Greece Fights Back: 24 NGO Workers Face 25 Years in Prison for Human Trafficking

“You will change our nationality and our blood. We are Greece, and we want to remain Greece.”

On Tuesday, January 10, the trial of 24 NGO workers accused of aiding illegal migration, money laundering, espionage, disclosing state secrets, and human trafficking began in Lesbos, Greece.

The left-wing activists from Emergency Response Center International (ERCI), accused by the government of being a criminal organization, could face up to 25 years in prison for their activities.

The suspects were involved in transporting migrants attempting to cross illegally by boat to the island between 2016 and 2018. Lesbos, has been the main entry point for illegals, who are all primarily middle-eastern and African male Muslim migrants, in Europe since 2015.

Other Globalist NGO groups trafficking migrants into Europe have criticized the legal proceedings and accused the Greek authorities of going to great lengths to discourage people from helping “refugees” and migrants.

The ECRI is not the only NGO to face accusations of aiding illegal immigration to Greece in recent years, reports Breitbart. A past police investigation named several NGOs as having members who have aided people smugglers in Turkey.

The pro-illegal migrant activists were said to have recorded communications between Greek officials and used the NGO Alarmphone to coordinate the positions of migrant boats to avoid Greek authorities.

European Union Incentivizes Illegals

Instead of the European Union helping Greece stop the flood of illegal migrants entering their country, they have used hundreds of millions of dollars to build housing for them. The EU incentivizes migrants to invade Greece and ensures a comfortable long stay at the taxpayers’ expense.

The EU, along with the NGOs they support, have entirely ignored the constant opposition of the vast majority of local Greek communities, and the government has had to its plans. They have only been concerned about the rights and living conditions of the refugees and migrants and ignore the economic burdens, as well as the safety concerns of the islanders. The EU and NGOs cite humanitarian reasons for taking care of the illegals but do not find a single word of support for the people of Greece. Nor do they mention the disproportionate weight that citizens have shouldered on behalf of all of Europe.

During one of European Commissioner Ylva Johansson’s controversial trips to Greece to announce more money for migrant housing, an outraged citizen slammed the leader’s deliberate and “criminal” invasion of her country by illegals.

“You will change our nationality and our blood. We are Greece, and we want to remain Greece,” the woman declared during her exchange with the Commissioner. “This is our country, NOT yours. You should be ashamed of what you are doing.”

“You stand here and tell us we have to be something other than Greece, we have to be obliged to receive strangers with no right to cross the border…this is a terrible thing you are doing, it’s a crime”, declared the women to Commissioner Johansson in their five-minute exchange.

Demographic Jihad

The Greek woman is correct to worry about the nationality of her country changing. There are shocking demographic impacts from migration that are affecting European countries’ national and cultural identities. 

Recently, the European Union successfully pressured Christian Orthodox Greece to officially cater to followers of Islam and build a taxpayer-funded mosque. As a result, Greece overturned its 180-year ban on mosques being constructed in the capital city of Athens. They had not had an official mosque since 1832, when Greece won independence from the Ottoman Empire after nearly 400 years of Turkish Islamic rule.

As reported previously at RAIR, by 2050, “twenty percent of the European population will be Muslim due to Western Europe’s pursuit of multiculturalism and mass migration.” In Belgium, one-third of the country’s population is of foreign origin, and in Brussels, Belgians are already the minority.

At this point, it becomes increasingly difficult to deny that the purpose of mass migration is to destroy local and national cultures through dilution. Open-border left-wing leaders are obliterating European and North American legal systems, cultural norms, and equal rights in their quest to obtain more votes which equates to more power.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • Every person involved with the deliberate replacement of europeans with tUrd world savages is going to hang. The world is waking up fast. Never before in human history have this many people been awake to the magic money people , who they are , what they are and what they are trying to do. They are all going to hang. There will be no more central banks in the near future

  • No! Greece once WAS the country of the Greeks. The Greeks gave up that luxury when they joined the EU. As a Frenchman wisely pointed out, “we’re all no longer Frenchmen, Germans or Italians—were all simply Europeans.

    • ‘Simply Europeans’? Hardly. That’s being diluted extremely rapidly. Simply idiots, actually. Shows what the legal industry eventually does for you.

  • Hang all WEF leaders and members, especially Urine von der Leyen and Macron, Marin, Ardern, as well as Soros, etc. and the problem is solved!

  • Now lets go after Catholic Charities and LIRS for conducting human trafficking into the U.S. It’s all about the Benjamins, baby.

    • Ironic: You’re basically saying ‘we need more lawyers’–the creeps who set all this weirdness going in the first place.

  • The Greeks were a mixed people from long ago. Once that happened, all of their creativity and connection to God were destroyed. You cannot mix that which is from above with that which is from below. God cannot dwell in a corrupted temple.


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