Great Replacement: EU Children's Propaganda Brochure Features Hijabi Girl - 'You Are The Future!'

Migrants are being used by the left-wing elites to dilute host cultures, ensure more votes, and seize power.

On April 14, 2021, the official European Union Commission released a propaganda pamphlet aimed at children 12-15 years old. The booklet, which consists of pictures with Islamic girls in sharia covering, is globalists’ latest tool to brainwash children to celebrate their population replacement scheme, known as the Great Replacement.

The pamphlet, titled: “Discovering Europe,” description states:

Target audience: 12-15 years old. We come from different countries and speak different languages ​​on the European continent that we share. Since the very beginning of the European Union (EU), countries have worked together to help each other and to ensure that they coexist in peace. Soon it will be your generation’s turn to take matters into their own hands . You are the future of the EU! Together, let’s explore the EU to get to know it better.

The Great Replacement

The pamphlet’s pictures and sentiments indicate what many Europeans have long believed, that the European Union elites are using mass migration to replace European populations. Migration’s shocking demographic impacts affect European countries’ national and cultural identities. Migrants are being used by the left-wing elites to dilute host cultures, ensure more votes, and seize power.

In the upcoming decades, it seems Europe will no longer belong to Europeans; as reported by Gatestone, In one generation, Europe will be unrecognizable:

Europe, as it is aging, no longer renews its generations, and instead welcomes massive numbers of migrants from the Middle East, Africa and Asia, who are going to replace the native Europeans, and who are bringing cultures with radically different values about sex, science, political power, culture, economy and the relation between God and man.

Jean Renaud Gabriel Camus, co-founder, and President of the National Council of European Resistance, is a French writer known for having coined the phrase “Great replacement,” — referring to the reported colonization of Western Europe by immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East.

The Archbishop of Strasbourg, Luc Ravel, nominated by Pope Francis, declared that “Muslim believers know very well that their fertility is such today, that they call it … the Great Replacement. They tell you in a very calm, positive way: ‘One day all this will be ours …”.

Former populist French MP Marion Marechal rallied conservatives to resist the Great Replacement. She stated: “The first major challenge, the most vital, is the Great Replacement, this demographic countdown, which already makes us realize the possibility of becoming a minority on the land of our ancestors.”

She added that the consequences of the Great Replacement would be a “multicultural society that wants to be fractured and violent.”

Stéphane Ravier, a Senator in Marine Le Pen’s National Rally, spoke out in no uncertain terms about the Great Replacement, “I don’t believe in the theory of the Great Replacement. On the other hand, I’m CONVINCED of its reality”:

But those hundreds of zones across the entire country which became foreign enclaves are zones of non-France, where the hatred of everything that is French is spreading like a trail of ignited gunpowder.

European Union “Great Replacement” Scheme

Swedish European Union (EU) Commissioner and the political elite have gone to great lengths to conceal the devastating effects their suicidal immigration policies have caused Europe. From arresting migration critics to knowingly misrepresenting and even suppressing the links between migration and crime and terrorism to labeling those concerned about the economic effects of millions of migrants as right-wing extremists or racist and xenophobic.

Meanwhile, Johansson continues to force European Union members to accept all migrants applications despite the country’s overwhelmed and financially depleted systems,

“Rejections are illegal. Not everyone has the right to asylum, but everyone has the right to be treated in line with our values. When people apply for asylum in the EU, they appeal to European values. And we must honor that appeal”

Last year, on the 5th anniversary of the Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris that killed 130 people, the European Interior Ministers held a virtual meeting on the fight against terrorism.

Johansson announced she would be cracking down even further on anyone who sees Islam as a threat. “Religion is not a threat,” and pointed out, among other things, that the EU must wage an intense fight against “right-wing extremism.”

Johansson told Swedish news agency TT after the meeting that Islam and migration do not pose a threat to Europe, but right-wing extremism is the actual problem,

Islam is not a threat. Religion is not a threat. Terrorists are a threat. We must fight against extremists who have an Islamist appearance and the extreme right. Migration is not a threat to Europe either

Ylva Johansson does believe closing a country’s border helps secure a nation, but instead, nations should enhance their “digital security,”

I do not believe that either the security threats or the pandemic threats today can be met in any effective way with closed borders. Rather, it is about the need to better protect ourselves digitally. This is where we can be incredibly much more efficient within the EU.

