Greece Builds Border Fence: Protects Against Afghan Migrant Invasion and Erdoğan (Video)

Turkey has repeatedly opened the floodgates of mass migration to Greece and, by extension, Europe

Greece announced that it has completed constructing another 40km fence on its border with Turkey. They have also launched a new high-tech surveillance system amid concerns that the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban will spark a new wave of migrants to Europe.

The situation in Afghanistan and Europe had fueled fears of a repeat of the immigration crisis in 2015, when more than a million people left the Middle East for Europe, traveling through Turkey and invading Greece.

The Afghan crisis creates an opportunity for a new wave of illegal migrants. “We can not passively wait for a possible strike,” said Greek Civil Protection Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis after visiting the northern border of Evros.

Although the minister vows that “Greece’s borders will remain safe and inviolable,” this has not always been the case. Unfortunately, Turkey has repeatedly opened the floodgates of mass migration to Greece and, by extension, Europe.

Greece and Turkey, who are NATO allies but historical adversaries, have long battled over various issues, from territorial claims in the eastern Mediterranean to using migrants as weapons.

For years, Greece has accused Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of controlling their country’s migration flows and turning them on and off to extract more money and other political concessions from the European Union and NATO.

To protect its borders from migrants and Erdoğan’s threats, Greece has increased its security forces on both land and sea. As a result, they are now better equipped and better prepared to confront a new wave of migrants.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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  • Border guards: USE LIVE AMMUNITION! That’s why there are border guards! Border guards are not there for changing diapers on invaders!


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