Germany: Open Borders Merkel remains in quarantine despite testing negative for coronavirus after contact with infected doctor

Merkel, who is mostly responsible for Europe’s mass-uncontrolled immigration and destruction of national borders, now has a personal border around herself.

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is mostly responsible for Europe’s mass-uncontrolled immigration and destruction of national borders, now has a personal border around herself. Despite Merkel testing negative for Chinese coronavirus, has chosen to remain self quarantine in her home after contact with an infected doctor. Merkel will be tested repeatedly for the virus over the next few days.

Merkel has consistently defended her dangerous policy of open borders during the European migrant crisis of 2015, saying in May of last year: “If there were mistakes made in the context [of the 2015 crisis], taking people in was not one of them.

Germany’s Alternative für Deutschland (AFD) party has been fighting for their borders to be closed and warning of the catastrophic consequences of Merkel’s open door “welcome refugees” policies for years. RAIR Foundation USA, has highlighted many of the AfD’s powerful speeches fighting to close the borders and pleading for Merkel to protect the public (see following AfD RAIR translated speeches: here, here, here, and here).

As previously reported by RAIR Foundation USA, open borders Germany has imposed some of the more draconian lockdown measures in Europe. Yet, as they aggressively police their own citizens, the German government is still permitting flights from coronavirus-infected Iran and China. 

In this exclusively translated RAIR video, German news reports on Merkel’s self quarantine decision:
Video: deTV detelevision Translation: Miss Piggy

The AfD is the only classical European party on the German political spectrum. They are family oriented, want secure borders, and believe in the preservation of the nation state of Germany, much as President Trump does in America. Both the AfD and President Trump’s domestic and foreign policies make the world a safer place for their citizens. President Trump has been an outspoke critic of Merkel’s open borders policies for years and predicted the destruction it would cause;

“Coronavirus: Angela Merkel goes into quarantine after doctor who vaccinated her tests positive by Vincent Wood, March 22, 2020, MSN News

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has gone into quarantine after being informed that a doctor who administered a vaccine to her has tested positive for the Chinese coronavirus.

Ms Merkel’s spokesman said she was informed about the doctor’s test shortly after holding a news conference on Sunday, in which she announced new measures to curb the spread of the virus including a ban on groups of more than two people congregating in public.

Her spokesman, Steffen Seibert, said Ms Merkel had received a precautionary vaccine on Friday against pneumococcal infection.

Mr Seibert said in a statement that Ms Merkel, 65, would undergo “regular tests” in the coming days and continue with her work from home for the time being.

Ms Merkel is not the first major world leader to have entered quarantine over the virus. Earlier this month Canada’s Justin Trudeau was quarantined after his wife tested positive for the virus.

It comes after Ms Merkel confirmed Germany would ban public meetings of more than two people as the nation works on slowing the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

The policy does not apply to those who live in the same household she noted, in the latest measure to limit passage of the virus that has infected more than 22,000 people in the country but only led to 84 deaths – a significantly lower rate than that seen in the rest of the world.

“The danger lies in the direct social interaction,” state premier Armin Laschet said, adding that the federal government and regional states had agreed on the stricter rules.

While announcing the policy Ms Merkel thanked “the overwhelming majority” of Germans following rules on social distancing. Moments later she confirmed she would be quarantined after a doctor who had given her a vaccination tested positive for the virus.“I know that it means sacrifice,” she said, “I’m moved by the fact that so many are abiding by these rules. This way we show care for older and sick people, because the virus is most dangerous to them. In short: we are saving lives with this.”

Public spaces had already fallen quiet on Saturday after a number of states imposed quarantine measures and called on citizens to stay at home as part of a partial lockdown of the nation.

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