Great Reset: Eating Bugs is the Future, Proclaims the World Economic Forum (Watch)

The unelected self-anointed global elitists posted a video preaching to citizens about how “[I]nsect farming is set to play a growing role in our lives – especially in our diets”.

The unelected self-anointed global elitists at the World Economic Forum (WEF) posted a video preaching to citizens about how “[I]nsect farming is set to play a growing role in our lives – especially in our diets”.

The WEF is at the forefront of the so-called “Great Reset,” or the idea that the global economy needs to be completely transformed in the post-pandemic world. According to their moronic video, citizens should be assured that bugs “are rich in protein, healthy fats, and vitamins, and can be farmed at scale with minimal footprint.”

As observed at InfoWars, this is not the first time globalist villains have suggested that citizens eat bugs. Earlier this month, TIME magazine “published an op-ed complaining that humans need to switch to eating bugs to fight climate change.” A report from the United Nations examines “the multiple dimensions of insect gathering and rearing as a viable option for alleviating food insecurity.”

Other articles on the WEF include:

  • “Good grub: why we might be eating insects soon”
  • “How to get people to eat bugs and drink sewage”
  • “This London insect farm is changing the way we eat”
  • “Burgers, bugs and the shift to a new way of eating”


Here is another WEF video encouraging bug eating posted on Twitter: “It may not be too long before we can all buy a bag of edible insects at our local grocery store,” the linked article proclaims.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • The terrorist organisation WEF and its gang of the other Global Reset and Big Pharma leaders, you all know their names, should be brought to justice and all jailed for crimes against humanity!

  • So we go from killing bugs with poison that gets into our environment and messes up our ecosystem – to raising massive amounts of bugs on farms which could up overwhelm our environment mess up our ecosystem if a huge natural catastrophe happens and the bugs get loose, swarm and eat our crops and flora. Ask the people in the Mideast and Africa about how you control plagues of locust.

    I agree with The Fall of the EU and go one step further. The WEF think they are gods and have no idea what evil they bring to humankind.

  • This criminal organisation should be exposed for what it is, a marketing tool for garbage science.

  • just like the Covid mandates , this shit was never intended to save lives , it’s all a plan to destroy our cash currencies (from endless “variant” CERB bailouts)hastening the destruction of the independent small business middle class, transferring all property resources into world government corporations ,completely dissolve all constitutional democracy and weaken us through group identity division(cultural Marxism)to the point we cannot resist mass depopulation. end result: humans gone, leaving the planet to transhuman slaves serving the alien hybrid elites installed here centuries ago.


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