Google Conceals Acclaimed Doctor's Findings on Effective Covid Medications - He Fights Back (Watch)

Instead of allowing Americans to weigh all of the information and make up their own minds, Google and their left-wing allies attempt to hide relevant information from distinguished physicians.

A renowned physician is fighting back after Google deliberately suppressed his work on effective coronavirus treatments.

Instead of allowing Americans to weigh all of the information and make up their own minds, Google and their left-wing allies attempt to hide relevant information from a reputable source. The federal government has poured massive resources into pushing out a vaccine for coronavirus, and perhaps, even more, trying to convince everyone to take it. There is no room for alternatives.

In the following powerful video, Peter McCullough, MD, indicts Google for suppressing solid, peer-reviewed science on the effectiveness of early treatment of the coronavirus. McCullough, the most published internist and cardiologist in the world, clearly explains the benefits of using available, inexpensive, and highly effective medications, which have been proven to work and published as such in peer-reviewed medical journals.

When Dr. McCullough made a YouTube video using three slides from his peer-reviewed paper on various early treatments for Covid, such as Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Colchicine, monoclonal antibodies, and other proven safe and effective treatments, his video was removed from YouTube in a matter of days for violating the platform policy on allowable medical information.

Dr. McCullough explains in clear terms that proven medications can be applied for the coronavirus when prescribed in a particular way. For example, AIDS and cancer medications have never been tested one component at a time and then rejected for being ineffective when it was known that a combination of the medications worked.

Science has always weighed the effectiveness of a treatment against the risks of its use. This was not done for the coronavirus. It seemed like all roads lead to a vaccine. And one using a technology that has never been used before in human beings. 

The following message pops up if one dares to share Dr. Peter McCullough’s testimony:

Screenshot of Facebook Message

Facebook leads readers to an article posted at AFP France titled “US cardiologist makes false claims about Covid-19 vaccination” by Paris-based, 30-year-old, non-physician Rémi Banet, a member of the AFP “Fact-checking” unit.

The reason that Dr. Peter McCullough’s research is false, according to Banet, is because his findings are not the same as that of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Health Canada, or the World Health Organization.

With that rationale, one could “debunk” any study as long as it conflicts with another study.

This video makes it clear that something unprecedented is taking place in the history of Western medical science. Would the pandemic have been over months ago or more without the concerted suppression of effective medicine?


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  • WHO = World Humbug Organisation
    EMA = European Murder Agency
    CDC = Citizens Death Company
    WEF = World Extermination by Fauci
    Covid Health Inspectors = GESTAPO
    BILL GATES = God?
    Schwabe = Hitler’s son?
    Fauci = Dr. Mengele’s son?
    (Fauci = a bigger clown than Grock!)
    Bill Gates = God?
    Merkel = The new Fyhrer. Heil Merkel!
    SCoPEx = Science Coordinating of Permanent Expiratione. (=Lunatic Bill’s personal hobby)

  • These Idiots that are running (ruining) our planet. Politicians and Pharmaceutical Idiots in my opinion should be stopped at all costs.

  • Apparently our good doctor here isn’t in the globalist club and didn’t get the Soros-Schwab population control memo.


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