Germany Rewards Rioting Migrants in Coronavirus Quarantine with Free Housing, Halal Food, WiFi & Pre-Paid phone cards (Video)

Left-wing groups and their media exploit the migrant riots for their political goals.

At the ZASt refugee facility in Halberstadt, Germany, more than 800 migrants have been under quarantine since last week when one of them tested positive for the Chinese coronavirus. A group of 100 to 150 migrants at the facility started a violent riot against what they consider their poor accommodations. Left-wing groups seized on the opportunity to demand the migrants have even more free handouts. The German government quickly acquiesced.

Due to the facility quarantine, migrants have no longer been allowed to leave to do their own grocery shopping, so catered food is being delivered to them. Migrants are not been pleased with their halal meals nor the personal hygiene products they are receiving. The migrants have also expressed their anger at the lack of Wifi hotspots available to them. In response, migrants in the facility started a riot, refused the halal food and tore down fences that currently separate the three main buildings of the property.

Watch the two RAIR Foundation USA, translated videos detailing the riots at an migrant center in Halberstadt:

Video #1

Video #2

In response to the riots, Denise Vopel, a spokeswoman for the Saxony-Anhalt state administration office, announced Germany would reward the rioting migrants by meeting all of their special halal pork-free food, wifi, personal hygiene product demands while continuing to supply them with free living accommodations:

All demands have been accepted and efforts are being made to make the quarantine situation ‘as tolerable as possible’ for people.

Germany’s AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) party, reported that the left and their media are using the riot in order to gain political capital. The radical left-wing “Anti-racist Network Saxony-Anhalt” wrote a seven-page open letter demanding more tax-payer funded handouts for migrants. In addition, they planned a meeting to “advocate for the rights of asylum seekers”.

Left-wing groups and Islamic supremacists exploiting the coronavirus crisis for their political goals is nothing new. As RAIR recently reported, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his loyalists in Germany successfully exploited the coronavirus lockdown to justify broadcasting the Islamic call to prayer from their hundreds of mosques. 

Meanwhile, since the quarantine went into effect last week at the facility, 24 migrants have tested positive for the virus. These, as well as four negatively tested family members, have since been transferred to a specially set-up quarantine accommodation in Quedlinburg, Germany.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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