Great Replacement: Spain's Muslim Population Has Increased 10 Times in Last 30 years

Official records say 2.5M Muslims, according to unofficial figures, about 3M live in Spain: Islamic Commission secretary

Secretary of the Islamic Commission of Spain said that the Muslim population living in Spain has increased ten times in the last 30 years, exceeding 2.5 million, reports the Anadolu Agency.

Mohamed Ajana told Anadolu that according to official records, 2.5 million, and according to unofficial figures, about 3 million Muslims live in Spain.

Ajana added that the Muslim population in Spain, which was seen as purely immigrants in the past, now has an important place among Spanish citizens.

He stated that more than one million Muslims in the country are Spanish citizens; some are immigrants and others are of Spanish origin.

Explaining that Muslims from Morocco, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Senegal, and Algeria are in the majority, he shared the information that the majority of the Muslim population in Spain lives in industrialized regions such as Catalonia, Valencia, Andalusia, and Madrid.

Ajana also said that there are currently 53 Islamic federations serving the Muslim community in Spain and that there are about 2,000 mosques.

As reported at RAIR Foundation USA, this is part of the European Union’s “Great replacement” scheme. EU elites, along with the United Nations, are using mass-Muslim migration to replace the European population. The illegal migrants are helping the left in their fight to dilute host cultures, ensure more votes, and consolidate their power.

Just recently, Spanish politician Ignacio Garriga declared, “Islamism is incompatible with Western culture. The VOX party’s secretary general said, “it generates violence, social exclusion, and the degradation of our neighborhoods.” The leader slammed Spain’s left-wing government’s open border “multicultural policies” that continue to have grave consequences in the lives of its citizens.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


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