Great Reset: Globalists Capitalize on Ukraine Crisis, Establish New Surveillance Society

Peter Thiel has warned citizens about his own AI technology that is now being used in Ukraine, describing it as a “communist totalitarian technology.”

Ukraine’s defense ministry has started using AI facial recognition technology from the controversial company, Clearview. Their supposed objective is to uncover Russian assailants, combat misinformation, and identify the dead. However, as reported previously at RAIR Foundation USA, Ukraine is the Global Tech Elite’s Great Reset Laboratory.

Bringing about the Great Reset will require citizens to embrace and trust in Globalists’ invasive technologies and surveillance. They position their technology as “crisis-relevant” technology, which is alleged to be helping to protect people and the greater good. First, the World Economic Forum capitalized on the Covid crisis to get people comfortable with Health Passports & Contact Tracing. Now, Russia invading Ukraine is their latest crisis to exploit and usher in greater surveillance. Not only are the Ukrainian people being attacked by Russia, but the Globalists have launched their own war against its citizens.

Ukraine Receives Free AI Access

According to Lee Wolosky, an adviser to Clearview, Ukraine is receiving free access to Clearview AI’s powerful search engine for faces, letting authorities potentially vet people of interest at checkpoints, among other potentially freedom-threatening uses.

Clearview has amassed a database of 10 billion images of citizens around the world. These images have been mainly taken or “scraped” from photos and videos uploaded on the Internet via social media platforms.

The company, which primarily sells to US law enforcement, is fighting lawsuits in the United States. They have been accused of violating privacy individual’s rights by taking images from the web. The United Kingdom, Australia, France, and the European Union have also deemed their practices illegal.

Peter Thiel and Bilderberg

Clearview is co-founded by notorious Silicon Valley investor Peter Thiel. The billionaire sits on the elite Steering Committee that organizes the closed-door Bilderberg conferences where leaders in industry, politics, and academia meet to discuss world affairs. This committee decides who will be in attendance. Every year fresh invitations are sent.

Proponents of the Bilderberg Group say it’s a unique opportunity for leaders to discuss current events without the prying eyes of the press. Where many others believe it’s a meeting of power brokers who not only discuss current events but make secret deals to manipulate them. The Bilderberg group is commonly linked with the “New World Order,” which globalists have openly bragged about for years.

New World Order

The great reset is the proposed mechanism for setting a New World Order in motion. The so-called great reset is an old ideology touted for decades by globalists.

In 2014, globalist Henry Kissinger opined, “Never before has a new world order had to be assembled from so many different perceptions, or on so global a scale.” The same year former French President Nicolas Sarkozy warned, “we will proceed together toward a new world order, and nobody, and I do mean nobody, will be able to oppose it.” 

Thiel’s allegiance to Bilderberg makes sense given his wealth and involvement in companies like Palantir Technologies that collect data on civilians. Four years ago, Bloomberg reported that “Palantir knows everything about you.” Thiel has also invested in facial recognition company, Clearview AI, and surveillance start-up, Anduril.

Thiel has openly admitted that governments will use AI-powered facial recognition technology to control people. He warned citizens about his own AI technology describing it as a “communist totalitarian technology.”

It is not surprising that Thiel’s Clearview offers Ukraine free access to their AI search engine; it fits beautifully in their new Great Reset surveillance society.

The Ukrainian crisis presents another golden opportunity for the global establishment to further its agenda. They have targeted a beaten-down population that has been exhausted by a pandemic and, now, the invasion by Russia. They are counting on Ukrainians giving over their freedoms to the idea of greater centralized power that will keep them safe.

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Amy Mek

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