Germany: Somali Migrant Shouting 'Allahu Akbar' Kills 3 So Far, Injures Many (Video)

Years of left-wing open borders policies in Germany are taking a detrimental toll on the country.

At least three people died in a brutal Islamic stabbing attack in the city of Würzburg, in Bavaria, Germany, on Friday.  Five others were seriously injured. Two are in critical condition, and many more people suffered injuries who bravely tried to stop the knife-wielding terrorist. The victims are mainly women. The terrorist is a 24-year-old Somali Muslim who arrived as a migrant to Germany in 2015. 

The Islamic migrant who arrived in the Bavarian town of 130,000 inhabitants was arrested after police shot him in the leg to subdue him. The police assured the public there was no longer a threat to the community. The migrant has been taken to a “psychiatric” hospital, where police are also questioning him.

According to the Bavarian Minister of the Interior, Joachim Herrmann a little boy was also injured in the knife attack. In addition, his father was likely killed, the politician said.

Psychiatric Problems

Minister Joachim Herrmann explained that the attacker was known to the police for acts of violence and psychiatric problems.

“He was forcibly interned in a psychiatric hospital” recently, said the minister.

At the same time, he referred to a witness claiming that the Muslim shouted “Allah Akbar” while killing innocent individuals.

The phrase “Allahu Akbar” actually means that “Allah is greater” than any other god. When recited, it empowers Muslims, making them feel superior to the rest of mankind. “Allahu Akbar” has, in fact, been a jihadist tool since the early years of Islam.

When it is shouted publicly as an expression of rage, however, particularly during an attack on others, it is intended to intimidate or threaten; its purpose is to emphasize that the assault is being committed on behalf of Allah — submitting to his command to kill enemies — and in the expectation of the reward of eternal paradise.


“The police investigation will have to determine whether we are dealing with an act related to Islamism or to the mental state” of the Muslim, explained the Minister. He added that according to the rescue teams, the Somali had shown “truly incredible brutality.”

As previously reported at RAIR Foundation USA, In virtually every instance of jihad attacks in Europe, politicians & media hide the identity of the attackers. In rare instances when the identity of an attacker is leaked, the suspect is often presented as possibly suffering from mental health issues. This propaganda narrative is presumably to hide the Islamic motives for the attack and thereby protect the mass immigration policies of Muslims into the West by Left-wing governments and politicians.

Videos From The Attack

Amateur videos of the attacks show migrant barefoot, staggering in a square and down the street with a long knife in hand as passers-by tried to stop him with sticks or chairs taken from cafe terraces.

Other footage showed passers-by chasing the assailant across a square and down the street, before being joined by a police car.

Another video shows the alleged assailant on the ground, his hands being handcuffed by a police officer as people around forcefully express their anger and fear.

Years of left-wing open borders policies in Germany are taking a detrimental toll on the country. Violence and criminal acts have reached catastrophic levels, as Chancellor Angela Merkel’s hard-left government and left-wing media laughably continue to blame the phantom of “right-wing” terror.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • Thank you Fyhrer Merkel and von der Leyen-Göbbels! VIELEN DANK!

    Thank you Georg Soros for importing this shit to EU!

    The more money, the less brain, Soros and Gates = both brainless!

  • Forced union of two opposite cultures.. not a natural blend. Bad idea.. dont blame this symptom the real enemy are those who planned to do this experiment

  • Scary, back in 2010, Germany was peaceful. No Islamic attacks. Today, it is scary. I will avoid Germany.

  • It may most likely turn out that belief in supremacist Islam is the cause of mental illness leading to violent acts against random non-believers.


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