Global Epidemic: Antifa Terrorists Shut Down Another College Professor, This Time in Germany (VIDEO)

GERMANY: Police had to escort Economics professor Bernd Lucke from Hamburg University

Yesterday, German police had to escort Economics professor and co-founder of the largest non-left political party in Germany Alternative for Germany (AfD) Bernd Lucke from Hamburg University after his lecture got shut down by Antifa.

As reported at RAIR, Antifa is practically it’s own political party in Germany, having representation in Parliament by the significant German socialist party Die Linke, a direct descendant of the former ruling East German Communist Party.

Lucke left the party he co-founded in 2015, and has even criticized the AfD for some of their policies, but in the eyes of the radical left, he is a “nazi pig“. As reported locally the group “Omas gegen Rechts” (“Grandmothers against the right”) attended with their umbrellas to further distract from the lecture.


Less than a week ago, RAIR Foundation USA shared an exclusive terrifying video of black-masked terrorists intimidating attendees of a presentation by Professor Ricardo Duchesne at the University of British Columbia. This author was struck by the weak response of the security personnel, who politely asked these lunatics screaming “F**k off Nazi Scum!” and banging on the windows to step back as people were trying to make their way to the lecture.

Watch the video, provided by RAIR contact Action4Canada:

The world’s universities have been hijacked by the tyrannical left. It is uncertain if there is even a way to bring these institutions from the brink of pervasive ideological indoctrination, but it certainly will not happen if the people of good will around the globe remain silent.


“…has declared the AfD to be diverse.

[Sign] No Platform for AfD Enablers

…leadership achieved that the AfD within a short time became a collection tank…

First of all, it is important to send a signal against the form of politics that Mr. Lucke represents, neoliberalism, and its consequence which is anti-solidarity, which would undermine the doctrine of teaching as well as the financing the universities etc., and solidarity in Europe.

Lucke threw the snowball that started the right-wing avalanche

(Erich Kästner 1958) No Room for Political Arsonists.

What motivates me is that I am really afraid that especially teaching and education are influenced by right-wing and neoliberal concepts.

[Signs] Grandmas against the Right

Although Mr. Lucke is no longer in the AfD, he is largely responsible for how the AfD first opened up to right-wing tendencies, and then he later allowed it to radicalised. It is to be expected that he will try to influence through his field of expertise, macroeconomics, and we are strongly opposed to this way of influencing the students.

[Signs] Grandmas against the Right / Nazis out!

We are the generation, the post-war generation, and some of us also had teachers who were fascists originally, during the Third Reich, and we fought very hard against that. And I think it is unbearable that our grandchildren’s generation today once again has professors here who have similar thoughts and are teaching.

Mr. Lucke can be accused of some things, but one certainly can’t say he’s a racist. I won’t make that statement, but to go so far say that now right-wing radical tendencies will develop at the university because Mr. Lucke returns to teach, that would be absurd.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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