The commissioner also criticized the idea of ​​training imams in accordance with European values, “I do not think that the training of religious leaders falls within the framework of the competencies of the EU.”

Ylva Johansson Warns Europeans To Embrace ‘The Great Replacement’

In September 2020, Commissioner Johansson’s opening statement at the LIBE debate on the new Pact on Asylum and Migration drew outrage among EU member states,

Migration is part of what makes our continent prosper. We have a lot of migration to the European Union, and we need that! We need these people, we are an aging society. But we also need to find new legal pathways. Not only for skilled workers but for medium and low-skilled workers to come to the European Union.

Johansson warned citizens in EU member states not to dare push back against migration. Instead, she reminded citizens that they “need” the 3 million migrants who received their residency permits last year. The commissioner also stressed that Europeans’ responsibility is to take care of “refugees” and not protest illegal migration.

Europe: The Substitution of a Population

As reported previously at RAIR, by 2050, “twenty percent of the European population will be Muslim due to Western Europe’s pursuit of multiculturalism and mass migration.” In Belgium, one-third of the country’s population is of foreign origin, and in Brussels, Belgians are already the minority.

According to Gatestone, “within a generation, Sweden’s third-largest city, Malmö, will have a population in which most people are of foreign background.” In 2008 researcher Kyosti Tarvainen predicted that Muslims would be the majority in the next several decades. Swedish journalist and acclaimed author Gunnar Sandelin explains that 30% of the population is now foreign-born, and “Sweden will become Europe’s most Muslim-populated country,”

People of foreign origin have increased by almost 1.5 million. People of Swedish origin decreased by almost 25,000. “Foreign-origin” people are those who are born abroad and both of whose parents are of foreign-origin.

In 2050, a third of Italy’s population will be made up of foreigners, according to a UN report, “Replacement Migration: Is It a Solution to Decline and Aging Populations.”

Italian think-tank Fondazione Fare Futuro predicts that half of Italy’s population could be Muslim due to mass migration and the different birthrates of Christians and Muslims by the end of the century. In just ten years, the number of migrants in Italy has surged by 419%.

In Germany, over one-quarter of the population is from ‘migrant backgrounds. ‘ France recently released demographic statistics showing the shocking growth in non-European migrant children in France. Over 75 percent of children come from non-European backgrounds in many areas across France. Furthermore, according to figures from France’s National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE), over 1 in 5 newborns (21.53 percent) were given Arab-Muslim first names in 2019.

A report from the UK think-tank ‘Migration Watch’ revealed that migrants and their UK-born offspring had driven roughly 90 percent of Britain’s population growth in recent years. Furthermore, the report notes that individuals from the previous cohort have added approximately seven million to the British population.

It becomes increasingly difficult to deny that mass migration aims to destroy local and national cultures through dilution. We have enough historical data from the past few decades to know that European and North American legal systems, cultural norms, and equal rights are being obliterated.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • Ylva Johansson is an idiot, as are all EU leaders, except Orban, that think that muslim men raping and terrorizing babies, young girls, women, your grandma, as well as little boys and even goats is something to be proud of.
    To see these muslim men and hijabis cause one to throw up, it is do disgusting. Nothing to do with “right-wing extremism”.
    On the contrary, it has solely to do with “the left-wing elites to dilute host cultures, ensure more votes, and seize power.”
    All the “EU Children’s Propaganda Brochures Features Hijabi Girl – ‘You Are The Future!’ ” must be burned together with all the Qur’ans (= Terrorist Instruction Books).
    Qur’an must be banned in the whole EU, in the same way that “Mein Kampf” is banned in Germany.
    The whole EU is soon muslim territory, so is soon also USA.

  • “Moscow last month threatened to deploy nuclear weapons and hypersonic missiles along its western border with Finland should it or Sweden expand NATO membership.”

    LET IT BE KNOWN TO EVERYONE, that the Swedish and Finnish citizens do not want NATO membership.
    It is the criminal EU leaders, mostly the WEF TERRORIST SANNA MARIN as well as the puppet “president” Niinisto, who are driving this NATO membership with orders from Schwab, Biden and Zelensky, that are puppets for Soros and the criminal left wing elite.
    Please Putin, get rid of these EU and WEF TERRORISTS as soon as possible, and there will be no more problems.

  • Can any sane person be surprised by these insanities?

    When a chicken coop called the EU votes for thousands of sanctions against itself (Russia) without blinking, what can you expect from it other than more insanities. Klaus Schwab is doing a very good job.


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