‘Allah’ several times” and spoke Arabic, FNP reported.  

RAIR Foundation USA takes pride in reporting the facts. If there are updates or changes to the information, RAIR will update this story. – Editor’s Note

Video One: many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation

“Woman killed with ax and butcher knife”

The man allegedly first ran over his wife on the sidewalk, and then he slaughtered her in broad daylight.

The police reported that witnesses observed the scene on Friday morning when a man ran over a woman. The 31-year-old woman was walking along the sidewalk near the main train station. The 34-year-old man then allegedly exited his vehicle and beat the woman lying on the floor with an object. The woman was so severely injured that she died at the scene.

The man let himself be arrested without resistance. Investigators are treating this as a domestic crime.

“The German with a migration background beat the woman so badly that she died at the scene. They have two children who are now looked after by psychologists.”

“Since it is of such burning interest, the 34-year-old suspect is a German citizen. He was born and raised in Germany, but doesn’t have a German name. Just how important this is for the investigation is not clear as of today.” …who slaughtered his wife in broad daylight with an ax.

“The crime scene video is so unbelievably brutal, that piety and decency demand that it not be publicly shown.”

The eyewitness Mike Goebel saw the horrible crime unfold. He was on his way to work when he witnessed the crime.

“I saw the way a car shot past. I thought, this guy drives like a maniac wanting to burn some rubber. And then I saw how he pushed the woman through the gate. He ran over the woman, and then he dragged her through the gate. And then he screamed, “You will not cheat on me anymore!” me anymore!”

Video Two: Many thanks to Miss Piggy for the translation

We now come to a completely different topic. A man is said to have killed his wife in Hessen, on the street with an axe, in Limburg city centre. The 34-year-old first ran over his wife with his Audi, as the 31-year-old was walking on the sidewalk.

Afterwards he is said to have jumped out of his car and hacked the woman with an axe. She died on the spot of the severe injuries.

We welcome on the telephone Markus Hoffmann, the spokesperson for police headquarters in West Hessen. Thank you for taking time for us. What is the current state of things?

Yes, the 34-year-old man accused of killing his 31-year-old wife this morning on Weiherstraße in Limburg was arrested by the police.

The man is currently in custody and being interrogated by the police about the crime, and the Limburg prosecutor’s office will decide during the course of the day whether or not he will be presented to the magistrate.

Mr. Hoffmann, do you know anything yet about motive or background? Was there a fight? We are told they were married. Was there a conflict in the relationship? —Yes, as you said, the man was married to the woman. We assume this is a case of a domestic dispute, but the background of this awful crime is still under investigation. Currently the man is being interrogated, and perhaps further information will come to light.

For understandable reasons I’m not able to discuss any exact details for the moment. —Can you tell us anything further about the two people involved? Have they lived in Limburg for very long or did they just move there? What can you tell us?

The investigation is ongoing and I’m not able to give you any background details about the two people involved at the moment. —This all happened right on the street.

Are there any witnesses that might be helpful in solving this crime? Yes, we are requesting it, and there are several possible witnesses, even those who made video recordings or took photographs.
Of course these are of great importance for the police investigation. We also request that these materials not be simply released onto the Internet.

We ask witnesses or informants that have information about this case, or anyone with recordings, to pass these along to the Limburger police. I also have a phone number, 06431 91400. Markus Hoffmann of the police headquarters West Hessen, thanks very much. —You’re welcome.


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