Globalist Victory: First Climate Lockdowns Announced in France

Because it would be so terribly hot, France bans outdoor events. People are no longer allowed to think and decide for themselves but need a wise and good state to tell them whether they can go outside. In France, WEF Young Global Leader Macron was recently confirmed as President in an allegedly fair and democratic vote. Undeterred, he continues with Klaus Schwab’s globalist agenda.

Comment by Willi Huber

In parts of France, around 40 degrees Celsius (104°F) are measured. That is enough to patronize citizens who apparently cannot take to the streets without the help of President Macron, who is loyal to the WEF. All of this, of course, is part of the climate change agenda, which, based on what is believed to be a “majority” of scientists, claims that human-caused climate change threatens our very existence. The unscientific procedure, in which no criticism or counter-opinion is allowed, corresponds to the procedure for approving and distributing the Covid injections.

Conveniently, celebrations of June 18, an important French holiday commemorating resistance to Hitler’s Germany, are also banned. The June 18 Appeal (French: L’Appel du 18 juin) was Charles de Gaulle’s first speech after he arrived in London in 1940 after the Battle of France. Broadcast to Vichy France by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) radio services is often credited with marking the start of the French resistance to World War II. It is considered one of the most important speeches in French history. In the madness of the 21st century, however, resistance is no longer planned, so it is canceled due to excessive heat (!).

But you want it too…

“It’s about people’s health,” official bodies justify the measure. This sentence has probably been well-practiced in the past 2.5 years. Maybe there will also be lockdowns soon so that nobody dies on the road. I can’t imagine what could happen there. The already prepared car bans fit well into the concept. Many French people, known to come from Africa, will not be able to stop laughing because of these measures. But perhaps they will then be assailed by the same anger as any thinking and freedom-loving person.

I urge our readers not to believe the mainstream lies of “unmatched” summer temperatures. The European heat record was set in Athens on July 10, 1977 – at 48 degrees Celsius (118.4°F). France is well known for hot summers. 

On June 28, 2019, 45.9 degrees Celsius (114.62°F) were measured in Gallargues-le-Montueux in the southern Gard department.  We recommend simply ignoring when some self-proclaimed “expert” wants to make you believe that we are in for the hottest summer ever, just like every year since climate alarmism came into fashion.

If we were the mainstream media, we would end this article with images of wildfires, deserts, and parched steppes and point out that in 1913, it was 56.7 degrees Celsius (134.06°F) in the US’s Death Valley. If only people had paid horrendously high taxes back then, which helped cool the climate! Instead, we’re trying to use pictures from a time when people were still looking forward to a few hot summer days.

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Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • And yet, Macron loves it hot. Here is a video of the Fête de la Musique where the President hosts France’s best music talents…..

    And here are a few photos from Macron’s travels.


  • The poor French people must be told how to lead their own lives.
    Otherwise, they might topple over like cattle.

    • I’m an American living in France since 2008. I can tell you one thing: French people are the most influenceable creature on the planet. If an information comes out on TV it becomes God’s truth, You can’t change their mind no matter what proof you can present them with. Trust me, I tried and now I’m labelled ” on a scale from one to ten: “crazy fool” to “terrorist” passing via “ultra-right”. When I said I don’t have a TV, I’m told I must be insane.
      Few days ago, a French family lost their children to a Bolshevik Orwellian plot:
      The mother gave birth to child at home with the help of her husband. When the dad went to city hall to annonce the birth and said the child was born home, the clerk called child services and next few hours close to a dozen cops shows up at their door and took the baby and her two years old sister Nausicaa (Homer). Couldn’t find an article in English about it but here’s a French one with a video.

    • History and Geography teachers are missing in action in Frankistan, nobody wants to know the truth.
      P.S.: Compliment for your use of “maquereau”. In French slang it means “pimp”.

  • And here are some other historical examples of “Man-made Global Warming Events”

    1540 European drought – Extreme drought and heatwave lasting 11 months in Europe.

    July 1757 heatwave – Europe, hottest summer in 500 years before 2003.

    1896 Eastern North America heat wave – killed 1,500 people in August 1896.

    1900 – historical heatwave of the center of Argentina between the first eight days of February 1900 known as “the week of fire” affected the cities of Buenos Aires and Rosario with temperatures of up to 37 °C (99 °F) but with a very high index of humidity that elevated the sensation of heat to 49 °C (120 °F) severely affecting the health of people causing at least more than 478 fatalities.

  • C’etait une puce d’importance
    Qui frequentait les grands de la terre,
    Ceux dont le sang a le gout de puissance
    Et l’echine le sens des hauteurs…

  • It’s called GeoEngineering, Weather Modification Systems using nano carbon particles

    So it Is man made heat
    By globalists
    Research it

  • Some more bad news. Honda had to kill off their GoldWing, because of Europe’s emission standards. I learned this from the youtube channel GoldwingDocs.

  • France is a lost cause.
    They chose him again either through legal election/illegal election.
    Only severe and radical changes will wake up the revolutionary lion.
    …and even that isn’t a sure thing. The islamification has changed the nation’s ‘balls’ quite a bit.

    The sociopaths/megalomaniacs seems to have a firm grab on every aspect towards the great dystopian reset…
    This is a classwar and the majority have no freaking clue.
    Comply, obey and comform…
    War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.


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