Global Uprising: Thousands Rally in Canada against the Governments Tyrannical Coronavirus Measures (Video)

Many of the protesters flew U.S. President Donald Trump flags in support of the upcoming November 3, 2020 election.

Thousands of patriots gathered on Parliament Hill, in Ottawa, Canada on Saturday to peacefully protest Chinese coronavirus restrictions. Protesters demanded Justin Trudeau’s “corrupt” government stop all coronavirus-related restrictions that infringe on their personal rights and hurt the national economy.

Many of the protester signs read phrases like, “World Hoax Organization”, “My Mind, My Body, My Freedom”, “No Masks”, “Freedom” and “Make Orwell Fiction Again”. Protesters flew flags from nations across the world to signify their unity with other countries battling crippling coronavirus restrictions.

Across Europe, from Paris, France, to London’s Trafalgar Square and Berlin, Germany tens of thousands of protesters rallied against their government’s response and demanded an end to restrictions.

Watch the following RAIR Foundation USA exclusive highlights of the rally. Maxime Bernier, the Conservative leader of the PPC, People’s Party of Canada can be scene in the crowds. Many of the protesters flew U.S. President Donald Trump flags in support of the upcoming November 3, 2020 election.

One of the groups behind the rally, called The Line, is part of a wider movement formed to defend citizens’ constitutional rights and freedoms across the globe. The Line describes itself as a “leaderless movement” united to resist against tyranny and oppression. “We the people, draw the line to end corruption and control. We will not be silenced, we will resist”, states its website.

Also taking part in the demonstration was the organization, Hugs Over Masks whose mission, according to their website is to restore Canadian “civil liberties, democracy, and way of life during these unprecedented times.”

Hugs Over Masks co-founder, Vladislav Sobolev, was one of the events keynote speakers. Sobolev spoke of two times when he was discriminated against and denied service for not wearing a mandated mask. Sobolev has a medical exemption which allows him to not wear a face covering in public places where they are mandated.

“No one else spoke for my side in those two incidents, no one. Not on the plane and not in the Shoppers Drug Mart as I was using the postal service. Not a single person said, ‘why is this happening?’” said Sobolev.

Sobolev warned the public that inaction in the face of evil has proven to have dire historical consequences. Never give evil a chance to win, stated Sobolev, as he encouraged the crowd to take action everyday to protect their constitutional rights.

“History is full of examples, the only time evil can spread wide and fast {is} when good people do nothing. That’s the only time evil has a chance to win, when good people do nothing. That’s why the message of action is paramount to what we do, every single day we have to take action. You have to do your best every day to take action, stand for your rights, protect your rights, otherwise they’ll take away all of your rights.

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