Germany Will Vote On Mandating Covid 'Vaccines', Next Up 'Compulsory Diets For Overweight People'

The claim that this vaccination effectively protects others from infection and curbs the spread of the virus — is fake news. – Alice Weidel, AfD co-leader

On Thursday, Match 17, 2022, the Bundestag (German Parliament) debated the various motions for and against a possible Covid “vaccination” requirement for the first time in history. The decision on whether to make the vaccination compulsory is expected to be made in three weeks, followed by a parliamentary vote.

The vote, however, isn’t just about Covid “vaccines.” It’s about creating a general law that allows the government to make (any) vaccination mandatory. Then, in the future, the German government would have an easier time mandating any “cure” they see fit. Although some “vaccine” proposals appear to have a time limit, we’ve seen how long they can and do extended “temporary” Covid measures at will. 

Several different parliamentary factions and alliances have formed around different views on the controversial topic. Some call for a more hard-line version of the mandate; others call for a softer version. The only party rejecting the idea entirely is Germany’s only conservative party, the AfD (Alternative for Deutschland).

Compulsory Vaccination from 18

On the table are several proposals in which politicians from different parties have joined forces. Certain left-wing party leaders from the Greens and SDP have joined forces to propose mandating the Covid vaccine for anyone 18 years and older. Their law would take effect October 1 and be limited until the end of 2023. Adults would have to be able to show proof of vaccination or recovery from October or face a fine.

Compulsory Vaccination from 50

While other left-wing parties leaders from FDP, Greens, and SDP suggest, the mandated age starts at 50 years old. They argue that unvaccinated people over 50 are at “significantly higher risk” of severe Corona and hospitalization.

Vaccine Register

Angela Merkel’s leftist party, the CDU, and CSU are making their own proposal: a vaccination register should be set up so that it is clear who has been vaccinated in the and who would need to be targeted. The CDU/CSU rejects a mandatory vaccination decision at this point and instead advocates a “staged vaccination mechanism” that the Parliament could enact in the event of an aggravated pandemic situation. This could then theoretically also provide for compulsory vaccination.

Germany’s Only Conservative Party Rejects Vaccine Mandate

In contrast, Germany’s only conservative party, the AfD (Alternative for Deutschland), is fighting to stop the “constitutionally impermissible” law. The party submitted a motion against the introduction of compulsory vaccination and called for the current vaccine mandate for health workers to be scrapped—the AfD motion questions whether vaccines are useful at all in the fight against Covid.

Alice Weidel, the AfD co-leader, gave a hard-hitting speech in Parliament against the potential “vaccine” mandates and suggested “vaccine” register,

Madame President, ladies and gentlemen, the present motions for compulsory vaccinations, in their various forms, are the product of stubborn obsession and ignorant denial of the facts.

This absurd and anachronistic debate, once again, makes Germany look like a European oddity. Even our neighbors in Austria have suspended the compulsory vaccination project for the time being.

Compulsory vaccination is based on false factual claims. The claim that this vaccination effectively protects others from infection and curbs the spread of the virus — is fake news.

These claims are false. Even the Robert Koch Institute had to admit this. The promised protection from developing severe infection from the virus is also questionable in light of the growing proportion of vaccinated and boosted patients in intensive care units.

There was never an overload of hospitals that would endanger the health system. There isn’t an overload and there is no imminent threat of that. Incidentally, the health minister had to unwillingly admit this.

Compulsory vaccination is also not necessary to prevent lockdowns in the autumn. Lockdowns are prevented by the government’s not imposing any. It’s as simple as that. The uselessness and harmfulness of lockdowns must be common knowledge by now.

However, the potential side effects of the mRNA and vector vaccines are far more serious and widespread than originally claimed. When will that actually be discussed in this chamber of parliament?

The arguments for compulsory vaccination were weak from the outset and they have since collapsed like a house of cards. There is no legitimate or constitutionally permissible justification for introducing compulsory vaccination against Covid-19.

Regardless of whether it’s compulsory vaccination for everyone from age 18 or 50, compulsory vaccination for future Covid waves or only for medical facilities. Compulsory vaccination violates central fundamental rights, human dignity, the right to life and physical integrity, and the right to freedom of belief and conscience.

There is no proportionality to legitimize such a serious encroachment on fundamental rights. Compulsory vaccination is not suitable for achieving the desired goals. It’s not even necessary. There are other and much milder therapies and measures. It’s not even appropriate.

The government is not allowed to endanger the lives and health of some its citizens in order to protect other citizens. The justification that compulsory vaccination is necessary to prevent overloading of hospitals is not only wrong, it is dangerous.

Following this pseudo-logic, in the future people could be forced to undergo all kinds of treatments, from compulsory medication for people at risk for high blood pressure to compulsory diets for overweight people.

A politically self-created capacity bottleneck is enough to justify this. I hope you realize how absurd this is. Compulsory vaccination is an act of disenfranchisement. It degrades millions of people from sovereign individuals, endowed with rights of freedom and defense to recipients of orders and objects of state arbitrariness. It forces millions of people, millions of people into conflicts of conscience and existential desperation.

Dear colleagues from CDU party, you support one of the compulsory vaccination motions. You are riding a dead horse. Please get off. Withdraw these motions and together we can end this wrongheaded path toward mandatory vaccination for medical care facilities as soon as possible. As soon as possible.

In these difficult times, we cannot afford to divide society further with compulsory vaccination based on stubbornness and dogmatism. For which there is no medical or legal justification.

Thank you

Medical insurance companies and doctors have been weighing in on the debate outside the parliament building and positioning against the law for mandatory vaccination. According to the German news site, BILD, the leading association of statutory health insurers, will present to the Bundestag on Monday, March 21, why they do not consider compulsory vaccination feasible.

Unvaccinated Will Not Comply

Even if a law were to be passed in Germany mandating the experimental mRNA gene therapies, the majority of the unvaccinated would not comply. A current survey by the German Allensbach Institute shows that nearly all unvaccinated Germans would not bow to a vaccination requirement. According to a survey by the German Allensbach Institute, the introduction of general Covid vaccination in Germany would hardly increase the vaccination rate. Only two percent of those not vaccinated said they would get vaccinated. Moreover, many vaccinated people also doubt the enforceability.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • AfD should be the only party in Germany and the terrorists Fyhrer Merkel and von der Leyen-Göbbels & Co thrown in jail for life.

    • Unfortunately the AfD party has only 10 % plus of the votes in Bundestag thanks to a proportional representation election system. It is the only party in the parliament which is a center or right from the center party. The reason for the low numbers of voters is that the entire media, print, radio or TV is occupied with 92 % of the journalist belonging to the left or green political spectrum. All other parties are in principal in agreement on a leftist green agenda which will turn the 4th largest economy in the world in 10 years into a banana republic by abandoning fossil fuel & nuclear power and accepting in addition to the 5 millions Muslim social parasites we already have let in in the last 7 years an other240 000 annually without passport or questioning. For them, the Federal government has with 48 billion Euro more money put aside as for our defense spending.


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