Germany Finally Recognizes Covid 'Vaccine' Damage (Video)

The first civil lawsuit against vaccine manufacturer BioNTech for alleged health damage from the Covid “vaccination” has been postponed from March to April. The case involves a 57-year-old who has suffered heart damage.

The German news channel, ZDF heute, highlighted the legal case and discussed the damage the shot has caused many people’s lives, including a healthy 17-year-old top-level gymnast whose vaccination damage was recognized by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia after a year.

The damage the shots did to Selin Islami has been crippling, the once healthy athlete is now riddled with blood clots, is unable to walk, and can not swallow properly. She struggles with double vision, difficulty breathing and severe vascular damage.

The top competitor in the German Gymnast championship spent a year in the hospital following her second shot fighting for her life.

Just recently the state, recognized that Celine’s serious illness was caused by the Comirnaty (covid vaccine) by BioNTech. She is now receiving a month benefit of 854 Euros ($904.32 USD), an unlivable amount to properly take care of herself.

In a shocking turn of events, German news station is asking why were the risks of the Covid vaccination clearly stated in the EU contract with the vaccine manufacturers in 2020, while publicly mostly the harmlessness was communicated? Why did the ex-minister of health Jens Spahn override regulations for Covid vaccines that apply to all other medicines?

This latest report by German media is a huge change for the left-wing outlets, which have gone to great lengths to hide or downplay any negative aspects of the gene-therapy shots until now. Furthermore, they have asked very few questions about the safety of the “vaccines.”

According to the German news, other legal cases are to follow in Frankenthal, Düsseldorf and Munich. The federal government is also affected by a lawsuit. It would then be a question of whether the ordinance to procure the vaccines was legal.

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