Germany's Coronavirus Police State: 'Pull back or I’ll use my weapon' (Watch)

“……five policemen rushed at me from behind, two took my arms brutally and mercilessly, dragged me by force, two flanked the attack” – Angelika Barbe, former German MP

Tens of thousands of citizens rallied across Germany accusing the government of needlessly drawing out Chinese coronavirus restrictions which infringe upon on their basic rights.

These exclusively translated RAIR Foundation USA videos chronicle another weekend of the anti-lockdown protests across Germany and the sometimes brutal arrests by police. The videos illustrate various aspects of the totalitarian dystopia that the government has now imposed, allegedly to deal with the Chinese coronavirus.

The violent measures and selective enforcement by police of the coronavirus restrictions has been called into question. Compounding these concerns is the mainstream media’s public contempt towards constitutionalists and misrepresentation of the concerns of the freedom loving citizens of Germany.

Video #1: Police and Antifa working together?

Journalist Lisa Licentia was attacked and beaten by “Antifa” supporters while live streaming at a peaceful demonstration against the coronavirus lockdown measures in Cologne.

When Lisa tried defending herself from the violent Antifa attack, she was knocked to the ground by police and handcuffed, the police continuing where Antifa left off.

Watch Licentia’s violent arrest:

Police let extreme left-wing violent offenders go and also detained other victims at the Cologne protest. Independent journalist, David Berger reported:

Left-wing extremist groups came together for a counter-demonstration and stirred up the peaceful demonstrators, calling them Nazis. When the extreme left [Antifa] recognized me, they drove me out aggressively, and the police responded by holding me and taking my data. Instead of arresting the extreme left-wing hunters [Antifa], I was arrested and asked what I wanted here and my personal details included.

Video #2: The brutal arrest of Former MP Angelika Barbe

Angelika Barbe was a dissident in the DDR (East Germany), and became a politician after Germany’s reunification.

The 68-year-old former MP, was filmed whiled she was being arrested on the outskirts of a coronavirus demonstration while she was in the area to shop. Barbe explains, “I just asked the police why they blocked off a demonstration area for Antifa, but we passers-bys were not allowed to stay. Shortly afterwards, “five policemen rushed at me from behind, two took my arms brutally and mercilessly, dragged me on by force, two flanked the attack” explained Barbe.

Below is a Facebook post by Angelika Barbe about her experience at the hands of the police in the Alexanderplatz:

Dear FB friends,

We just got back from being led away by the police at Alexanderplatz. This arrest is shocking in many ways, not only because of the degrading film footage.

We arrived at the Alex at about 2:50 pm, which was not very busy, and were surprised about a cordoned-off area in the middle of the square. I turned to a policeman, who kindly explained to me that this was the approved portion for the Antifa demo. If we wanted to participate in it, we could do it. In the meantime several passers-by had become curious, we started talking.

Suddenly I was barked at by a policeman with the number 34113, I should leave the Alex. Perplexed, I answered that I was here with a friend and my husband, that I wanted to talk to people and also go shopping. He was obviously angry that I did not obey his order immediately. He immediately verbally sent me off. In surprise I turned to another policeman and asked him why Antifa protected but we passers-by were not allowed to stay. He also asked me to leave. I relented and explained that I wanted to go shopping, but he let me go on. A few moments later, 34 113 came storming after me and shouted: “No, we’ll report them!”

Thereupon about five policemen rushed at me from behind, two took my arms brutally and mercilessly, dragged me on by force, two flanked the attack. As I recently had a knee operation and I am still suffering from pain, I cannot run so fast and I kept shouting that they should be slow and not rush me, I would not resist and go myself. On the contrary, they ran faster, still twisted my arm and bent my left hand, which the spectators could not see. I pointed at my knee scar and desperately asked to walk slowly. They regarded this as resistance.

It was an arbitrary arrest, I offered no resistance and was fished out of the discussion group. My husband asked the policemen why they had arrested me of all people, especially since several were also standing on the square and remained undisturbed.
Für Gerechtigkeit

Video #3: Police to coronavirus protesters: “Pull back or I’ll use my weapon”?

During a coronavirus demonstration at the corn market in Gera on May 16, 2020, a police woman tells protesters, “Get back or I’ll use my weapon”

An eyewitness describes the incident: the police woman screams “I’m using my weapon!” I was there with my husband. The people were sitting and standing peacefully together at a distance. There was no reason for the police to be so aggressive. We shouted, and “this is against our own people”, “Fie, shame on you police”, and shortly afterwards we were told over the police loudspeaker that the police did not want to hear any comments and that we should shut up. Some citizens who watched the video said the policewoman said: “Go back or I’ll put some pepper in it.”

Watch and listen carefully whether weapon or pepper was said:
Politikstube Media

Video #4: German Doctor slams police coronavirus impositions

During a demonstration in Berlin, a doctor vented his frustrations at police for inhumanely arresting coronavirus protesters and enforcing Germany’s draconian measures:

Ten police officers are dragging a woman off. That you all can be proud Do your children at home know what you are doing? Your son is certainly proud of you. Proud of all of you. Of all of you. Ten of you to take a woman away. It’s enough to make you cry. —We pay these guys. 

Those of you who are older, I’m a doctor. Do you know what’s going on in the old folks’ homes? These people are dying alone. I can’t, but I have to witness it.

You [police] swore on the constitution. You prove whether you believe it or not by your behavior.

I’m a practicing doctor here in Munich. I don’t know what kind of consequences I will earn from doing this, but I don’t care, because I have a conscience. And because I have brotherly love.

That includes each and every one of you. In uniform or not. That’s completely normal – Resistance!

Watch the RAIR translated video below:

Video #5: Germans Protests Mandatory Vaccinations – Arrests Made

Germans voicing their concerns about the government’s purposed amendments to the Infection Protection Act (IfSG) that could impose a mandatory coronavirus vaccine and strip citizens of basic civil liberties were arrested at a peaceful rally in Berlin.

As previously reported by RAIR, a German lawyer, Gordon Pankalla, warned citizen this proposed law could ‘introduce compulsory coronavirus vaccination for everyone” Pankalla believes: “We will only get our normalcy back only when we are force-vaccinated. 

Watch the following RAIR exclusively translated video below:

Many thanks to Miss Piggy for the article and video translations!

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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  • While here at home in America, we have violent insurgence occurring in population-packed major cities. ‘What happens in Europe will soon be happening in the USA’, it has already begun.

    In addition, along with the obvious totalitarian-istic personalities in politics, my husband had a few of his ‘cigar buddies’ over for an outdoor evening of cigar smoking, snacks and good libations. Now, these men are educated and from the same work sphere of a large city fire department. My husband held his ground in a good natured, respectful discussion about our current situation in America. And his guests did as well. Just on the polar opposite side of the issue. Their beliefs basically centered around the idea that all the violence is false and instigated by conservatives. It was mind-blowing to me when my husband shared this dismaying information.


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