Germany: Muslims Cheer for Sharia Hand Chopping and Stoning (Video)

Germany: Muslims Cheer for Sharia Hand Chopping and Stoning (Video)

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  • On October 13, 2020
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For more than a decade, Michael Stürzenberger, has been holding popular presentations on Islam and conducting street interviews in downtown Munich. In his most recent interview, Mr. Stürzenberger speaks with a Muslim man who proudly endorses Islam’s legal punishments for stealing and adultery, hand chopping and stoning.

“According to Islam, in the case of theft, the hand is to be chopped off” explains the sharia-adherent man. And in the case of adultery, the “criminals” are stoned. “As a Muslim” the man explains, “Why should I be ashamed of laws that the creator decreed for humanity”.

The consequences of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s suicidal open borders policies are terrifying. Watch the following RAIR Foundation USA exclusively translated video of Mr. Stürzenberger’s interview.

Western politicians & media refuse to address the threat of Islamic migration, but instead fight to silence and prosecute anyone exposing the problem. Mr. Stürzenberger has been prosecuted numerous times in Germany and Austria for challenging Islam and reporting on islamic history. He was even sentenced to six months in prison and an additional 100 hours of charitable work for posting the photo below of a Nazi and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem on his Facebook page. The photo was not a photoshopped or digitally altered. It was a simple a historical artifact from World War Two.  

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Video Transcript: many thanks to Miss Piggy

Muslim speaker to crowd:

First, I want to say as a Muslim that I’m not ashamed of anything!

Michael Stürzenberger:

Social distancing. 1.5 meters.

Muslim speaker:

Of anything in Islam. According to Islam, in the case of theft, the hand is to be chopped off.

This is applicable when four people, independent of each other, witness the theft with their own eyes!

This is merciful of the creator. How merciful.

Michael Stürzenberger:

And what about stoning? And stoning by adultery? It’s the same.

Four independent witnesses, right?

Muslim Speaker:

Then there’s stoning. —

Yeah, even with stoning. I’m not ashamed of my religion.

Why should I be ashamed of laws that the creator decreed for humanity?

Michael Stürzenberger:

OK, friends, we’re taking a break now.

I can see that there is applause here for stoning and chopping of hands for theft. Very revealing.


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lester stoner
show me chapter and verse in the Torah where it states this
    John Have a lesson in islamic barbaric law.
How is chopping off a thief's hand merciful? Western civilization is in big trouble. Huge.
I met Muslims on center city street promoting Islam. One told me he memorized the whole Quaran. I asked him how a holy prophet from God could advocate raping married and single women captured after a battle. He said Mohammad never said that. I said it's in Quran. He denied it.I asked him for his Quran and began to read 4, 24. He said ok I can't lie. Not all societies are compatible. The worst pandemic today is Islam. There is no vaccine short of bloody long years of civil war. The current solution is to to appease. To facilitate Islam rather than defend. Our kids kids will have no land to call home.
    Oh so true i am afraid, leftie Dills will allow all civilisations to be Murdered.
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