Greece: Pregnant Disabled Girl Raped by Afghan, then Gang-Raped by Pakistanis Who She Asked For Help (Video)

Neighbors from the adjoining apartments heard the pregnant mother’s screams and went out on their balconies to find out who was calling for help.

On June 23, 2021, a 25-year-old pregnant Greek girl was raped by an Afghan migrant in the town of Agios Panteleimon and then gang-raped by Pakistani migrants she ran to, asking for help. Three Pakistani men, ages 19, 21, and 27, have been arrested for the horrific sexual assault. The Afghani who raped the mentally disabled mother in her third month of pregnancy is on the run and wanted by authorities.

The following video shows the three Pakistani men being led into a Greek courtroom:

Details Of The Incident

The 25-year-old, who suffers from health problems, had gone to Omonia on Tuesday night to fix her mobile phone. On the way, she was approached by a young man of Afghan descent, who took her to a dark spot and raped her.

Unfortunately, the nightmare for the pregnant woman did not end there. The woman, who was in shock, asked two Pakistani men for help. Instead, the Pakistani men promising to help the distraught woman took her by taxi to their basement apartment and gang-raped her. Another Pakistani man was waiting at the apartment for the men to arrive and acted as a lookout as they repeatedly raped the pregnant mother.

Three Pakistani men accused of gang rape being led into court by police

Neighbors from the adjoining apartments heard the girl’s screams and went out on their balconies to find out who was calling for help. The locals reported hearing the woman shouting, “Leave me, leave me.”

Fearing that the neighbors and the police would notice them, the perpetrators let her leave their apartment.

The young girl, who is divorced and has two other children, went to the St. Panteleimon Department and reported the incident. She led the police to the apartment, where the three Pakistanis were arrested.

One Of The Four Perpetrators Is Still Wanted

Police were able to seize the DNA material of the 25-year-old; her underwear and pieces of her clothes were found.

In the apartment, police discovered genetic and DNA material of the 25-year-old, her underwear, and pieces of her clothes. Three of the four were arrested and charged, while the fourth accused migrant of Afghan origin is still wanted.

Two of the accused migrants have been sentenced to pre-trial detention, while the third man was released on the condition that he appears every month at the Police Department until his trial.

The Hellenic Police are reportedly conducting extensive investigations into the location of the initial Afghan rapist.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • I refuse to feel sorry for the populations that moved Heaven and Earth to bring these savages in.
    What did they think was going to happen?

    Here is what happened.
    Laws and policies were created that discouraged marriage and families, which caused the birth rates to drop.
    Now there is not enough people to pay for the massive bloated welfare state that is now expected to provide for an aging population.
    So they bring in more people who they HOPE will work and help pay for the welfare system.
    BUT, they don’t work because they are largely unskilled and illiterate, they instead sponge off the same system.
    They also act like they did in their home countries.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    • Shame on you and your disregard for human life. This was somebody’s mom somebody’s daughter a child of Christ. This 25 year old mentally disabled woman couldn’t stop the government allowing these savages in just as we Americans can not stop what is happening at our border. God bless this young woman, may she find strength to regain her life after such a tramatic crime will leave her broken for many years if not a life time.

    • Greece has tried for years to keep such people out. During the migrant crisis, they were pressured by Germany to let them in, and to let them travel through neighboring countries.

    • >> So they bring in more people who they HOPE will work and help pay for the welfare system

      If they wanted workers, they’d have imported people from India or Sri Lanka or Eastern Asia. They wouldn’t be importing people from war-torn Muslim countries. Or if for some reason, they did not know what they were importing was toxic, they would have realised that after the first spikes in crime. It looks like they want social unrest for some reason.

  • Islam tells men that women are for the taking sexually and women must SUBMIT.
    When Islam enters into a non Islamic nation they carry all their beliefs and practices with them thinking that they can still “rape” any female be it a child, teen or adult at anytime to appease their sexual needs according to the Koran. According to the Koran women are less than the dirt on the ground, think about that. Islam is dangerous to any nation that is not Islamic, Islam will suck your nation dry & then demand through population growth that it must now be an Islamic nation which is their goal globally.


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