Great Replacement: Century Initiative Launches Campaign to Triple Canada's Population by 2100.

A Toronto lobby group, the Century Initiative, has launched a campaign to triple the Canadian population by 2100. The Globalist group backed by the World Economic Forum aims to increase the country’s population to 100 million by 2100. In order to achieve their goals, Justin Trudeau’s open borders government will have to grant even more illegals access to Canada.

With such a demographic scenario, the population of metropolitan Toronto would increase from 8.8 to 33.5 million inhabitants. Metropolitan Montreal would swell from 4.4 to 12.2 million inhabitants, and so on.

We can predict that the implementation of such a project, in addition to profoundly upsetting Canada in its demographic composition, would cause many other consequences: congestion, pollution, overload of public services in health, education, and infrastructure transport, ghettoization, linguistic conflicts, criminality, insecurity, etc.

Weak arguments

Let’s take a closer look at the goals and arguments put forward by the Toronto lobby group. The first objective cited is the increase in the growth rate of Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP). Can “size for size” be a worthwhile objective for fundamentally transforming the demographic structure of a country? With such an argument, we arrive at the dubious idea that the level of gross domestic product (GDP) and bulimic growth should be at the center of public policy. What about the quality and standard of living of the people and their happiness?

With free trade with the United States since January 1, 1989, Canada does not need a very large population for its economy to function effectively. In this commercial context, Canadian companies are by no means limited to the Canadian market alone to sell their production. They are in a position to reach high production levels, generating economies of scale, by exporting part of their production to the large American market.

When a population grows too rapidly, it may well be accompanied by a general decline in the standard of living.

A rapidly growing population requires additional infrastructure (housing, hospitals, schools, universities, infrastructure of all kinds, industrial facilities, etc.), and savings and capital are needed to achieve them. It is calculated that, in an industrialized country, infrastructure capital represents four times the annual national income.

It is also established that the standards of living in the world are in no way linked to the demographic size of the countries. The reality is quite the opposite. This is shown by the United Nations Human Development Index, which measures the living standards and quality of life around the world.

In 2019, for example, the three countries at the top of the list for the standard of living and quality of life were all countries with less than 10 million inhabitants: Norway (5.3 million), Ireland (5.0 million), and Switzerland (8.5 million).

The second objective of the coalition is to allow the Canadian government to play a more important role on the international scene. There are many countries with large populations in the world. Still, they are often relatively poor countries, and their demographic weight hardly guarantees them an enviable place on the international scene. For example, for example, a relatively small country like Switzerland has more importance in the world than many countries with large populations.

The third objective is to remedy the population’s aging and the labor shortages show, however, that immigration as such hardly changes the age structure of a population, mainly because the majority of immigrants arrive in the country as adults and because of the family reunification program, which makes sure to bring in immigrants who are already elderly (spouses, parents, grandparents, etc.).

As for the shortage of labor in specific sectors, massive immigration creates an increased demand for labor to build and equip additional infrastructure, which is likely to accentuate the overall demand for labor work. The economy can then face an endless spiral of labor shortages with permanently tight labor markets, artificially created and inflated by a population that grows too rapidly through immigration.

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Amy Mek

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  • Just-in Through-The-Ass should as soon as possible undergo a penectomy surgery, as well as all members of the Century Initiative group, and of course as soon as possible Klaus Schwab!

  • “”population of Toronto would increase to 33.5 million inhabitants.””

    well any time there is the number 33 involved, you can rest assured that everything is going according to plan

  • How about government subsidies for Canadian women who bear children?
    How about $1000/month per child; no strings attached?


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