Globalist Food Debuts in Sweden: 'Crispy Mealworms and Delicious Soft Ice Cream'

Mealworms and soft serve ice cream is the newest Globalist creation. In Södertälje, Sweden, everyone now has the opportunity to taste the “environmentally-friendly food” of the future – if they dare.

To reduce the climate footprint, we need to find new protein sources in the future, declares the World Economic Forum and their Globalist partners, such as the European Union (EU). One such source the unelected Globalists have been pushing for years is “insect food.”

In Södertälje, the food hub MatLust (an EU Project) runs both a testbed and an innovation program where startups with new and so-called sustainable foods receive support and advice. A globalist company that has passed the program is Larry & Friends, which is developing various products from insects, for example, a mealworm mince. In addition, the flour mask is produced in Sweden by the startup company Tebrito.

MatLust, which collaborates with the nutrition unit in Södertälje municipality, will, together with food entrepreneurs, explore and test recipes to see if insects work to be used as food to a greater extent.

We are at the forefront in Södertälje and have a unique test bed for innovative companies where we are open to new innovations and collaborations, says Sara Seing, project manager for MatLust and director of nutrition, Södertälje municipality.

At the Science Week event, you have the opportunity to try crispy dried mealworms as a topping on a delicious locally produced soft ice cream from Francis and Francis.

Everyone who wants will have the opportunity to experience the tasty combination of crispy mealworms and delicious soft ice cream! This is a way to draw attention to new types of food and highlight that we need to think innovatively about food, says Eva Helén, responsible for Science Week.

Do you dare to try?

The ice cream will be served during Science Week 1–3 February, which takes place at Södertälje Science Park. All visitors will have the opportunity to try it.

The company Tebrito is behind the insect stuffing of mealworms and will be on-site at Science Week and also the MatLust Testbed on Thursday, February 2. Francis and Francis stand for locally produced soft ice cream.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • Also Urine von der Leyen wants you to eat Klaus Schwab’s shit and drink Harari’s pee, while Urine herself together with her Globalist Criminal Genocide Cabal are eating luxury food and flying in their private jets to and from the WEF TERRORIST HEDQUARTER.

    What a wonderful world!

  • i enjoy feeding birds, have 2 feeders year-round with sunseed. i know my bluebirds like mealworms BUT MEALWORMS ARE SO EXPENSIVE I DONT BUY THEM FOR THE BIRDS. oh and BTW i have some “soft ice cream’ for the WEF folks. it’s chocolate.


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